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How to Find Best App Developers Offshore

An app is the product of a great idea, advanced technology, and the brains working to turn it into a functional product. However, at times, finding the tech talent or the app developers could be challenging. Be it the shortage of technology advancement in the region, excessive charges of setting up IT infrastructure, inability to meet code’s standard quality requirements, or any other reason, many companies are getting external help for their app development. 

Find Best App Developers Offshore

And why not?

There are several reasons why so many organizations are now looking for offshore developers for their projects. 

● You get developers working in different time zone, giving your timezone flexibility and making your development continue 24x7.

● You can focus on the current or future business goals while the remote team takes care of the development.

● You save on costs with outsourcing or hiring remote developers by not having to set up infrastructure, IT architecture, paid benefits, etc. 

● You get expanded development abilities as the remote developers always stay updated with the latest developments in the software community. 

● You get access to a global workforce and need not compromise on technology or quality due to geographical boundaries.

If you can get so many benefits, it is quite evident why so many enterprises, product companies, and SMBs, are hiring app developers offshore. 

If you are also planning to hire Reactjs developers, swift developers, Kotlin, Flutter, or any other developer from offshore locations for your next project, here are some ways to find the best developers. 

Define The Requirements & Perform Research

The most important thing to do when you are looking for offshore app developers is to define the requirements. Unlike in-house hiring where you can assign tasks as and when they come, remote hiring is usually for specific works. 

When hiring for developing a mobile app, it is imperative that you have a clear idea of the app beforehand. This includes a lot of things from ideation of the product to the target audience, to the technology to be used to the roadmap. Everything should be defined to get clarity on the role of the remote app developer. This would also help you convey the expectations that you have from the remote developer. 

Once that is done, you can start with your research. This research should be exhaustive. It should checkpoint like what company you want to hire from based on the time zone flexibility you are looking for, what type of engagement you want. Costs also play a crucial role in your research around remote developers. Different countries have different per-hour fees for the app developer. Check them out before making a choice. 

Check out The Right Platforms

Once you have clarity on the role you are looking for and the country, cost, experience, etc., you need to start performing the search for the right app developer for your team. There are several platforms where you can perform the search. Here are some quick platforms where you can find remote developers. 


The social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn could be a great platform to begin your search for a remote app developer. You can post your job requirement on LinkedIn stating the remote nature of the work. You can even elicit app developers’ recommendations from your network. You can also search for the same on the LinkedIn search tab with the right hashtags like remotework, offshoredeveloper, and many more. 

Freelance Platforms

One of the most trusted and popular ways for companies to find offshore developers is via freelance platforms.

UpWork: It is one of the most popular and the largest resource for businesses looking for freelancers in any domain is Upwork. You can post a job profile and can find several app developer profiles here. 

PeoplePerHour: You need to fill in a form to submit your requirements and you are matched with experts offering the same. Add in as many details to get a more filtered list of remote developers. 

Remote: On, you can simply post your requirements and start getting responses from apt developers or even perform a search yourself. 

Freelancer: It is undoubtedly one of the largest freelancing platforms. You can find the apt app developers with the latest skills and technology knowledge on this freelancing platform. 

However, this approach to hiring freelancers is advised to companies looking for small projects or a short commitment. It is always advised to hire remote developers for your mobile app. Freelancers usually take up many assignments at once and might miss the deadlines. However, hiring remote app developers means that you get managers managing the developers and ensuring that the project is delivered on time. It is also more secure in terms of confidentiality and you get a high-level commitment. 


Another popular platform where most developers turn to for their coding queries or even to gain more knowledge is GitHub. This might seem a little daunting but Github can also be sued to find remote app developers. You can check the codes contributed on similar apps and find the perfect expert. This way you also know the quality of codes even before you hire the remote developer. 

Company Directories

There are several B2B directories like Clutch, Goodfirms, TheManifest, and many more where you can find companies where you can hire remote developers for your mobile application. 

Join Hands With An App Development Company

It would be the cherry on the cake if you could get the expertise and experience of a top mobile app company while hiring a mobile app developer. By joining hands with an app development company, you can hire dedicated remote developers for building your application. In addition, they have their own teams, managers, and seniors around them to create an atmosphere of excellence in delivery.

When outsourcing software development or hiring remote developers from such app development companies, there are fewer risks, higher security with IP protection, greater productivity, and compliance to quality standards compared to hiring freelancers. Moreover, you have the flexibility to build your own app development team as well when you work with an offshore mobile app development company. 

Screen & Conduct Video Interviews

Many of the companies consider the hiring process for remote developers as much simpler than hiring in-house. However, it isn’t as easy as it may seem. You need to be as stringent when hiring remote developers as well. 

As you would hire an in-house developer, you should screen the remote developers in a similar manner. Ask them for a sample of the projects they have worked on. Check out their portfolio and the apps they have worked on before. Make sure that you assess the remote developers, technology capabilities, and their skills based on your requirements. In addition to their technical skills, also check for their soft skills like attention to detail, communication skills, and other skills. 

Once you have performed this check, it is time that you hold a one-to-one interview. So what if this cannot be a face-to-face round with an in-person meeting. You can always conduct video interviews to discuss the requirements and assess the candidate based on their responses. 

Concluding Lines

With remote work becoming the new normal of working, many organizations have shed their hesitation of working with offshore app developers. They are now actively looking for offshore talent to cut down their costs, get the best talent from the global talent pool, and get quality codes from experts. 

Several multi-billion brands like Zapier, Whatsapp, GitLab, Buffer, Automatic, and many others have been hiring remote developers for their apps and software. You can also analyze your app requirements and hire mobile app developers from offshore companies to work on your project. 

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