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A Quick Guide to the Best Flutter App Development Tools

Mobile applications have become a part and parcel of our lives nowadays. With every utility available via apps, usage has increased to a huge extent. Shopping online, paying bills, reading the news, accessing entertainment (movies and songs), instant communication, learning, and education- everything is now possible via mobile applications on our phones. Downloads of mobile applications have increased in recent times, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. With lockdowns and work from home scenarios, more and more people have tuned into the app world on their phones or other media devices.

According to a poll conducted by 'Marketing Charts,' nearly half of mobile app users associate brand trustworthiness with how effectively the app performs on their phone. This is a vital link to why the development of apps is so important. One of the top concerns for app developers is to create a user-friendly experience. This is the reason app development tools such as Flutter app development have gained popularity in recent years.

Introduction to Flutter

Google's Flutter is an open-source app development software that allows you to create visually stunning, responsive, user-friendly, and seamless mobile applications. A special feature that Flutter provides is the cross-platform usage feature. Apps created through Flutter can be used across platforms like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Flutter app development is the most popular choice among mobile app developers due to its open-source nature and cross-platform usage capability. Here are a few examples of apps created with Flutter:



eBay Motors


Google Ads

Why should you use Flutter for mobile app development?

Google’s Flutter is probably the most popular open-source, cross-platform app development tool available for developers. It has a plethora of tools for various functions such as analytics, product design, graphics design, layout creation, testing, and app configuration, to name a few. Here are some reasons why it is the best strategy to use Flutter app development service -

Widget library

Speedy development

Open Source and free

Online tech community support

Cross-platform compatibility

Superior performance

Customizable solutions

Time-saving, fast TAT (turn around time)

Same UI across platforms

What are the best Flutter app development tools available?

Flutter App Development Tools is an open-source product analytics solution accessible on Flutter that helps to display and understand the target market's response to an app. The response is measured in terms of KPI (key performance indicator) metrics, which track the performance of the app across platforms.'s key features include in-app usage analytics tools, a single-view dashboard that can be expanded via plugins, and single cloud deployment.


This tool eliminates the need for tedious configuration of mobile apps before launching them. Codemagic helps to create, test and launch apps in a short span of time. By removing configuration requirements for each app, seamless integration and app delivery is a possibility with the aid of Codemagic. Key features are- reduced effort, more time to market, faster app launch, and constant updation of softwares.

Test magic

As the name suggests, Test Magic helps app developers to test their apps before launching them in the market. The beta release (test version) can be deployed with CI/CD builds of the app on connected gadgets like mobile, tablet, etc. Instant testing can be achieved with the Test Magic tool. Screenshots can also be taken by developers for recording feedback of app functions. One script approach, support for E2E testing, the ability to test across platforms and databases, and an AI (artificial intelligence) enabled identification support system are key characteristics.


UI designs can be imported to Supernova and exported to Flutter app development to develop attractive and responsive apps. Any changes to the design in the tool, make the same changes occur in real-time on the Flutter app. Supernova is a solid design and utility aid and helps to save time for design developers. An Adobe XD file can be imported and exported to drastically improve the app’s UI. Key features are- smart prototypes, provision of readymade layouts, export to Flutter for real-time modifications and easier changes to UI designing.


This application assists developers in creating stunning, custom-made material themes for their in-development apps.  Panache is an open-source tool and has various options for customization of themes in terms of colors, backgrounds, designs and shapes etc. These custom layouts once created can be exported as a .dart file for further usage. The following key features are offered for free: custom themes and layouts, quick access to code post-development, and the creation of custom widgets and shapes.


End-to-end testing on Android and iOS cloud codes is possible through Sylph. This tool has the ability to function across platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS) and devices. The Sylph tool can be used to undertake in-depth testing and analysis. Key features are- easily configurable, supports 100+ devices across platforms, ability to create iOS debugging apps and validates the configuration of apps being tested.


Appetize is a cross-platform app development tool that allows developers to launch HTML or JavaScript apps. Appetize makes app demos, training, testing, and development easier because the tool simplifies app introduction methods. Appetize is best suited for game developers. The following characteristics are important: quick deployment, automatic code demonstration, and app preview sourcing.


Instabug is a specialized development tool to identify bugs, errors, crashes and system failures in the app developed. These insights are an essential part of app development, as most users rate the app performance based on how less often it crashes or fails. Instabug may be used to follow end-user movements on test apps, collect feedback and images of app failures, and send detailed information to help fix app faults. Key features are- detection of errors and bugs, monitoring the performance of the app, user feedback via surveys and crash reports.

Adobe XD

Adobe’s new plugin helps to create attractive and customized mobile app layouts and designs. The output can be saved in.dart format and then imported into Flutter. Designers may generate real-time prototype animations, wireframes, and images. Key features are- collaborative, attractive graphics and designs and easier prototyping.


Vysor helps to project the app screen onto the computer systems. No data connection is required for this projection. Developers can share the screen around the globe with the Chrome extension via Vysor; eliminating the need for emulators. Inter team collaboration is made easier with Vysor. Key features are- high-quality projection, ability to capture screenshots and drag and drop feature for data.


This tool helps developers in the creation and running of apps on iOS and Android platforms. The back end can be seamlessly integrated by placing the APIs (Application Programming Interface) in a single DSK. Key features are- analytics support, A/B test support, real-time database management, crash reporting and remote configuration.


App developers can monitor and view the response patterns and interaction information of users of the app. Amplitude provides intelligence for developers to understand app response and strategize on the further approach to target specific markets for the app developed. Insights into app usage help developers to design better apps to enhance user experience. Key features are- UX enhancement, analytical tool, speeds app testing and deployment and improve app value and retention in the market.


This tool is specifically designed for streamlining the marketing efforts of app developers. AppsFlyer provides information on the location of app customers so that developers can create specific location-based marketing strategies to improve app reach and usage in the market. Key features are-  provides data on app performance and user engagement and real-time market uptake data metrics.

Android Studio

This tool aids developers in the creation and editing of apps in the development stages. It can be used across platforms, is proficient in creating feature-rich and elaborate app programs. Key features of Android Studio are- syntax highlighting, completion of code, editing support functions, layout visualizer, APK (Android Application Package) analysis tool and efficient emulator.

Visual Code Studio

This development tool’s primary function is to assist developers in code completion, control multiple code versions, run debugging programs and tasks. Visual Code Studio is usable across platforms, which makes it a very versatile developer tool. It is a very productive and powerful code editor which works with even complex systems like Python and C++. Key features are- automated code completion, inbuilt debugging tools, syntax highlighting and customizable solution provider.


Mobile app development services have become an essential aid for app developers in today’s times. With the increased uptake of mobile apps in the market across sectors, open source online tools such as Flutter have made the development of apps easier for developers. Function based services such as Amplitude,, Codemagic, Sylph and Visor among many others have benefited the developer community in the creation of smooth, responsive, seamless, feature-rich and attractive mobile apps.

Mobile apps are under enormous pressure to perform well, be feature rich, quickly responsive, as well as easy to understand by users. Every business in every sector has a mobile app for users to connect to from home. Be it banking, finance, insurance, employment services, education or entertainment- there is an app for all. Also, apps compete with one another to increase market usage and penetration. These are the reasons why mobile app development services have become essential to create aesthetic and powerful mobile apps for users.

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