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An Ultimate Guide To Conduct Backlink Analysis

Why do you need backlink analysis?

A backlink profile analysis shows you all the links search engines count. It gives you a better understanding of your website's ability to outperform competitors in SEO ranking. Backlink research also helps you identify useless links and study your link profile. Building a natural backlink profile helps your site get top search engine rankings.  

Backlink Analysis

Free Backlink Checking Tool

In this category, the corresponding services of "Google" and "Yandex" are the most reliable. You can start working with them by pre-linking your web resource. To do this, go to free Yandex or Google Webmaster Tools. The system will give quite detailed, as for a free tool, information. 

The Best Paid Service

The most convenient and effective way is to buy backlinks at LinksManagement ( This service allows you to build high-quality DA40-DA60 backlinks. It can help you boost your website traffic and sales by getting your site in the Top 10 of Google and other search engines. By getting high rankings in search engines, you will start receiving more traffic and, correspondingly, more customers. 

First Step to Effective Backlink Research

To check backlinks, proceed as follows: choose one of the tools described above or other effective backlinks services. Define the page you want to check and copy-paste its URL in the link analyzer field. Subsequently, you will obtain a list of all internal and external links to your page, as well as the links from it to other resources. 

Tracking Backlinks to Your Website

A study of the number and other characteristics of links will show which of them dropped out of search engine indexing or were installed on spam sites. The results you get from analyzing backlinks will help optimize and streamline your backlinks. In addition, you will be able to track the dynamics of the growth of web resource positions.

Collecting All External Links

Before starting the analysis of links, collect all the links leading to your site. Use platforms for webmasters of search engines or popular services. Collect all links, including tiered links (view this page for more info), regardless of the posting date. The more information you receive, the better you will perform the following steps, and the easier it will be to solve the problem.

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Qualitative Backlink Analysis

Not all external links help your site get top positions in search results. Some of them, on the contrary, can contribute to sagging in ranking positions. You need to check the quality of the links and examine whether they are "good" or "bad". Check each link for several parameters: the credibility of the site and the page on which it is placed, the age of the online resource, its attendance, level of trust, spam, etc. A "good" backlink is a link placed on a site with a high level of trust from search engines.

Report on Competitors Links

You can get a more accurate prediction of the term, cost, and results of website promotion after analyzing competitors' backlink profiles. You should understand how you and your competitors are doing with external links. To do this, perform a detailed analysis of inbound links of major competing sites in the niche. When the necessary information is collected, compile a report indicating the recommended number of external links to increase the speed of reaching the top positions.

Link Building Analysis

The main rule of promoting a site with the help of links is to increase the number of links gradually. Search engine algorithms will quickly filter the website with a sudden rise from 0 to 100. Study the dynamics of link growth and if you find a sharp jump, determine its nature. For example, your competitors could decide to ruin your site with "bad" links.

Anchors of External Links

While conducting backlink analysis, it is important to follow the correct ratio of anchor and anchor links. Pay special attention to the number of commercial anchors - the ones that contain the words "buy", "price", "order", etc. Because if all external links are anchors, it will arouse suspicion in search engines. Check the site for external links with and without anchors and remember which type of links to prefer. The recommended ratio of anchor to anchor links is approximately 60/40.

Quality of Donor Pages

Two links added to sites with high reputations and relevant topics can be more useful than 20 links added to general online catalogs. Evaluate the quality of the websites and pages by a number of parameters. For example, check whether the links are at the top of the page, whether the anchors are organically inscribed in the text or the uniqueness of the text.

To Sum Up

You can have top content and the most optimized site. But there might be one thing you may not even guess, pulling everything to the bottom of the search. Malicious backlinks to your Internet resource can nullify years of powerful content strategy and hundreds of hours of programmers work. Thus, using a backlink checking tool, you can save a site from competitors' attacks and the effects of inexperienced link builders.

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