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5 Points to Consider While Testing Mobile Apps

Today mobile apps have become an important source of providing services as well as bridging the communication gap between the vendors and customers. Hence mobile apps playing such a huge role in client acquisition and retention, the organisations need to make sure that the apps function seamlessly and also provide excellent user experience. That’s why organisers are focusing on mobile app testing which enables building high performing mobile apps.Testing the frequently updating mobile apps is not bed of roses, planning strategies might make the journey simple and productive, so let’s discuss some important points to consider while testing mobile apps. 

testing Mobile Apps

Great User experience

The mobile app interface provides a first impression to the customers. Hence the GUI should be simple, effective and easy to navigate for the users. The colors of UI should match the brand persona and should not cause irritation on eyes. Hence GUI testing is a must which ensures that all the UI elements are functional, provides good look and feel, is user friendly and simple to navigate. In GUI testing customer feedback is taken in the early stages to gauge UI performance and to ensure that the UI is user friendly. 

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Compatibility across devices 

Achieving device compatibility for mobile apps is not a bed of roses. For compatibility, the mobile app needs to be tested through several device browser and os combinations otherwise there are high chances of device fragmentation. Hence cross browser testing is extremely important. Through cross browser testing tools like selenium webdriver, we can perform parallel testing across various device browser and os combinations. Cross browser testing also provides better user experience as there are no bugs due to compatibility issues.In device fragmentation, the UI of the app gets crashed, which can be avoided through cross browser testing. Hence compatibility cannot be avoided if you are intending to develop high performing applications.

Scalability is must 

We know how dynamic the mobile app industry is. The frequency of new update releases is surging at a very fast pace. Hence this calls for testing the app with all the new mobile devices to achieve compatibility. Hence scaling the devices is very important for mobile application testing. Choosing a highly scalable test automation platform is the remedy to achieve compatibility. Cloud based testing platforms are highly scalable as adding or removing devices is very easy and just a  matter of few clicks, moreover you can choose the number of devices as per the project requirements. 

Impressive Performance


The mobile app users expect seamless performance from mobile apps. They want the app to start quickly, having excellent responsiveness, simple navigation, good device memory, optimising screen size etc. Also, the app must function well and all the elements should respond quickly. Hence performance testing should be taken up to ensure that the app functions flawlessly in order to avoid disengaged users.


Since the last two decades, due to the popularity of mobile apps, most of the vendors across diverse verticals are utilising apps for engaging audiences and delivering services to them. In return the dynamic app users want updated services with seamless application performance otherwise it may lead to disengaged users. Hence while testing mobile apps some strategies should be taken note of to ensure a smooth and productive testing journey. So do read the above blog and implement the highly recommended mobile app testing points. 

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