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How to Build the Whatsapp Clone of IOS for Small Business?

Developing a Whatsapp clone app is the most renowned concept nowadays as it is a classy and supremacy messaging application. Whatsapp has acquired wide popularity and wealth without doubt. It has rare cross-platform functionalities and user friendly interface, it has achieved a marvelous growth in users count everyday. Whatsapp upholds more than millions of users which is the highest number for messaging apps and sparkle as the vital means of communication for most of the countries all over the world.

Whatsapp Clone App

At present, Whatsapp is a highly used social media application. Below bar chart is representing the users of Whatsapp over other cross-platform apps 

Whatsapp over other cross-platform apps

An advanced chat app must contain significant functionalities that can be accepted to any type of chat solution. An ideal chat application has the ability of offering solutions for enterprise-level communication, customer focused business communication and personal chats.

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WhatsApp Clone App for iOS

With the help of whatsapp clone script, it is simple and easy for us to create an app, similar to the real whatsApp app. There are loads of features available and few additional features are even built in to make it more user friendly. Clone apps are the framework containing the basic functionality of the primary application. It also costs less money and time to develop as they can be customized on a large-scale and ready to integrate features. For this, the entrepreneur should choose a well known clone app development company that will serve specifications. 

List of Features:-

  • Messaging status such as pending, sent, delivered and read.
  • Users can send text messages with emoticons in various languages using the app. 
  • Copying and pasting messages on the chat app interface. 
  • Users can send still images, video clips, PDFs and other documents upto 100MB, GPS location. 
  • With Audio and Video call feature, Users can communicate with their friends either by voice or video calls, users can also speak and record their messages.
  • In messaging clone apps, the user can set the privacy settings based on their preferences. 
  • Searching message history.
  • Disable/Enable notifications for messages
  • The WhatsApp clone should be able to reach all people. The two well-known platforms are iOS and Android, apps must be available on AppStore and PlayStore respectively.
  • Compression of attachments before sending to reduce the file size.
  • Take a backup of the chat data, regularly without any manual intervention.
  • Silence the notifications of selected users for short periods of time or for long term.
  • Users can change font while texting even though there is no direct way to do this on WhatsApp, one can certainly use special codes in between messages to change font style. 

New Ways to Reach a Business On WhatsApp 

WhatsApp business enables us to have a business presence on WhatsApp, it can communicate more effectively with customers and help in broadening business. If a user has a separate business and personal phone, one can have both whatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger installed on the same phone, and register them with different numbers. WhatsApp Business includes Business profiles: Create a profile for business to help customers in finding more valuable information like website, location and other information. It also includes business messaging tools like being more responsive to customers by using away messages to indicate if you’re not available. Users can also use WhatsApp Business with a landline phone number and customers can message on that number. WhatsApp Business is built on top of WhatsApp messenger and contains all the features that we rely upon, such as the ability to send multimedia messages, free calls, offline messages and much more. 

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Positive Aspects of WhatsApp clone App in Business Tremendously

Messaging Applications like WhatsApp clone script have capabilities that enable it to have a remarkably crucial effect on customer satisfaction while enlarging compass, increasing conversions, and developing safety. Utilizing WhatsApp Business as a feature for messaging methodology can be a distinct advantage. Here are some reasons why to use WhatsApp clone in Business:-

  • Making Predominant Brand Connections - With WhatsApp, organizations makes Business Profiles an extraordinary, complete branded business personality. This enables us to give specifics like email and phone calls, website links, store addresses, as well as appropriate company details or deals. WhatsApp Business profile offers a chance to impart brand personality with each client association.

  • Providing Customer Support - While developing small business, it can be challenging to provide an entire customer support. By using WhatsApp Business, even companies or industries tight on cash can afford to answer questions their customers might be directed towards them quickly. Another beneficial part is that the app supports all sorts of media, so one can use audio, video messages to provide excellent customer support.     

  • Advocating two- sided discussions - On WhatsApp, the chat is a two- way roadway: companies and clients can connect straightforwardly. At present clients need to connect with organizations as well as authentic discussions, not just react to single direction messages worked with them. It additionally enables an extra straightforward method to connect with clients as well as two way conversations that generally happen in a physical shop place or using a phone. 

  • Messaging Secretly and Safely - One of the most notable advantages of WhatsApp is start to finish encryption and securing protection. Clients need a natural yet secured approach to accompany the organization they’re looking to connect with. As the requirement for organization to stay persistent and secured, is a steady exercise in careful control.

WhatsApp Business, a version of the messaging app that lets small businesses enlarge and connect with their customers is now available worldwide on iOS. The WhatsApp Business app should not be confused with the WhatsApp Business API, a paid service designed for larger companies. The API allows businesses to send notification like boarding passes and receipts and also respond to customer queries. Thus all these features get updated every month so one should keep updated with the app. 

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Lastly, we can tell one thing that WhatsApp is now used for business as well. It is powerful and it has become so popular because of its simplicity. It is the ideal tool to reach an audience and build a connection, promote a brand or product, plus it is cost effective and communicates with the audience in real time. Thus these were some points that we discussed regarding Whatsapp clones of iOS for small business.  

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