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Top 10 and Best Google Apps To Use in 2024

    Google started as a search engine, and today it offers a lot more to customers. Google is one name every person is aware of, and it talks a volume of the brand it has become over the years. Most of us are using their products and services daily. Some of their apps are so useful that sometimes one wonders - how to survive without them?

    Each day, Google is used by billions of people to carry out their daily searches. In addition to being an internet search engine, Google also offers a lot of other services. This includes Gmail, their popular email service, as well as Google news, Google shopping, Google Pay and many more that one should definitely check out.

    google apps

    If you are looking for the best apps from Google then you are at the right place. We will talk about the top 10 and best Google apps to use.

    Best Google Apps To Use

    → 1. Google Chrome –  

    Google Chrome

    There are many mobile browsers available in the market but Google Chrome stands out from most. It is a must-have on your mobile device whether you are using an iOS or Android phone. It has gained massive popularity in the last few years because it is super easy to use, fast, and gives users a secure web browsing experience. 

    Once you start using it across all your devices, it will sync all your bookmarks and save your passwords without compromising security. You can open many tabs at once without browsing crashing (most other browsers crash when you open too many tabs at once). It also comes with an inbuilt Google Translate that helps you translate to English or your preferred language. Google Chrome is a cross-platform browser that can run across multiple cross-browsers.

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    → 2. Google Maps – 

    Google Maps

    One app which needs no introduction as it is the most popular Google apps. In the last decade, it has completely revolutionized travel for everyone. Using this app, you don't have to worry about the destination. It will take you to any place you want to be. Whether you travel by car, two-wheeler, public transport or on foot, it works equally well. 

    The ease of usage it provides users has made it a leader in the GPS space and mobile map. It also has a built-in search option that you can use to find nearby businesses (shops and restaurants being the most popular search) when you need them.

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    → 3. Google Play Book – 

    Google Play Book

    If you are a book lover and like reading books digitally, you would know this app from Google. If not, we will take you through this app. It is Google's version of Amazon's Kindle. Using this app, you can read ebooks on the go. There are many free books available, or you can buy some from the store. 

    The app comes with some really cool features like a built-in dictionary, the ability to sync bookmarks across devices, and many more. The sync feature ensures you can read the book on your mobile phone or tablet. You don't have to scroll the pages to find where you last left.

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    → 4. Google Drive –  

    Google Drive

    If you are using many files and documents, then this app from Google is a boon for you. You can install Google Drive on your mobile device and use it for free. It helps you access files from any device and make changes to them. 

    You can search for any file you are looking for from the list of hundreds (or thousands) using the keyword or file name. It takes a few seconds to share your work (file) with others. While sharing the file, you can set the access level. You can decide whether the person can only view the file, or also edit the file.

    → 5. Gmail – 


    Another app from Google which needs no introduction. If you are using only one app on your mobile, and ask us to make a guess, it has to be Gmail. Whether you are running a business, freelancing, or a 9 to 5 worker, you got to use Gmail. 

    Without any doubt, it is the king of all apps and is used by millions around the world to send and receive emails. To be precise, the total users are 1.8 billion. Gmail accounts for 27% of all email opens. 75% of all Gmail users access their email on mobile devices.

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    → 6. Google Docs – 

    Google Docs

    If you are still carrying your word or excel document around in a pen drive or on your laptop, you need to start using Google Docs. If you have created a word document, you can put it online and then access it from anywhere you want. 

    It is not just about the word document. You can use presentations, excels, etc in a similar fashion. Once your document is ready, you can share it with others for review or collaboration, irrespective of their location.

    → 7. PhotoScan by Google Photos - 

    PhotoScan by Google Photos

    One app which may not be too popular but is definitely useful. You can use this app to scan old printed photos. The app will scan the photo, and enhance the photo. You have to try it once to know how good the results are. 

    It uses Artificial Intelligence to remove glare and calibrate the colors on the image. It will crop the photos automatically by detecting the edge and then straightening the images before storing the copy to Google Photos.

    → 8. Google Tasks –  

    Google Tasks

    Google Tasks is a to-do list app by Google that helps you manage your daily routines and tasks. The best part is that it is integrated with Gmail and Google calendar, and hence it helps you manage and perform your tasks efficiently. 

    You can view, edit and manage tasks from any device on the go. It will create tasks from your emails quickly and gives nifty task management features to you. You can add a reminder date to any note and add a checklist to any note.

    → 9. Google Slides- 

    Google Slides

    You can create online presentations for free using Google Slides, a presentation tool developed by Google. It is one of the best Google apps that one can use to prepare online presentations. Google Slides is easy to collaborate with and share your slides with others. 

    Using an Android, iPhone, or tablet, you can create, edit, and collaborate on presentations 

    using Google Slides. It is free for usage, one only requires a Google account to get started. 

    → 10. Google Meet – 

    Google Meet

    It is a video conferencing app from Google that you can use to create and join a high-quality video meeting. You can share your desktop, video, and presentations with others on a video call. It is a helpful app for anyone who does a lot of video meetings

    The reason it is being used by millions is that all the meetings conducted on Google Meets are secure - audio and video streaming both. You can share your meeting with up to 100,000 viewers as it is light and extremely easy to use.


    We hope you found some new Google apps from the above list, and you will start using them. These are just the top 10 apps. Google has much more to offer its customers. If you are someone who works online, you should definitely make use of apps like Google Docs, Google Drive, Calendar, and of course, Gmail.

    You can explore other apps by Google as well. There are many important apps like Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, Yahoo and some are created by using node.js development. If you are looking for such apps, node.js is an excellent technology to consider. 


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