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How to Get an Influencer to Look At Your Brand? Follow These 12 Tips

    As entrepreneurs that we are, every day we have to take out the best weapons to keep our brand afloat. The fact that an influential person in our sector focuses on us and our work is, without doubt, one of the best news we can receive, however, achieving it is not an easy task.

    Brand Pramotion

    The first step to make this happen is to gain your trust, so it is essential that you do not make mistakes as a beginner, for example, contact them at a cold door without even your name or trademark. It will identify you as an intruder with purely advertising interests and you will have missed the opportunity to make a good first impression.

    What then is the way forward for an influencer to look at you?

    After analyzing how the personal relationships between various influencers and different brands of interest move, today we want to dedicate this post to show you the 12 most useful tips to get an influencer into your agenda of quality contacts.
    Take good note...

    1- Identify the right influencers for your business model

    Before moving forward with your strategy, it is essential that you identify the right people with whom you will subsequently contact. Within the online world, there are many types of influencers but we will only be interested in those with whom we can establish a productive relationship for both. It is about that they can bring recognition and authority to our brand while we offer them value with our products and services.

    2- Share your content in your Blog and RRSS

    Once you have identified the main influencers for your business model, it is important that you monitor them in order to keep you informed of all their publications. Choose those posts or news that you believe can add value to your target audience and share them in your Blog and RRSS. If you do this frequently, it is possible that over time you can ask them to return the favor.

    3- Discuss your publications in your Blog

    As what you are really looking for is that they notice you, an excellent way is to leave a comment on a topic that you post and that is of interest to you. Most influencers are in the habit of responding to all their followers, so if you contribute comments on your site, you will probably have your answer. Also, if this becomes a habit, your name will start to sound more and more familiar. Check that your name and image are appropriate.

    4- Write a post that includes it

    An influencer is always analyzing all the publications that are done on the net about him, so if you decide to write an article on your blog that includes him as a reference person for you, surely it is he who finds you.
    Sometimes you can write to thank you for the publication but what you will surely get, is to share your article in your blog and RRSS. This is where your success begins. Imagine the amount of quality traffic that this can attract to your website.

    5- Invite him to do a Podcast / Interview on your website

    More and more entrepreneurs are betting on adding a podcast channel to their menu on the web. Without a doubt it is an excellent way to get to know you among the main influencers of your sector and what the only thing that you will have to do, is to invite them to grant you an interview. Advertising and talking about yourself does not displease anyone so you will have many chances to accept your proposal.

    6- Offer them something of exclusive value, a product or service that no one else has.

    Another trick to capture the attention of an influencer, is to offer you exclusively the proof of a product or service that you are going to launch but that nobody has yet in the market. This way you will feel privileged and also if you like the experience, it is likely that you write a review about your product or service on your website / blog. Can you imagine how many potential customers this can attract to your brand?

    7- Sign up to your webinars so that your name will sound

    Most influencers as well as publications in RRSS and post in blogs usually offer their own webinars in which they expose different tips or tactics that have served them to succeed in their sector. The good news is that it is the same as yours, so do not hesitate to sign up to as many as you can. Of course, do not forget to participate by commenting, and answering the questions you ask live. Remember that the influencers analyze everything, among other things, the origin of their traffic, so if you are a regular at their webinars or online events, you will find a place among their main followers.

    8- Attend face-to-face events where they appear as speakers

    Not everything is Internet, physical presence and face to face is still important. Try to attend in person to any of the events in which he or she participates. Let RRSS know that you are going to attend and when your presentation is over, come and greet him in person. That someone you admire will make you face will be very important for your future relationships.

    9- Write a review about some of your products or services, for example a book

    In addition to sharing some of your post or news in your digital space, you can also write a review of any of your products or services, for example a book. Publishing a book is usually a common factor among all influencers. Write a review about your book and let them know before you publish it. Be assured that you will be aware of what you have and will share it in their channels.

    10- Offer to make guest posting

    Guest posting is a fantastic strategy that continues to achieve excellent results. If you have already taken any of the previous steps, it is time to ask them to return the favor. Publish a guest article in the Blog of one of the influencers in your sector can triple the traffic of your site.

    11- Create valuable content for your audience

    This point is a continuation of the previous one. If you have accepted your proposal to make a guest blogging, you cannot miss this opportunity. Plan well the content you are going to publish, study your audience, your tastes, and priorities,pain points. Since you are part of it, ask yourself what you would like to improve or solve. The goal is not just to read you, but to capture as many followers as possible so that your contribution is not left alone in a good post.

    12- Make a proposal that improves value in your image

    A good seller always puts the expectations of the buyer before his own that is to get the sale. Analyze your products or services and think about what could benefit him to promote them. For example, if your brand bets for the care and respect for the environment (recyclable packaging, small donations, ecological materials, etc.), the fact of promoting your brand will increase your public image.

    More and more celebrities are involved with social causes thus strengthening their personal brand. At this point, if you apply several of these tips successfully, the last step and perhaps the most important will be to maintain and strengthen the relationship you have achieved over time.

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