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Top Technology Blogs In India - Indian Tech Blogs

Top 10 Tech Blogs/Tech Websites in India:


    Handy smartphones with high-speed internet have enabled everyone to access reliable information and learn new things on the go. Yes, the internet acts as an excellent medium to learn about almost anything under the sky. 

    Gone are those days, people used the internet only for shopping and entertainment. Now, most people are leveraging the internet to learn about new technologies, enhance their skills and improve their knowledge. 

    top tech blogs India

    Technology blogs are getting popular among people as they simplify complex technical topics and present them precisely. People find these top technology blogs beneficial as it enables them to learn current tech topics readily and these technology blogs are bringing the latest news regarding technology updates faster . 

    With the top technology blogs available on the internet today, one can learn from programming languages, building a website, the latest gadgets, finance, money-making skills to all current software technology trends. In this article we are providing a list of the top 10 best technology blogs, that would bring you the latest and updated information all about the technology.

    With the constantly evolving technology, it is quite natural to get lost and left behind. What was trending yesterday has become obsolete today. Thus, people need to hone their skill sets to do well in studies, work, or stay informed. Now, you have enough reasons why tech blogs are getting popular. 

    Latest technology blogs and tech websites are all over the internet at a dime a dozen. But, you have to pick the best tech blogs to find accurate, reliable, and precise technical information. 

    No worries. We have picked the best technology blogs that you can quickly refer to learn about the trending technologies. Here is the list of the top 10 Tech Blogs/Tech Websites in India that you must follow: 

    #1. Shout Me Loud by Harsh Agarwal: 

    Shout Me Loud by Harsh Agarwal

    Harsh Agarwal, a solopreneur and founder of the award-winning platform Shout Me Loud, talks about innovation in technology, SEO, content marketing, blogging tips, and more. Founded in 2008, today, Shout Me Loud stands tall with subscribers all over the world.

    The platform has never failed to deliver informative technology blogs that add value to all technology enthusiasts in all these years. Other than technology, you can refer to this blog for learning tips and tactics regarding content marketing and corporate storytelling. 

    The young entrepreneur and blog scientist from New Delhi, India has also rendered handy articles on blogging, WordPress Plugins, SEO, making money online, etc on his blog Shout Me Loud. 

    Shout Me Loud is one of the top tech blogs you can start following right away. We are sure that it is one of the top tech blogs that will never fail to inspire and excite you.

    #2. Labnol by Amit Agarwal: 

    Labnol by Amit Agarwal

    Labnol is one of the latest trending technology blog launched in 2004, Labnol is one of the pioneer tech blogs in India. Its founder, Amit Agarwal, is a former IIT graduate who has created this platform as a passion for his technology. As a professional technology blog, Labnol talks about WordPress updates, Apple, and whatnot? 

    Amit Agarwal, a Google Developer Expert and an engineering graduate in computer science has also authored Digital Inspiration, one of the award-winning best tech websites. Furthermore, he has penned various articles for The Wall Street Journal India, The Financial Express, Outlook Magazine, CNN IBN, CNBC TV 18, and The Hindustan Times.

    Now, you know which top technology blog to refer to when you have doubts about current technologies. Yes, you can rely on Labnol and Digital Inspiration for how-to guides and solutions related to technology. 

    In addition to numerous awards, a non-profit blog school that Amit has started in India is another feather on his cap. 

    #3. Nextbigwhat by Ashish Sinha:

    Nextbigwhat by Ashish Sinha

    Another techie, Ashish Sinha from IIT Roorkee and IIM Bangalore, has launched the technology blog, Nextbigwhat. Before launching this top technology blog, he has worked in established companies like Yahoo, i2 Technologies, and IBM exploring product management. 

    His passion for technology has made him launch the blog that later turned into a community to discuss technology and the startup ecosystem. You can find news, reviews, tips and tricks, hacks, and updates. Yes, his blog covers almost everything and talks about technology topics intensely. 

    Nextbigwhat is one of the best technology blogs for sure that you can add to your favorites. Start following Nextbigwhat now and thank us later. 

    #4. YourStory by Shradha Sharma: 

    YourStory by Shradha Sharma

    Shradha Sharma, the founder of YourStory, inspires aspiring entrepreneurs in India to achieve their business goals by constantly featuring the stories of successful entrepreneurs. Plus, YourStory acts as a connecting platform for exchanging business ideas and visions. 

    The YourStory team works across India and brings outstanding entrepreneurs into the limelight attracting all the attention they deserve. Right from its launch in 2010, the blog has never failed to showcase unique and inspiring entrepreneurial journeys and stories.

    Apart from entrepreneurship, YourStory also focuses on business guidelines and technology-related topics. 

    Shradha Sharma, the founder and chief editor of YourStory, has worked with Times of India and CNBC TV18 before launching the blog. She has bagged the L’oreal Paris Femina Award for Online Influence in March 2015 and is also one of the 500 LinkedIn Influencers across the world. 

    YourStory is one of the best tech websites that you should follow for inspiring business ideas. 

    #5. Guidingtech by Abhijit Mukherjee:


    Guidingtech by Abhijit Mukherjee

    Abhijeet Mukherjee, the founder, and editor of Guiding Tech write relevant and valuable how-to articles, guides, and reviews on operating systems, software, and online apps. He was a web publisher working online before launching this tech blog in 2008. 

    This top tech blog attracts many visitors every day by teaching and explaining technology in simple terms and detail. Yes, it is one of the best technology blogs that enables its visitors to make better purchase decisions. Even after purchasing the gadget, the blog teaches them how to use it like a pro. 

    The blog renders in-depth guides, how-tos, lists, explainers, and tips on all kinds of consumer tech topics. Plus, Guidingtech also has two YouTube channels that post relevant videos. 

    Start following Guidingtech for more insightful posts that help you make meaningful purchases. 

    #6. Cashoverflow by Pradeep Goyal: 

    Cashoverflow by Pradeep Goyal

    Pradeep Goyal, a software engineer working in the USA, left his well-paying job to launch his dream blog Cashoverflow. The blog covers all the financial and money management topics enabling people to handle money better.

    Cashoverflow is the one-stop blog for all financial tips. The blog has tips regarding insurance, loans, share markets, credit cards, banking, business ideas, and much more in store. 

    Plus, the founder Pradeep Goyal teaches you how to face the hardships of life and enjoy financial freedom early in life. His simple, well-structured, and logical articles educate users about making money online and growing money.  

    #7. 9lessons by Srinivas Tamada: 

    9lessons by Srinivas Tamada

    Srinivas Tamada, the man behind the top tech website, 9lessons, is an Indian UI architect currently living in the USA. 9lessons is the real technology blog rendering comprehensive tutorials on several programming languages. All the technology tutorials listed on the platform are simple and easy to understand for beginner programmers. 

    Some of the tutorials in 9lessons website include Programming, Database, Jquery, Ajax, PHP, Demos, Web Design, CSS, and web apps. Moreover, he is known for his invention, the new wall script. 

    Do not forget to check out the 9lessons website if you are looking for a reliable platform to learn programming languages. 

    #8. All Tech Buzz by Imran Uddin: 

    All Tech Buzz by Imran Uddin

    AllTechBuzz, a tech blog founded in 2011 by Imran Uddin, has various well-researched news, tips, and tutorials in store for its users. The blogger quitted his well-paying job in MNC to focus on his passion for blogging. Today, his blog, AllTechBuzz provides tips and tricks on blogging, WordPress, Technology, SEO, making money online, SEO, and more. 

    Moreover, you can find the best product recommendations, deals, reviews, coupons, lifetime savings, and discounts on various online and offline products. Also, if you are interested in blogging and don't know how to begin, visit this technology blog. You will learn everything from installing WordPress, creating blogs, picking beautiful designs/themes, doing SEO, writing quality content, and starting to make money online. 

    #9. Techlila by Rajesh Namse:


    Techlila by Rajesh Namse

    Techlila is a one-stop technology website for all technology-related tips and tricks. The platform has extensive technology blogs covering how-to guides, tips, tricks, hacks, and insights. 

    All posts on the blog give precise and relevant information on the given topic, thus attracting various users regularly. Though it provides various tips on technology and gadgets, the platform gives ultimate hacks on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Plus, the blog also accepts relevant blog posts from guest authors. 

    Do not forget to check this one of the top tech websites for handy tips on marketing, SEO, and blogging. 

    #10. BloggerTipsTricks by Ankit Kumar Singla: 

    BloggerTipsTricks by Ankit Kumar Singla

    BloggerTipsTricks by Ankit Kumar Singla is all about blogging and how to make money from blogging. A young, energetic, and passionate blogger from Delhi has started blogging as his passion. talks about SEO, blogging, social media marketing, computer tricks, and all about the internet. As an internet marketer and SEO expert, his content attracts significant visits from readers across the world. 

    Final Thoughts:

    With these top 10 technology blogs, one can learn about trending technologies, programming languages, marketing, blogging, and whatnot? These bloggers are professionals themselves and know what they are writing. You can rely on them for learning, updating, and enhancing your technical skills readily. 

    What is more exciting than getting free and valuable content on trending technologies, finance, and making money online? Yes, these tech blogs make learning on the go and help you stay updated about the latest trends and technologies. 

    Start following these technology blogs and tech websites for precise information right from the experts. Undoubtedly, you will go a step ahead in your career, business, and life for sure. We wish you all the very best. 

    About the Author: Vipinraj Nair is the Founder and CEO of Cypherox Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a leading web & mobile app development company. He loves to write about the vital role of web development for different industries, custom web development, digital marketing, website cloning, mobile app development, and the latest technology trends.


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