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How To Deal With Bad SEO Against A Website?

    The listings in the various search engines are more like the battlefield. If your business niche is attractive, then you will surely win a top spot in Google And, attaining the right keywords can give you access to huge revenue and search traffic. However, in a battle, not everyone will play fair! That is how a major transformation has taken place which has added negative SEO to the existing list of white, black, and grey SEO. 

    Deal With Bad SEO Against A Website

    If you have plans and dedications to build your brand online successfully, you must not avoid negative SEO. Take a look at what it is and how you can protect your brand from such a harmful practice.

    What is negative SEO?

    In negative SEO, the motive is not uplifting one’s site, but to destroy the ranking of other's site. Sounds scary? Of course it is, because it leads to the demotion of a brand's website. Also, it includes techniques which do not only demote a particular site but may remove it completely from the search. It is the opposite of positive SEO and includes unethical practices and techniques. What is the motive? The motive is not to uplift one’s site with unethical techniques but to demote and remove the competitors’ site. 

    Negative SEO tactics

     Fake reviews

    Fake feedbacks

    Content scraping

    Hacking website

    Spam link

    Fake link removal request

    Spot a negative SEO attack

     A sudden demolition in the search engine ranking

    Penalty notifications

    Drop-in keyword rankings

    Tactics to prevent and protect the website from negative SEO

    → 1. Set up Google webmaster tools email alert 

    How can this help? Such a measure can help you get alerts and notifications from Google. Google can alert you during such situations:

     When your online website is attacked by any malware practice

    When pages are not indexed

    You have problems related to connecting the server

    You get a penalty from Google

    So, if not yet, then do connect with the Google webmaster tools to stay alert and take quick measures. 

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    → 2. Look for copied and duplicate content

    The most common technique of negative SEO is duplicate content. What do they do? They take content from your website and post it everywhere on the online platforms. If your website gets duplicate content, your website will be penalized and eventually you lose your ranking. The moment your content is spread over the online platforms and pages, it is duplicate and you lose your site ranking. 

    You can use the plagiarism checker applications and check if your website has any duplicate content. All you need to do is, copy the content and paste it in the box and click on check plagiarism. If anything is copied, it is shown then and there. This way you can easily find out if your content is published anywhere else other than your website. 

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    → 3. Look for the speed of your website

    If suddenly you find out that your website is having a high loading time, it is time to act or else your server will be demolished by the spammers. You can use various online tools to monitor and update the loading time of your website. You can also hire developer to deal with the issue and increase the loading time safely. 

    In that application, you need to register with your website email and get alerts on time. You will get regular updates about loading time and when the website will be down. If it is subject to any kind of attack or spam, you will get notified instantly. 

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    → 4. Don’t be a victim to your strategies

    You must make sure that your business is not using any technique that is not accepted and comes under the ethical code of Google. Few things you must avoid:

     Do not link to those websites that are penalized

    Do not purchase links for SEO and from blogs

    Do not publish low-quality postings on your website

    Don’t use money keywords to create backlinks and at least a minimum of 60% of the texts should include the website name. 

    Do not start selling links on your website

    → 5. Don’t make enemies

    When you are creating an online presence, it is recommended not to make enemies online. There is no need to argue or go into any kind of negativity with clients, as you are unaware of the opposite person. A sense of fun or revenge can completely erase your online presence. There are generally three categories of spammers, namely for fun, revenge, and outranking the competition. 

    → 6. Remove the bad links

    After identifying the bad links, you need to remove them from your website instantly. Connect with the website webmaster and ask him to remove the bad links. If the webmaster is unable to remove the links, you need to contact the hosting company. They can easily remove the spam links as they are good at it. Connect with any hosting company, as one of them can get your work done easily.

    → 7. Report the fake reviews about your website

    Fake reviews are not good for the image of any business. It will not be very negative for the large brands, but yes very dangerous for the small and growing businesses. According to Google, negative reviews can harm a business highly as it destroys performance. 

    Negative SEO includes posting bad and fake reviews about a business that snatches the positive image and reputation of a business. When a business loses its reputation, it also loses the ranking and its traffic goes down. If you find any fake review, you must immediately report to the site's administration and report against it for removal.

    → 8. Create a Disavow list 

    Have you recently received a Google penalty? It is time for you to use the Google Disavow tool. If everything else fails, you need to submit this list to Google webmaster. 

    This list can help you connect with Google webmaster and help you deal with the malpractices that are taking place on your website. If you have not done anything worth a penalty, you must report it to the Google webmaster. 

    → 9. Monitor your social media 

    The fake people using negative SEO will create fake accounts on various social media platforms using your company name. Report these fake profiles as spam and remove these instantly the moment you find out. You can use tools that can alert you as soon as an account is created using your company name.

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    → 10. Keep your website secured

    Building an online website with security is essential. Never compromise your privacy and security. Build strong and unique passwords and identification credentials. Keep file and data backup and keep antivirus to prevent malware practices. To maintain your online presence and grow, you must take proper security measures. 

    Over to you

    In a battlefield where everyone wants to excel, not everyone will play fair. To maintain your presence, you must take precautions and steps to be safe. There is no alternative to website security and it needs to be ensured with a regular check, tools, security, and of course a lot of attention and alertness. All in all, negative SEO is harmful and can remove your online presence. 


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