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How to Recover Yahoo Password Without Phone Number and Alternate Email?

    Are you working hard to find how to recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternate email? It is a tricky situation, but we have tried to crack it open for you in this blog.

    Let us first examine the trend of Yahoo! popularity.

    Yahoo! Verizon

    Yahoo! mail is a webmail service initiated on October 8, 1997, by the American company Yahoo! Verizon. One of the instant hit Yahoo still hosts a large user base. It offers users four different email plans: three for personal use and another for businesses. So, what makes Yahoo popular let us introspect on it.

    When it comes to features, Yahoo doesn't lag and offers notable choices. The foremost advantage of being a Yahoo! is that you can access it from any place having a computer and internet. Some more benefits of being Yahooite are:

    • Flexibility to create multiple workflow user accounts.

    • You can check all other POP email accounts of Yahoo, maintaining equal rhythm between workplace and personal life.

    • It helps you to set up folders to help keep your email organized.

    • Features provide users the ability to attach a large file with a limit of up to 2 GB.

    • It gives you unlimited storage power for files and emails in your account.

    • Advanced communication options are available with the Yahoo Mail page and the provision of SMS and IM with yahoo messenger. So, you can make Voice calls and use Webcam through the Yahoo Messenger app.

    • Socializing came alive with the use of Tumblr blogs and photos with Flickr. Both these applications are now a part of Yahoo.

    • Connect with others, share your knowledge, and look for answers to your queries with Yahoo's Answers site.

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    No, wonder users still look for Yahoo! when they want to get more storage email space with quirky features. 

    Still, email from Yahoo forms the prime basis of communication, whether formal or personal. But, commonly, the user makes the Yahoo accounts in several numbers for use and forgets the password. In such a scene, unlocking the Yahoo account can be troublesome. 

    Let us introspect methods to get the solution in such situations.

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    Solve: How to Recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternate email?

    It is noteworthy, Yahoo account with no activity in the past 12 months are at risk of being deleted. So, you are on the brink of losing information stored in the yahoo account. First, you should confirm that your user account is not suspended.

    Recover Yahoo Password Without Phone & Email

    Yahoo Account Recovery: Test If Yahoo! Mail Account Has Been Suspended

    • Proceed to the Yahoo! Sign-In helper page.

    • Write your Yahoo! email address, phone number, or backup email address, if you have their details.

    • Now, if your account has been permanently deleted, you'll receive a notification stating it's deactivated and can't be recovered.

    • Here, if your account is still available, you will be able to reset your password and access the account, similar to the recovery steps detailed below.

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    Reset or change a Forgotten Password

    To change your password using a web browser, you have to do these steps:

    1. Work, open your browser and enter

    2. Next, on the Yahoo login page, at the top right corner, click on Sign In.

    3. Provide your Yahoo email account in the respective field and click Next.

    4. Here, tap I forgot my password, a new dialogue box appears.

    5. After that, tap on I doesn’t have access to this phone.

    6. Also, click I don’t have access to this email address.

    7. Now, move to Visit Help Site by tapping on it.

    8. Write your Yahoo Account, tick I am not a robot and click Get Started.

    9. After you have done the steps, Yahoo sends you a recovery code, write it in the respective field.

    The recovery of the password becomes more productive if you have an alternate email or mobile number. However, it becomes more difficult if you don't possess a Mobile Number or an alternate address. 

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    If you are not able to access your Yahoo Account even after repeated attempts, then it shows dangerous signs of hacking. To avoid losing all your important information stored, you should take regular backup of Yahoo. Now, yahoo does not provide you any direct capability for such backups. So, you can opt for an automated solution with Yahoo Mail Backup Tool to avoid data loss to online threats. This utility can help you to create copies of all Yahoo Mailbox items into your PC, Hard Drive, USB Drive, and many other such locations. You can use this tool to migrate all Yahoo Emails to several other email clients with 100% accuracy and data integrity.


    Yahoo is a popular user email client with quirky features. But, incidents of Yahoo password loss leave you to think about how to recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternate email. You can use the given manual method to fix it. But, to avoid data loss, always rely on Yahoo Email Backup Tool to secure Yahoo data from online threats.

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