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What is Technology Company? NVIDIA & Top 10 Technology Companies

Does the speed with which new technology is being introduced into your lives, put you in awe? We all know what a massive role technology plays in our lives. Most things we use everyday are technology. Technology must not need to be complex or use electricity. Technology should meet people’s needs. Everything from bikes to AI, that is, Artificial Intelligence is all technology.

Technology changes over time in response to people’s needs. Human beings are greedy creatures. Our wants and needs increase day-by-day. And as our needs increase, technology comes into play in order to fulfill it. Thus technology based companies have really amazing scope. Also this sector is not going to go in vain rather it will keep on growing.

NVIDIA Corporation, is an  international company that manufactures images processors, cellular technologies, and laptop computers.  NVIDIA is thought to develop incorporated circuits, which can be utilized in the whole thing from digital game consoles to non-public computers (PCs). The organization is a main producer of high-quit images processing units (GPUs). NVIDIA is founded in Santa Clara.


So today in this article we are going to talk about the technology companies. We are going to put light on topics like what are the technology companies, top technology companies in the world and industries that come under the technology sector. 

What is a technology company?

In a very simple language, a technology company is one who sells technology. From the companies selling electronic devices like television, microwave, blender, etc to the companies selling cars, bikes or any hardware are all technology companies. The companies providing  technology based services are also technology companies. 

The companies providing platforms for online shopping like Amazon, Flipkart, etc are technology companies. The companies which provide food delivery just by ordering through the mobile apps or websites like Zomato, Uber eats, etc, are tech companies. The companies that provide ride hailing services like Uber, OLA cabs, etc, are also tech companies.

Thus, a business relating to digital electronics, software, hardware and e-commerce services is a technology company. 

Now let us go through the top 10 most valuable and richest tech companies in the world, to see the huge revenue and net income that they generate.

Top 10 most valuable and richest tech companies

These companies are ranked according to market share, return on investment capital, capital intensity, estimated operating margin and profit markup.

● Apple Inc.

Market cap- $2.821 trillion

Work field- consumer electronics, computer software and online services.


Revenue-$365.817 billion

Net income-$94.68 billion

● Amazon

Market cap-$1.656 trillion

Work field-e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Headquarters-Seattle, Washington.

Revenue-$386.064 billion

Net income-$21.331 billion

● Microsoft corporation

Market cap- $2.357 trillion

Work field-produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and related services.

Headquarters- Washington, U.S.

Revenue-$161 billion

Net income-$60.6 billion

● Alphabet Inc.

Market cap-$1.826 trillion

Work field- artificial intelligence, automation, biotechnology, cloud computing and software.

Headquarters- California

Revenue-$182.53 billion

Net income-$40.27 billion

● Samsung technologies

Market cap-$344 billion

Work field-manufacturer of mobile phones, television, and more such technological appliances.

Headquarters- South Korea

Revenue-$61 billion

Net income-$22.37 billion 

● Intel corporation

Market cap-$258 billion

Work field-most valued semiconductor chip maker.

Headquarters-Silicon valley

Revenue-$62.76 billion

Net income-$17 billion

● Cisco system

Market cap-$ 209 billion

Work field-develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, software and telecommunication equipment.

Headquarters-San Jose, California.

Revenue-$12.9 billion

Net income-$3 billion

● IBM, International Business Machines

Market cap-$ 132 billion 

Work field-producer and marketer of both computer software and hardware, also offers hosting, infrastructure, consulting services.

Headquarters- Armonk, New York

Revenue-$ 73.6 billion

Net income-$ 1.33 billion

● Foxoconn Technology Group

Market cap-$66 billion

Work field- lead electronics manufacturers


Revenue-$ 178 billion

Net income-$ 4.5 billion

● Sony corporation

Market cap-$51 billion

Work field- Entertainment, electronics, financial services, gaming and semiconductors.

Headquarters- Tokyo

Revenue-$ 70 billion

Net income-$ 658 million

What industries come under the technology sector?

The technology sector includes four main sectors which further includes sub industries:

Technology hardware and equipment

Software and services

Information technology sector ETFs and mutual funds

Software and services

Let us discuss the most emerging industry among these industries, that is, the software and services industry more precisely, the e-commerce industry. E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. It is all about selling a product or service online.

E-commerce has excelled externally in recent years and will only continue to work in different economies.  Small and medium-sized businesses all the way to large corporations and even freelancers have benefitted from e-commerce. Their products and services are now so easy to discover and purchase at any hour of day from almost anywhere in the world. There is another industry which is rising up with the help of e-commerce, know  the best graphic design company near me

How did the graphic designing industry grow?

Graphic design is an art of expressing your idea visually by using different software. Everything around you is designed. If you see your phone screen every app in it is designed, every app icon is designed, the clothes you are wearing are also designed. Thus, design is there everywhere.

But the exponential growth in this industry was seen with the growth of online businesses. In case of e-commerce you are supposed to market your products digitally.

To sell any product or service you need to get your product or service into the spotlight. For that the advertisement of your product or the banner or logo of your brand should be attractive and eye-catchy, which leaves an impact on the mind of the user. It can be done with the help of graphics only. Graphic designing gives an extra edge to the marketing of your product or service and attracts a huge audience.

Best graphic designing companies near me

According to IBISWorld, Global graphic designing market size in 2021 was $45.8 billion. Also the digital categories in graphic designing are predicted to rise up to 24%.

So if you just go to a search engine and search for graphic designing companies nearby, you would get various graphic designing companies around you as the graphic design market is growing rapidly.

Thus, technology is the driving force of our modern fast-paced world. It’s difficult to imagine where the world would be without technology. It’s present in every aspect of our life. Our work, social life, free time and even our search for love.

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