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How to Improve Your Gaming PC Performance

Computer games have become one of the most interesting forms of entertainment within the last two decades. Because it has people of all ages playing these games to have fun, experience the thrill, and the great happiness it gives through its adventure. This can be achieved only when your gaming PC performs without any interruptions in your games.

Hello game-loving viewers, is your gaming PC giving you poor quality display? Or jerky gameplay? Or disturbed audio playback? or slow video frame rates? Then you need to have a check on your gaming PC performance.

Improve Your Gaming PC Performance

Low Game Performance

Your gaming computer can have many reasons for its low performance. The very basic things that contribute to low game performances are,

❖ Outdated Drives

❖ Old graphic cards or slow graphic cards

❖ Resolution is very higher than necessary

❖ Too high game settings

❖ Many other programs running on your computer

❖ Operating systems not being updated

❖ Malware issues

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How to Improve Your Gaming PC Performance

A gaming computer is just like any other normal computer. It also has a CPU, RAM, Permanent storage space(hard drives), input, and output devices ( mouse, keyboard, video monitor, speakers). The only difference is that the gaming PC requires a Powerful CPU, Video card, more RAM, and storage space. Because every game demands a lot from hardware resources. So to improve your gaming PC performance, always.

1. Make sure your gaming PC meets all the specifications and the requirements that your games need.

2. Check your CPU/GPU, update the graphic and video drivers.

3. To avoid errors and crashes, try updating all your software. 

4. Choose the type of hard drive as SSD( Solid-State Drive). It loads data in a super-fast way.

5. Use Clean Startup to restart your gaming PC and avoid unnecessary programs starting automatically.  

6. Too many background programs running will slow down your gaming PC performance; try closing those for better performance.

7. Try checking for any malware or virus issues, as they also slow down the performance of your gaming PC.

8. Avoid using high resolution than necessary.

9. Optimize in-game settings, examples like special effects, texture quality, motion blur. These things take a large amount of processing power even for a negligible impact, hence try to disable them or reduce them for better frames per second.

10. Update your operating system regularly for better performance.

11. Take steps to boost your FPS(Frames per second) and enable the in-game FPS counter.

12. Check whether you have disabled the super fetch and prefetch for your gaming PC's instant good performance.

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Let us look into further explanatory details that are required to improve your gaming PC performance.


In making the hardware to achieve its full potential and to utilize every inch of your internal's performance, the best motherboard plays a vital role. There are many motherboards available in the market, also in a broad range of different form factors. For a top-notch performance, always check whether your motherboard brings in.

  • Plenty of power
  • Intelligent cooling
  • Supports for a faster memory 
  • Offering a thermal solution
  • Easy overclocking performance
  • Higher GB of RAM


To improve your gaming PC Performance, your CPU and GPU should be explored. You will need a CPU that can handle more commands in a moment and has many physical cores. The higher the gigahertz(GHz), the faster is your processor; thereby, the CPU processes faster data transactions. As a result, the high temperature created does not affect the system since there is a proper heatsink for the processor.

Your GPU devotes all of its power to graphics based on how much memory it supports and how fast the core clock can be. Make sure your GPU is much capable of handling more data at a time. You can even change your graphic card settings for good performance. 

Also, check for the latest drivers for your card and install it. You can either go for an auto-updating setting or buy in a manufacturer's site and upgrade it. Once these are done, you can see a large performance difference.

RAM And Storage

Your RAM provides the resources required for the processor and graphics processing unit to perform. More gigabytes of memory can turn into faster system speed and higher frame rates. It is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to increase the performance of any gaming PC. So when the capacity of the memory is high, they can handle more applications simultaneously.

Ram And Storage

The overall gaming PC performance can be achieved by choosing a Solid-State Drive(SSD) as a hard drive. They are much more energy-efficient as they use electrical cells to receive and send data. Hence they are durable and also improve battery life. Their job is to store important data and speed up the system. 

Case, Case Fans, And Power Supply 

You will require a high power supply for your gaming PC. So, there will be changes in your system's internal airflow and system cooling. Higher power usage will create higher temperatures within the gaming system, and in turn, this high-temperature air should be expelled. Hence a case with efficient airflow and room for adequate case fans is important.

You can even try adding two case fans. One to remove the warm air out and the other to add cool air into the gaming PC. In this way, you can also add a CPU fan, memory cooling fan. All these additions will help extend your internal components' life, thereby increasing the overall gaming PC performance.

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Display Monitor

Generally, you need to run games at the same resolution as your screen, as the display monitor also impacts how well your computer handles games. So the screen's resolution is very important to improve your gaming PC performance. 

Higher resolutions will increase the number of pixels that your graphics card needs to provide. You need a high graphics card for a good display and resolution. Read this article to learn the Nvidia capture server proxy setup and process.

This, in turn, reduces your frames per second(FPS) and overloads the graphics card. Gaming monitors will have high refresh rates, along with FPS booster Softwares, your monitor can display additional frames resulting in a smoother gameplay experience. You also have a great option of adjusting the display screen resolution. You will see a vast difference in your graphics card performance, which results in increasing your gaming PC performance.

Technological development is in such a high spirit that a gaming model PC launched this week becomes outdated the next week. Modern games also require a huge amount of data, high resolution, and hardware. 

So, all your gaming PC performances are always pushed to be mandatorily improved. Hope this topic helps you improve your gaming PC performance and enjoy your games without any interruptions.

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