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Understanding The Core Differences Between Google Ads and SEO

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online marketing strategy for your business, allowing you to target your desired customers. This is a strategy used by many successful businesses that you and everyone else knows about. This strategy places your ads throughout the internet on many different platforms, such as YouTube and Google Search. Google Ads is a paid service to drive traffic to your websites. 

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization, a way of making your business accessible to people from all levels of society who may be searching for a business like yours. When a person puts a query into a search engine, that search engine will then use bots to organize the data across the engine and pull up all relative answers. SEO improves the chances of people finding your business due to improved appearance and location of your business’s web pages in natural search results. You do not have to pay for SEO, it is an organic way to drive traffic to your websites

How are Google Ads and SEO Similar?

These are two marketing strategies that help you to get your web page in front of your customers. Both will get you noticed; they just go about it in separate ways. You can see this site for more information about the similarities of these two marketing strategies. Both ways will help you get customer and get your product or service in the forefront. 

Google Ads Vs SEO

How are They Different?

SEO is a strategy to get your website noticed and there is usually no cost attached to it. If you improve your SEO, you will help get your website notice through Google Search. Google Ads are ads that you pay for in order to get them noticed first on search engines such as Again, both methods will get your business or service noticed, it just depends on what you want to spend in order for that to happen.

Ads allow you to use specific key words and phrases and that promotes your website for people who use those keywords. These Ads are created especially for your company and separates you from other businesses to make your ad come up before the others. With Google Ads you get paid per click – each time someone clicks on the ad, you get paid a small amount of money.

Which One Will Work Best for You?

SEO and Google Ads can work hand in hand to create a great marketing tool for you. You do not have to use one or the other, you can use both to get the best out of your marketing buck. To see which is better for your business Google AdWords vs SEO, you need to understand how each works. You can use Google Ads to find out which keywords work best for your company and then you can use those keywords in SEO to drive people to your websites organically. Your ultimate goal is for your websites to land on the first page of a Google search. You want customers to see your search results first, driving them to your websites. 

You want what is best for you and your business with the ultimate goal of being seen first. You want your results to come up first so that people will visit your site before they visit other sites. You want to stand out in the crowd and be seen. Using a combination of SEO and Google Ads, you can do just that. 

There are many internet searches that can give you more information about SEO and Google Ads. This one here is a good resource that will tell you what you need to know:  Keep in mind that these searches are also using SEO and Google Ads to make their sites come up first in your searches. This is exactly what you want to happen with your search results. 

Again, you need to do what is best for your company and using a combination of these two will help your business be seen. You can also use a professional service to use these marketing tools to the best of your ability to get your business to be out in front. 

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