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How to use account - Sky Email Login

    What is Sky Email?

    A potential customer should be aware of certain aspects and conditions prior to acquiring email services Sky. 

    The email account service of Sky is different from the non-premium ones and is extensively elaborated ranging from signing up to deactivation of the email account.

    Sky Email Account

    How to Sign-up for a Sky Email ID?

    Initially, customers/users were provided with a free sky email ID along with service packages of Sky through Yahoo. However, the service did stop in October 2018 so other than new customers, the existing user pool can utilize the Sky email Id and broadband packages like before.

    For those individuals who are currently using email IDs provided by broadband contractors and wish to get a Sky email account, there are several choices for them, including non-premium email ID providers that have a user-friendly interface as well. To name a few:

    1. Google Mail (Gmail)

    2. Yahoo Mail

    3. Outlook/

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    There are also some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that let the customer make use of his/her email account and charge a monthly fee for that even if the individual unsubscribes to the services of the firm. There are few ISPs that do provide premium email services such as Plusnet, BT mail service, and others.

    Just the other regular email services like , Sky email does bring particular restrictions for the customers. Once post-signing up for the account, the user can not change the incorporated email address but unlike others can not create different accounts for someone they need to. In order to resolve such a situation and provide the customer a smooth user experience, the person can set up a different new account, can receive and manage the personal/professional emails sent to sky email Id.

    Sky Email Account in the Smartphone

    Unlike other email services, there isn’t any application of Sky email at the play store. However, the user can access his/her emails via phone by the configuration of the server settings and by the use of Imap. Imap is a medium through which a user can download his emails and access them through different devices without any issue.

    Now while configuring the email account, the user has to make sure that his/her smartphone’s OS is compatible with the Sky email interface. 

    For iPhone users:

    ● Go to the settings of the phone, tap the Passwords and Account option. The user would see the number of accounts already being accessed into the device. Further, the user would select “Add account” and enter the particular sky email ID

    ● Along with the ID, the individual would obviously enter his/her name and password. The person can also add an account description, it is optional. Post submitting the details, click “Next”

    ● Afterward, the user has to enter the particular Imap names of incoming and outgoing servers and respectively along with his/her username and password of the Sky email account.

    ● The imap and smtp ports should be double-checked, 995 and 587 respectively

    ● Post after that, click “Next” and a new screen will appear where the person has to choose the “Save” option

    For android users, the process of connecting sky email Id is almost the same as for iPhone. The interface is probably the same as well. In the process, the individual can also modify his/her user as well as the personal name of the account. It is better for the user to double-check the details and server names prior to “Save”.

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    When the Sky Email is not Loading, How to Deal with it?

    There is always a chance that the website gets frozen due to either a server issue or connectivity. To find out, there is a status checker for the email services that can be accessed via sky Id. If the error is not on their part, it means that the device isn’t working. 

    For starters, the person can try restarting his/her phone/laptop or look for new updates, maybe the OS is not compatible with the Sky interface anymore. 

    If none of that works, the customer should visit his/her email settings, select the “Viewing Email” option and opt for “Basic Mail Version”. This might load the emails of the individual. If the dialog box with the “ Sky Mail can not safely connect to the server” is displayed, the user should recheck the incoming and outgoing server names and account details configured in the device.

    Security and Yahoo Sky Email

    The consistently increasing reports of data breaches and Id thefts have made several organizations lose their goodwill in the market. Yahoo was one of them also. To counterpart, the users must follow a number of steps to ensure the safety of their substantial data.

    ●Complex passwords consisting of numbers, special characters, lowercase, and uppercase alphabets should be common

    ● The sent folder also should be regularly checked to eliminate access of unauthorized individual

    ● Emails with unusual or unknown names should not be opened until absolute satisfaction

    ● If the person feels, someone else is using the email account,  they should report to the customer service of Sky Email. They will instantly block the account to ensure the safety

    How to Receive Emails in a Different Account?

    Due to any reason, if a customer creates and wishes to manage his work from a new account. Instead of updating the sky email Id at different platforms or notifying alliances of the new account, one simply can manage by selecting “Forward” and “Automated Reply” 

    Forwarding Messages

    The user has to hit the “Settings”, select “Accounts”, and tap the current Sky email account.

    Next, the person will choose the option of “Accessing Mails From Elsewhere”, then the “Forward” option, where the person will enter his/her new ID, then an identity verification code or email will be forwarded to the new account. The user has to visit it and verify the mail, click “Save” at the end.

    Automated Replies

    Initially, the customer has to choose “ Settings”, then click “More Settings”, tap the “Out-of-Office Response” option. A dialog box will pop up where the user will mention the new email ID and hit “Save”.

    Deleting a Sky Email Account

    Unlike other services, Sky does not let the users deactivate the accounts by themselves. Firstly, the ID should be not in use for almost a period of six months and the eros has to get in touch with Sky personnel for deletion of the account.

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