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How to Create Email Account Without Phone Number

    Introduction to "Making Email Without Phone Number"

    Want to create an email account without phone number? You don’t have to rely on an email provider that asks for your personal number. Yes, it is possible now to create email without phone number. Currently, there are numerous options when it comes to email providers. Moreover, these email providers offer amazing user interfaces, extensions, security, user flexibility, and more free options!

    Free Email Services

    Electronic mail, or email, has transformed the face of communication, and it is now employed in all forms of online communication. Nowadays, most websites require email account authentication to register into their system.

    People from different age groups are using email to accomplish various purposes. Moreover, some users even own multiple accounts to launch marketing campaigns, marketing automation, email marketing, business accounts, etc.

    However, while creating a new email account, users may be unwilling or feel unsafe providing their number. In such a situation, they can use other email providers and create email without phone number. Though inserting the number to the email service provider will strengthen the email authentication process. But still, there is a question about your number being used or saved on the internet.

    If you are not willing to use an email service requiring your phone number, check out this article. We’ve come up with the Top 10 Free Email Services that won’t require any phone number. Therefore, there is no need to share any critical personal information such as contact info.

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    Why do Email Service Providers Ask for Phone Number Verification?

    Companies generally ask for phone numbers for verification purposes, but the common reasons are:

    ● To verify that you are a human, not a robot 

    ● Notify the users if anything suspicious happening in their account 

    ● Providing an alternative way of logging in if the password is forgotten or lost

    Currently, most apps and email services require a phone number for account protection. Gmail asks for your phone number to verify that only the real owner is using the email account. Therefore, when Google detects that an email account is being logged in from an unknown device, it notifies the user.

    You may have forgotten your password or haven’t used your Gmail account for a long time. Consequently, Gmail won’t send you the “Reset your password” link on your email address. For this reason, your phone number will be used by Google for account recovery purposes.

    Most users are not comfortable about disclosing their personal information, such as phone numbers. But there are some strategies that you can follow to avoid the step when Gmail asks for a phone number.

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    How to Create a Gmail Account Without a Phone Number?

    Previously, providing a phone number was optional while registering a Gmail account. But recently, they’ve changed the terms and conditions of opening an account on Gmail. Now, providing a phone number is mandatory for the account registration process of Gmail.

    Bypassing or skipping the number verification process of Gmail is a bit complex. Still, you can go through our mentioned processes, but we don't guarantee that our mentioned strategies will always work. Let's learn why.

    Using Dummy Numbers

    You can collect fake numbers and also receive verification SMS on some websites. Therefore, you can get premium service from those websites to get guaranteed output, duplicate but effective numbers, verification code by Google.

    When Gmail asks for your phone number, simply visit the website such as Receive SMS Or Get a number according to your region, insert it, get the verification code of Google from the website, and use it to complete the Gmail account creation process. Additionally, you can use services provided by SMSPool for affordable online SMS verifications.

    Someone Else’s Phone Number 

    We won’t call this method a proper solution to the problem, but it's an alternative way. You can use your friend or family member’s phone number, but it would make them feel awkward. Every time you need a code, they will get an SMS, and you’ll have to ask them about the code. 

    On the other hand, you can get a different number for yourself and use it only for verification or notification purposes.  

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    Top 10 Free Email Services (Excluding Phone Verification)

    → 1. originated in Germany, and the platform is ideal for users who don’t want to share numbers to register an account. You can simply open an account by visiting the website of This free email service requires you to insert your name, preferred email address, password to create an account. Additionally, it may ask you some easy security questions for verification. 

    This email service is relatively fast and renowned among online users due to its UI and speed. For email recovery purposes, we recommend you to choose by mail instead of by phone number. You will get access to multiple platforms from this email service provider. Moreover, you can send an attachment that occupies 50MB, which is enough for a regular task. 

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    → 2. Tutanota  


    Tutanota is another email service where you can create an email without phone number yet provides maximum security. You can easily sign up by visiting the official website of Tutanota - an email service trusted by millions of users. 

    This free email service comes with many benefits, including 1GB of storage and excluding advertisements. Therefore, you can store massive data within your email service, perfect for users who want to save files online. The amazing part is that you can enable premium service by spending one euro only. 

    The ad and spam-free feature protect your device from any security breach.  Access this renowned email service from any part of the globe via language support of this email service. 

    → 3.  ProtonMail 


    ProtonMail is another free email platform based in Switzerland. This email service provides 500MB of storage and 150 emails per day. With this email service, you can send password-protected encrypted messages to other users. Moreover, you can include passwords on your encrypted message, which will expire within a few days. Last but not least, you can create an email without a phone number. 

    For the recovery option, You must submit an alternate email address because it’s mandatory.  Though the free storage of this email service is not optimal, you can get a premium account to obtain more storage with additional benefits. If you want to avoid unnecessary verification and maintain the security of your emails, then this is the best choice.

    → 4. Yandex Mail 

    Yandex Mail

    Compared to Google, Yandex is a Russia-based product and service provider over the internet. They will provide you with an email service with 10 GB of storage which is completely free.  If you want to create an email without a phone number, simply select “I don’t have a telephone number” while registering an account. 

    This email service provides a unique user interface with solid security. Additionally, it includes numerous keyboard shortcuts, allows you to send E-cards, and more features. The best part is that it’s an entirely free service that defends your data from viruses and other threats.     

    → 5. Guerrilla Mail  

    Guerrilla Mail

    Guerilla Mail is a prominent email service that allows you to create a disposable email account that you can use temporarily. As a result, you can create an email address for occasional usage without disclosing your personal details, particularly your phone number. 

    The email account creation process is straightforward with Guerrilla Mail. It also allows you to attach 150 MB of data per email. You could only utilize it for urgent needs because it is automatically removed within an hour. If you wish to keep your primary email account free of spam, you can utilize this type of email service. The only disadvantage of this type of service is very weak security because it shares your data. 

    → 6. Mailinator



    Mailinator is a one-of-a-kind email service provider that provides free temporary email addresses. It does not require any authentication, such as account registration. Visit the official website of Mailinator and craft your temporary email account, which is disposable. With Mailinator, you can only receive emails but can't send one. 

    One huge drawback of this service is the lack of security. How? Well, you can look into other users’ emails, and the same goes for your emails. It’s ideal for avoiding repeated messages or saving your primary email address from getting spam messages. We recommend you not provide any personal information while using this service.  

    → 7. OpenMailBox 


    With this free and add-free mail service, you can create an email without phone number. This service offers unique email addresses as well as strong SSL encryption to keep your data safe. This email service includes various management tools that are really crucial. Access your saved emails whenever you are online. 

    With this service, you can easily sort out messages with the filter option. You can utilize multiple OpenMailBox accounts from one inbox. This email service offers seamless email synchronization. You can send, get notifications, save and reply from the right accounts. Attach 50MB of data with the email while using this service. But you can upgrade to paid services anytime to get more space.  

    → 8. is Latvia's largest email service that does not require your phone number to create an account. It gives you 20GB of free storage for your emails along with other facilities. You will get Inbox Games,  Calendar, File share, and many more features.

    The website and email dashboard both come in the English language. Moreover, most of the product or features of this email service is free of cost.

    → 9. Tempmail  


    Tempmail does not follow the traditional email service; instead, it provides a temporary functional email for a few hours. Nowadays, most of the services don't accept temporary emails for account registration. The reason is simple, temporary emails are disposable and get terminated after a few hours. Moreover, temporary emails don't require any login or verification process at all.

    While visiting their website, you will be issued a temporary email address. You can use that temporary email address right away. 

    → 10. Mailnesia


    Mailnesia is an amazing tool that allows you to log in at different sites from different locations. It’s an ideal mail service for those who want to learn from various teachers. Moreover, this email service provides you with multiple domains that work properly. 

    You can easily get access to this service by visiting the official web address of Mainesia. For advanced user experience, the platform offers HTML service. The main drawback is, you can only receive emails but can’t send them. Email addresses offered by Mailnesia are completely public. Therefore, you can create an email without a phone number via this email service.

    → 11. Atomic Mail Sender

    Atomic Mail Sender

    Atompark’s unique offer allows you to register without a phone number and grants you an unlimited mailing list. You also get crucial features for extracting emails from webpages and social media, verifying and managing mailing lists, something small businesses using bulk email campaigns will appreciate. Those cold email campaigns run smoother with safeguards to keep you from getting blacklisted. 

    This bulk email marketing software gives you more control as you can track essential KPIs for your email outreach efforts. For every email you send, you can check the delivery and open rates to determine which of your approaches is working.

    Wrapping Up 

    That's all!!

    When it comes to creating an email address without adding a phone number, there are lots of options. We have researched the best email service providers in the market. These services are free and do not require any phone numbers while creating an account. 

    Apart from primary email addresses, these email services will help you protect your private or main account. You should always keep in mind that disposable email addresses are temporary. Therefore choose a service provider that is secure or offers a better service via its premium version. Why? This is the email we are talking about and every piece of information you are sharing should be secured or personalized. 

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