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🎧 Lucidsound ls31 Wireless Gaming Headset - Comform & Control

    What is Lucidsound ls31 Wireless?

    It takes some getting used to, but the lucidsound ls31 wireless is a superb gaming headset with many control choices. Lucidsound ls31 wireless is the next generation of Wireless Gaming Audio from LucidSound. It is comfy for extended gaming sessions and provides sound audio reproduction. A dual-microphone setup is also used to record and accurately transmit your voice. Unfortunately, the headset doesn't produce an airtight seal, which is necessary for isolating ambient sounds, and it feels very loose on the head, making it better suited for quiet areas.

    lucidsound ls31 wireless

    On the plus side, the USB dongle reduces latency to a negligible level that you should overlook, and thanks to its substantial wireless range, you'll be able to play your games from your couch. Let us discuss the features and advantages of lucidsound ls31 wireless headphones:

    Lucidsound ls31 wireless Gaming:

    The LS31 from Lucidsound is suitable for gaming. The microphone on this headset is excellent for multiplayer online gaming. The dials on the cups can also be used to adjust the game and chat audio volumes.

    The USB dongle minimizes latency so that you may wear the headset comfortably for extended periods of play. Since you can connect wirelessly to consoles and computers, this gaming headset is also incredibly adaptable.

    Lucidsound ls31 Wireless

    Lucidsound ls31 wireless Style:

    If you take the microphone out of the lucidsound ls31 wireless gaming headset, it doesn't exactly look like one. Although they have considerable padding and a conventional appearance, the thin plastic used for the cups gives them a shoddy appearance.

    The head frame and the cup area have a metallic finish, giving the headset a high-end appearance but a cheap feel. Additionally, there is only one colour scheme choice available.


    You can use the lucidsound ls31 wireless headset for extended periods of gaming comfort. Both the headband and the cups have substantial cushioning. Considering its large form, this headset is relatively lightweight.

    They also have a little clamping force, and some people might not appreciate how loose they feel on the head. However, some people could find them a little tighter due to the rigid ear cups.

    Lucidsound ls31 Wireless Feature


    The LucidSound LS31 has a good control layout with many choices, but it can be challenging to operate, especially at first. On each cup, there is a dial and a button. Any audio that comes via the headphones and isn't from a third-party voice-chat app is controlled by the left ear cup dial.

    This means it functions as a volume control for your browser's sound, Spotify or other music apps, video players, and gaming audio. The chat volume slider is on the right. A single tap on the left ear cup's button mutes the headphones, game, and chat audio.

    Lucidsound ls31 Control


    The LucidSound LS31 isn't extremely breathable like other over-ear and gaming headsets. Because of the way they are made, heat is trapped inside the ear cups, so if you wear them for an extended period, you can notice a temperature change. Sports won't be the best use for this headset because you'll sweat more than usual.

    Bottom line:

    Thus the article mentioned above helps you understand the features and advantages of lucidsound ls31 wireless headphones. It also has features like portability, build quality, stability, and more. So, you can enjoy the high-quality music and advantages of lucidsound ls31 wireless headphones if you buy them. 

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