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Tradesman Website Design Elements That Will Improve Your Website's CRO

The majority of marketers are focused on increasing traffic to their websites and hoping that someone will eventually convert into a quality lead. Then, the sales representatives will follow up and close the sale. However, this is just a part of the struggle, and it doesn’t shoot the whole story.  

The current traffic that you’re getting can be converted into leads if you know how to optimize your website with a few elements. Conversion rate optimization is a technique that helps online businesses increase their conversion rates.

By using this practice, you can make subtle changes that will enhance the number of leads from visitors. This includes added content, process improvement, and split testing. These methods are proven when it comes to increasing CRO, and you’ll be getting higher quality leads, which will help you generate more money and reduce acquisition expenses.  

What’s a good number to strive for? 

There are different criteria that get used to determine an optimal CRO. First, you need to look at your target audience, the demographics, goals, as well as the specialty of your industry. The most notable number is 2 percent, which is the average for e-commerce sites around the globe. However, the United States is a leader in the niche with an average rate of 2.5 percent.  

This number varies by country, year, and continent, but also by niche. When you dive a little deeper, then you’ll see that the food sector has a much higher rate, that’s closer to 6 percent. No matter what sector you’re in, there’s nothing wrong with trying to improve and become better than your competitors.  Visit this website to find out more 

What should you focus on? 

Tradesman Website Design Elements

The homepage is the first interaction that a visitor has with your brand. It needs to be perfect. In addition to providing the visitor with an initial impression, there needs to be compelling copy and visuals to keep the individual on-site for as long as possible. 

This will make them start the buyer’s journey and open other pages on your website. Including prominent links to additional product information, adding a registration button, and a chatbot is some of the best ways to improve the browsing experience.  

Next comes the pricing page. Many visitors consider this page to be the most important one. This is the part where the offer is made, and it’s up to the lead to choose whether they want to proceed or not. It's best to make the differences in higher tiers visual and obvious. 

That can be done by showcasing features that you get on basic versus premium products and services. Comparing prices per year and per month is another great idea. Including a phone number is also wise because leads can call you to ask for a custom price.  

Creating a blog provides a significant amount of conversion possibilities. Your readers will stick around to read your meaningful content that’s filled with great examples of how your brand solves their problems. Including a call to action at the end of each blog encourages the reader to click, leave their email, or download one of your eBooks. 

You can use website design services for tradesmen if you can’t do it all by yourself. Additionally, this is a great way to improve the SEO of your website and rank higher on Google. When your blog starts gaining some traction, you can optimize the best-performing articles to get even more leads. The easiest way to check which are the best performers is to find the blogs with the most traffic but unsatisfactory rates of conversion.

Identify where the problem is and see whether your call to action is clear and concise. On the other hand, it’s smart to find the blogs with the highest rates of conversion and try to optimize them for more traffic. It’s a game of adjustments, testing, as well as trial and error.  

Finally, you can use paid advertisements for retargeting the users who have already interacted with your website. The truth of the matter is that 98 percent of people won’t take any sort of action on your site. The only thing left to do is to retarget them on Instagram, Facebook, or a social media platform that they use most of the time. Again, focus on having great copy, test, and adjust until you see great results. 

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