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5 Enterprise-Level Solutions To Increase Mobile App Development Efficiency

There are several enterprise-level solutions to increase mobile app development efficiency. Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, mobile apps for business are in high demand. Indeed, companies working remotely require the latest collaboration tools and custom software to maintain productivity. According to recent studies, mobile app market revenue is expected to reach over $690 million by 2021. As a mobile app development enterprise manager, you need to implement the latest tools and strategies to increase your team's deployment speeds. Read on to discover the most important enterprise-level solutions to increase mobile app development efficiency.

Mobile App Development Efficiency

Wireframe Tools

First, you can use wireframe tools to increase efficiency in your enterprise software development lifecycle (SDLC). Wireframes are a great way to develop basic design plans for your application before you do any coding. Typically, wireframe software focuses on application UI design. For instance, some wireframe software has simple pen and shape tools to create custom vector shapes for your design layouts. Notably, many of these applications are intuitive. They often determine an object's position and size separately. This makes it easier to align objects for different mobile formats. Plus, wireframe tools often include collaboration functions, allowing your team to work together in real-time. Certainly, wireframe tools intuitive UIs and collaboration features speed up the enterprise application planning process.

MVP Prototype Software

Next, use minimum viable product (MVP) prototype software to increase your mobile app development efficiency. This innovative software is a major driver of the top mobile app development trends this year. There are many different types of MVP software. For example, you could use a simple mind mapping program to generate application ideas quickly with your team. On the other hand, robust sketching applications allow you to build software prototypes. Typically, these applications are low-code and have a simple user-interface. Plus, they are usually highly interactive, allowing you to demonstrate how you would navigate through the application layout. Surely, MVP prototype software is a great digital solution to build your designs quickly to start getting user feedback. 

Advanced Docker Registry

In addition, an advanced Docker registry is another enterprise-level solution to increase your mobile app development speed. Using containerization software, you can store your Docker images and repositories in one central location. This makes it easier to manage your artifacts throughout every stage of development. For example, a JFrog Docker registry provides reliable support for your custom programs and build servers. Once installed, you can access widely scalable storage to accommodate your repositories laden with data. Additionally, the REST API and JFrog CLI facilitate automation throughout your Docker image pipeline. Definitely, install an advanced registry to increase your development efficiency and optimize your Docker image storage.

Cross-Platform Development Tools

Moreover, cross-platform development tools are another effective solution to boost your application development efficiency. Cross-platform tools are a great way to improve employee productivity and performance levels. With these tools, you can create apps for multiple devices using the same code base. Naturally, this eliminates the time that your team would spend translating, rewriting, and recompiling your programs for the new device. In addition, these hybrid development platforms typically include integrated tools designed to increase your coding efficiency. For instance, some software includes access to extensive plugin libraries to add robust features to your mobile apps easily. Cross-platform development tools are the perfect digital solution to deploy mobile apps faster on multiple devices.

Automated Testing Tools

Furthermore, automated testing tools can also increase your mobile app development speed. Automated software tests are essential in improving quality. Typically, automated testing tools integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD pipelines. Notably, some testing software includes tools to add features to your tests easily. For example, you could add a feature to your test to automatically email your results as a PDF. This makes it easier to access and share results, as you increase your test speeds. Moreover, many of the top tools on the market are cloud-based, making them great for remote developers. Undoubtedly, automated testing tools are great to increase speed in your enterprise mobile app development pipeline.

There are several enterprise-level solutions to increase mobile app development efficiency. First, wireframe tools are great resources to plan your app concepts. Next, you can also utilize MVP prototype software to test different iterations of your UIs with clients. In addition, an advanced container registry optimizes your Docker image management. Moreover, build on cross-platform tools to save time developing apps for multiple devices. Furthermore, automated testing tools are perfect to increase your test efficiency. Integrate these enterprise-level solutions to increase mobile app development efficiency.

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