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Top 10 Apps to Turn Photos Into Cartoon

    You can find many apps that will turn your photo into cartoon. It's recommended to start with free cartoon apps if you are interested in making a cartoon version of yourself. These tools are best suited to add humorous cartoons and real-time artistic effects to your photos. In the modern digital age, you don’t need a laptop, the smartphone you carry along serves as a mobile cartoon photo editor. It will allow you to add hip and creative effects to your new or previously taken photos. Finding decent cartoon photo software can be difficult due to the abundance of options available. So, to make it simpler, here are some best apps that will turn your photo into a cartoon:

    Apps to Turn Photos Into Cartoon

    1). MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

    MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

    MomentCam is one of the greatest apps for cartoonizing images. Thus it naturally earns the top spot in the list. It provides an abundance of incredible filters and other stickers for you to use on any photograph. The filters will make it appear as though it just came from a cartoon or sketchbook. The UI of the app is really straightforward and user-friendly. Additionally, it goes beyond just accessing images from your device's gallery and even allows you to use photos from social media.

    2). Clip2Comic


    You can make a comic of yourself with the help of Clip2Comic. You can use the camera on your phone or already-posted pictures and videos. You can examine the photographs and movies in real time before you press the record button with the help of the live preview feature. You can simply turn images you have generated into cartoons even after you have snapped a photo or recorded a video. There are eight different comics, toon, and sketch art filters available. The photo editing capabilities in the program let you cut your images or improve colors. The deformation tools will assist you in making caricatures.

    3). Camart


    Camart is one of the most well-known and often used photo-to-cartoon apps for Android users. It is the ideal app for adding the most stunning cartoon effects to your images in real time. You can quickly make your coolest selfies, and recorded movies appear like live paintings with a smart cartoon camera. The cartoon portrait software offers a real-time image to cartoon conversion.

    4). Picsart Photo & Video Editor

    Picsart Photo & Video Editor

    You can join the 150 million+ creators who make up the Picsart community worldwide with the use of this app. You can edit both photo and video. You can create and apply stickers, rapidly remove and change backdrops, and experiment with popular edits. The edits include Golden Hour, Mirror Selfies, and vintage VHS or Y2K filters. Your go-to, all-in-one editor, Picsart, has everything you need to customize and stand out your content.

    5). Prisma Photo Editor

    Prisma Photo Editor

    Prisma is unquestionably one of the greatest and most well-known options among the top photo editing apps for Android and iPhone. It also provides you with some fantastic capabilities to quickly turn your photographs into cartoons. The program contains dozens of different types of filters, styles, and other functions. Prisma has ratings of over 4.5 stars on both the Play Store and the App Store. It makes Prisma one of the most well-liked apps available. Download it for free on Android and iOS to join the over 110 million other users who have already tried out its features.

    6). Moments Cartoon Caricature

    Moments Cartoon Caricature

    You can take part in selfie competitions or just enjoy the incredible caricature tools that allow you to turn a photo into the best cartoon. You can access the phone's front and rear cameras and shoot as many pictures as you want with the Moments Cartoon Caricature. The photo editor in the program has a wide range of tools that may be used to create cartoons out of images. Another choice you have is to experiment with black-and-white caricatures. Every element that the Moments Cartoon Caricature software provides is intended to assist you in creating beautiful social media photographs.

    7). Cartoon Photo

    Cartoon Photo editor app

    Cartoon Photo is the best cartoon filter app for Android devices, which is now in the first place. Cartoon photo editor may end up being the ideal cartoon picture app for your smartphone if you are looking for fresh cartoon filters. You can quickly transform your images into pixel art, oil paintings, smooth pencil sketches, and other special cartoon effects. It also combines all of these effects and filters into one. This is the best cartoon-making software for Android despite the Google Play store being overflowing with other similar apps. 

    8). Paint Lab – Photo Cartoon

    Paint Lab – Photo Cartoon

    Paint Lab - Photo Cartoon has a pretty fantastic filter that allows you to quickly and easily turn your favorite photos into cartoons. You can use it to make practically any image or picture into a cartoon. In addition, it contains a wide range of other features and tools, such as ones for enhancing the beauty and fixing flaws. Because of its user-friendly interface, everyone can get results very quickly. It is perfect for people with little to no experience in the field who wish to start drawing caricatures.

    9). Cartoon Camera Free

    Cartoon Camera Free

    It offers only Cartoon and Pencil Sketch effects. You may create stunning cartoons using existing photographs on your phone or by taking new ones. You have the option to save any edited images to your camera roll. You can also share them on well-known social media sites using the Cartoon Camera Free app. The process of turning your photos into cartoons is entirely automated, so you won't have much control over the final appearance.

    10). Art Camera

    Art Camera app

    Installing this top photo-to-cartoon app is a must for everyone who wants to add pencil sketches. You can add fantastic artistic effects and cartoon elements to existing photos. The image to cartoon tool is ideal for altering photos and creating amazing sketches and lovely cartoons. Additionally, it serves as an effective photo organizer that enables you to manage and organize your photos using date and time.

    Bottom Line

    When choosing apps to download, consider factors such as cost, image quality, the number of cartoon effects, and export options. All the above-mentioned tools are best in their own way, so choose the one that best suits you.

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