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Fashion Marketing Manager Career – Is it Right for You?

When it comes to the fashion industry, people have a somewhat limited understanding of the diverse career options this industry offers. Fashion designer, stylist, or models are the two or three options that come to the mind. However, in an industry so dynamic and vast, career prospects are plenty.

One of the most lucrative career options today is that of a fashion marketing manager. Let’s get to know all about it. 

Fashion Marketing Manager

What does a fashion marketing manager’s job involve?

Manufacturing great products, even fashion products can take a brand only so far. It is when the product influences consumer perception so as to encourage them to make a purchase that the company profits in any way. This important responsibility rests on the shoulders of a fashion marketing manager. In charge of the brand and its image in the market, the fashion marketing manager does everything in their power to ensure that the product secures a permanent spot in the masses’ minds. 

To do this, these professionals need to wear several hats – monitoring customer reactions to new launches and bringing about necessary innovation in the future, strategically advertising new products upon data analysis, and making pricing and distribution decisions, among others. 

What does it take to become a fashion marketing manager?

Above all, it takes the right balance of fashion sense and business acumen to become a fashion marketing manager. Equipped with both qualitative and quantitative skills, aspirants can proceed towards an exciting journey in the fashion marketing industry. 

#1 Business sense

Since a fashion marketing manager needs to convince customers that theirs is the go-to brand, they need to have a good head for business, being able to devise smart marketing and sales strategies. This includes proper market research and analysis of marketing metrics, et al. 

#2 Creativity 

Fusing the logical approach with a burst of creativity is the secret of every successful fashion marketing manager. After all, designing marketing campaigns, especially those for fashion, cannot be done without flexing those creative muscles! The fashion marketing manager needs to take into consideration the target audience, their interests, the tone and voice of the brand, different marketing channels, and ways to stand out from the competition.

#3 Curiosity

Curiosity may kill the cat, but it will never harm a fashion marketing manager! In fact, a successful career in this field greatly depends upon being ever hungry for information, new trends, basically keeping a finger on the pulse of the fashion industry and knowing it inside-out, minute by minute.

#4 Human touch

Perhaps the most critical and challenging aspect of being a fashion marketing manager is to not miss the human element – the personal touch that lets people know that they're not just being sold to. To connect with the target audience without alienating from the purpose of strategically positioning the brand's product is a rather underrated skill.

Does it sound like you?

Patrice Batson, the Marketing Manager at Elle, has some rather eccentric view of fashion marketers. "I find that people who have the most ridiculous ideas make the best marketers. These kinds of people think outside the box and don't care if their ideas get laughed off the table because once you're done laughing, they've already thought of a new idea for you to consider," she says.

Do tenacity and fearless thinking describe you? Give your thoughts the right direction by opting for professional courses from reputed institutions like the Pearl Academy. The career scope after fashion management courses in India is immense, and the Pearl Academy will instil in students in-depth knowledge of fashion brand management and marketing for a successful career in the competitive field. 

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