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How to See What Friends and People are listening to on Spotify

Music is a common thing for every human, and they like to hear it when they are happy, sad, or in a variety of scenarios, thus, as a large component of society, the way they listen to it has changed over time. From vinyl and cassette tapes to CDs that became MP3s and iPods, they are now used to listen to music in any format and whenever you want. Even though millions of CD and vinyl collectors worldwide, streaming services remain the most popular way to listen to music. So, whether you have an android or apple phone, you have probably heard of Spotify. Spotify is one of the best apps for hearing music or another audio scope. Let’s discuss the friends and people are listening to on Spotify:

What Friends and People are listening to on Spotify

How to share your Spotify listening activity on android:

Sharing your Spotify listening behavior is a breeze if you have an Android device. Follow the steps below to share your Spotify listening behavior.

• On your mobile, you can use the Spotify app.

• In the upper right corner of the screen, choose the cog option.

• You need to scrolling down continuously until you get the social tab.

• Confirm that the listening action toggle is turned on.

 Modifications will be reserved automatically behind this.

Public playlists cannot be instantly shared through a portable phone, unlike the desktop performance of the software. Instead, you can do so and share the musicians you have listened to.

How can I check what Spotify users are listening to?

Spotify is a social networking platform, thus, it has a few features focused on sharing and interacting. You must follow other people on Spotify to see what they are listening to and if you don't know how to keep reading the post, learn a couple of methods. If you follow them, you can only see what they listen to on the computer version.

• Use your account and password to access Spotify.

• Select your avatar in the upper right corner of the Spotify desktop program, then Profile from the drop-down list.

• Go to the following page to see all of the accounts you are currently following. By clicking followers, you may also get a list of your followers.

• To see one of your friends' or followers' published playlists and a selection of the artists that they have been listening to recently, click the username.

What should you do if the Friends Activity panel is missing?

This area will sometimes disappear when you upgrade the app. Most people believe this is because this feature was removed in the latest edition of the program, however, it was only a choice turned off. This is how you can repair it:

• Click the arrow on the top right of the window to go to your account's settings.

• To go to the Display Options section, scroll down.

• Reactivate the option. 

• See what your friends are playing.

• Return to the home page. 

• The panel should have returned.

Final thoughts

Thus the above listed are about the friends and people are listening to on Spotify, if you have this app, you will hear tons of songs that you like. Then by following the above steps, you can view your friend’s music list.

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