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What are the tools used for SEO?

    When you do SEO for your business then it requires more complex things to be analyzed off. All of those things are really difficult to get analyzed in a manual manner. Think about how come you can analyze what your competitor keywords are and how you can rank for the competitor’s keywords, not only these stops with keywords you can even analyze the kind of backlinks they build to get ranked.

    SEO Tools

    SEO tools can help you a lot from tedious keyword research and data analysis. With the help of these tools, you can simply strategies according to the competition. SEO services Gurgaon will give you insights on the kind of free and paid tools that you can easily make to analyze and obtain the best results.

    Agency Dashboard

    An agency dashboard is a platform that provides an agency with a comprehensive view of its clients' marketing campaigns, performance metrics, and other relevant data. The dashboard can display a wide range of information, including data on website traffic, social media engagement, email marketing campaigns, and advertising performance. 

    The features of an agency dashboard typically include the ability to manage marketing campaigns, keyword rank tracking, integrate with social media platforms, and generate client reports. These features are designed to help agencies optimize their clients' marketing efforts and provide transparent reporting on campaign performance.

    Moz Bar


    Moz bar which gives you insights about your Page and Domain authority also gives you an update about the spam score of the website, which you need to have at a minimal level. Search Engine Marketing in Gurgaon makes use of these tools and guides you to efficiently utilize them on your projects.



    The website analysis tool gives you an overall insight into your website performance. One of the specific features of this tool is that it gives an overall comparison of the five competitors you have in the market.



    Ahref- A complete website tool that gives you the overall insight into your website, domain, keyword and backlink performance. You can simply check your lost links and build them back efficiently.

    Keyword Planner

    Keyword Planner

    The best tools to analyze the right kind of keywords for your business with the exact search volume. You can even get keyword insights for those target keywords according to the location.

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    When you integrate your website with Google analytics you will be getting insights about the kind of user who comes to your website and what kind of pattern they follow in your website to complete a goal.

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console

    Console - One of the very efficient tools to better understand our website synchronization with the search engine. If you have any errors on the website or connection part it will throw you the error message.

    Google Trends

    Google Trends

    It will give you insights into the latest updates on the market and keeps you posted about them on an email daily. It is like a news update you get on a daily basis, to know what the latest thing happening in the industry

    Plagiarism detector

    Plagiarism detector

    Efficient tools to analyze the kind of duplication present in your content. Search loves original and update content. This particular tool will help you know the kind of plagiarism you have in your content and helps you to have unique content n your website.



    One of the very essential tools is to check the page speed of a website and how our website displays on a desktop and a mobile phone. It will give you suggestions on how to reduce CSS or any other optimisation to get the user a higher level on the interface. When your webpage loads fast then the number of users who visit the website will be also more.

    Bottom Line

    It is easy to take a current report, think of getting data 3 months back and year back and their comparative chart with the present. It sounds daunting right! All these things are greatly achieved by making use of these SEO tools.

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    1. Thank you for sharing seo tools the best tools ahrefs . I really thank you for giving us better information. it is very helpful. i am Really very happy to say that this post is very interesting to read. good luck with the upcoming blog.