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Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs In India from Top Fashion Bloggers

    The fashion world is always changing and evolving. However, some things never seem to change- like how much we all love dressing up There's something about putting on something new which makes everything feel better from head to toe.

    Top 10 Fashion Blogs

    Fashion bloggers are the real MVPs of fashion. They understand color theory, body types, and cultures so well that they can incorporate these elements into their looks with ease! Fashion bloggers are the new style icons. From cleverly curated outfits to hair tips and beauty recommendations, they’ve got you covered with everything your closet needs for different occasions. If you want to look stylish or get some inspiration for your next wardrobe transformation then check out this list of fashion bloggers.

    1). Cherry on Top


    If you're looking for a blog that will make your brain cells rejoice, then Cherry On Top is the place. This beauty and lifestyle blog was started by Sayantini in January 2013 to create informative posts on all things related to skincare fashion & makeup. she provides honest opinions while also giving potential buyers recommendations based on what they need most at any given time


    Why you should follow?

    If you want to know what the latest beauty trends are, then Sayantini’s blog is where it's at. With her expert knowledge and passion, Her blog is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about beauty and fashion. It's not just the latest trends that she covers, but also how you can build your style from scratch with simple yet effective tips on everything from makeup application techniques all of way through personal appearance maintenance habits.

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    2). Purushu


    Purushu, a fashion design student from NIFT New Delhi created this blog to document his journey as a fashion designing student. He used to posts photos and videos of himself while learning and experimenting with new things. It was in 2017 when things evolved and Purushu emerged as a prominent Fashion Blog.

    Purushu Aria

    Why should you follow?

    When it comes to style, Purushu is one of the most innovative and influential people in India. He has been named by many celebrities such as Marc Jacobs While he's a fashion Contributor at The Hindu.

    Purushu's blog is a must-read for anyone who loves fashion. Purushu's expertise in the field of fashion illustration, draping, and creative pattern making has granted him an edge to create outfits that are not only stunning but also affordable. The articles on his site will inspire you to try new things in your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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    3). Let’s Expresso


    Tanya Virmani is a blogger and the owner of this popular blog in India which was launched back in 2011. The blog has partnered with some well-known international brands like Dove, Lakme, Veet, etc to bring you top-quality products at affordable prices.

    The content on this blog covers everything from beauty tips for women who want healthier-looking skin or hair resembling those found on Instagram models' feeds all way through reviews about different health food items available locally.

    Tanya Sachdev

    Why should you follow?

    Indian fashion trends are always evolving, and it can be hard for those who don't keep up with the latest updates. However, you'll never lack interesting reads when signing up for this blog! The author posts both beauty as well as clothing ideas in an eye-catching way that will leave any reader eager for more.

    With a focus on the latest Indian fashion trends as well as improving your lifestyle, this blog provides you with helpful advice for looking good and feeling great. subscribing now will give access to all of her informative posts that are sure not only enhance but also diversify any wardrobe.

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    4). The Snob Journal


    Aashna Shroff, the energetic and enthusiastic Mumbai-based female blogger runs this amazing The Snob Journal blog. She covers everything from fashion to beauty tips on many different topics like the lifestyle that you can find useful for your everyday life. With her witty and flowing writing style, Aashna Shroff makes even the most tedious subject matter enjoyable to read.

    Why should you follow?

    Aashna is a fashion and lifestyle guru who has a knack for finding the most fashionable clothing and accessories, as well. Her blog is exclusively designed to inspire people who love fashion or just want some tips for looking up-to-date with trending topics in the field.

    The content of this blog ranges from outfit ideas, travel tips, or just something that will make your day more interesting. So If you're someone who's looking for these tips then you must follow her.

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    5). New Love – Makeup


    Bhumika Thakkar, a 29-year old Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary and Certified Financial Manager by education runs New Love-Makeup. On her blog, she mainly talks about beauty topics such as fashion styles or lifestyle issues like what's trending in the present day. She has been blogging for 7 years now in the same niche.

    Bhumika Thakkar

    Why should you follow?

    Ever wanted to learn more about the latest fashion trends? Or are you feeling overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities and don't know where to start when it comes to getting healthier or making an effort with makeup?

    Well, look no further than this blog! You'll find everything from lifestyle advice to makeup tutorials for busy women like you who need some guidance on what they should do each day while having a busy schedule.

    Other than the blog, she also runs a YouTube channel where she primarily talks about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. So if you’re seeking the best fashion trends, go check out her blog.

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    Corallista is not your average makeup blog. It's one of the most popular, read-worthy websites in India with many followers. The author Ankita who is a graduate of IIT Bombay has a passion for creativity that shines through every post on this fun yet informative site - from how-tos to reviews about new products

    Ankita Chaturvedi

    Why you should follow?

    On Corallista, you will find lots of useful product reviews about makeup and skincare as well as body care products.

    A wide range is offered in the form of tutorials on how to create particular looks or styles for various occasions using their favorite brand's makeups with complete instructions written by experts in this field as well as celebrity makeup breakdowns showing exactly what's going inside those extravagant faces at all times.

    So if you're someone who's looking for skincare routines or reviews about body care products then this blog is for you. Subscribe to her blog to get the most out of it.

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    7). Peaches & Blush


    In a world of mainly male entrepreneurs, Mehak Sagar stands out as an exceptional entrepreneur. Her blog Peaches & Blush started with the goal to provide women everywhere access to beauty through blogging and have now expanded their reach internationally through social media channels like Instagram where followers can watch tutorials on how she creates looks for different occasions or events. She is also the founder of another blog which is wed me good

    She has been mentioned as the most influential blogger in Delhi 

    She also delivered a TEDx talk on changing career paths and her blog Peaches & Blush.

    The target audience for this blog are women who want to know what's new in the world of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. From interviews with top designers, celebrities, or influencers; reviews on products that help you look your best at all times, tips related to bridal wear- everything is covered here.

    This blog is a place where you can find tons of tutorials on makeup and beauty. It also has an exclusive YouTube channel with videos about lifestyle topics, making this one of the most desirable Indian blogs out there.

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    8). Beauty n Best

    Shreya runs this blog which mostly talks about all your style and beauty needs. A popular destination for most people where they search for a variety of topics including skincare advice, fashion tips, or just something new to wear on casual days!

    Why you should follow?

    This blog is your one-stop destination for all things make-up! Whether you are looking to learn about new techniques, get professional advice, or even just marvel at the countless beauty tricks we have available today.

    If there’s something that every woman should know how it works then this blog will provide everything they need information on. So come browse through these posts and find what interests You most; whether it's foundation tips & tutorials or related to fashion each article here has been specially created by experts who love helping others. You can also find some honest reviews about skincare and beauty products in this blog

    9). Tashiara


    Tashiara, is a Delhi-based blogger who runs the blog which has quickly become an informative source for young girls and women. Tashiara has successfully created a space on the internet for young people to explore their ideas and feelings related to fashion. Her blog is much more than just another youth-oriented publication; it's an invaluable resource that helps readers to adopt new styles.

    Why you should follow?

    Tashiara is the ultimate destination for all of your fashion needs. Whether you're looking to update or explore, Tashiara has got something that will interest and assist with any home wardrobe.

    Tashiara is here to bring you the latest fashion trends, styles, and ideas. Whether it's a DIY project or a how-to guide for an upcoming event - Tashiara has got all of her attention on providing top-notch content that will be sure not only to educate but inspire!

    She has a knack for bringing together the perfect combination of fashion and words. She offers tutorials on how to dress up your everyday looks with affordable pieces, as well as insightful blog posts that will make you think about style in ways never before.

    10). Guilty Bytes


    Devina Malhotra is one of the most followed fashion bloggers in India with over 60K followers on Facebook. Her blog posts cover up-to-date trends from all around the world, giving an insight into what’s trending right now and how you can incorporate these styles into your wardrobe within budget.

    Why you should follow?

    The Indian fashion industry is a very competitive one, with many blogs vying for attention. However, Devina Malhotra's blog stands out as it provides insight into what clothes are trending and why.

    Whether you're looking to boost your confidence, upgrade yourself within a budget, or just want some trendy clothes that are in style right now - check out Devina's blog! You will find tips and tutorials on everything from how-to guides for boosting self-esteem with hairstyles to new tricks of the trade when it comes to getting fashion-forward.


    The blogging industry has been on the rise for some time now, and it's not hard to see why. Bloggers from all around India are looking forward to this career option as a way towards self-expression through writing about their passions - especially those who enjoy fashion! If you're curious yourself or simply want more information about these top bloggers then follow them below.

    About Me: My name is Deepak Chauhan and I am a digital business strategist and CEO of VOCSO Digital Agency based in India and also operating from the USA & UAE. As a web business strategist, I have 12+ years of experience and worked with many small businesses and startups across the globe to help them build successful websites/applications and launch them online with my strategic consulting. When not working, I enjoy traveling, writing, photography, and satisfying his taste buds.

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