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How to See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Without Third-Party App (Updated 2022)

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms, with users spending most of their time there chatting with online friends and engaging in other activities. When it comes to following, Facebook is even more general. With the expanding number of users on sites like Facebook, stalking has become habitual. Worries about privacy on social media have long been a burning topic. Users want to control who sees their stuff like who viewed my Facebook profile. Facebook has given them that opportunity to a significant extent with various settings, including the ability to turn off the friends tracking feature, delete images, and block people on Messenger. Other tasks, such as determining who has blocked you on Facebook, lack specific settings but can be completed with simple workarounds. Here you can see the how-to see who viewed your Facebook profile:

who viewed my facebook profile

Is it feasible to see who sees your Facebook page or who viewed my Facebook profile?

There is no method to restrict who has viewed your profile on Facebook. There is a way to discover who has been looking at your profile that does not require any software installation. You can observe who visits your Facebook page the most in the source code. Check read the guide to altering your Facebook privacy settings if you want to change who can view it. Let's get started with the step-by-step steps for finding out who visits your Facebook profile. Any web browser on a Mac or PC can be used for this method.

Facebook does not let anyone track who views their profile but the company's official policy notes in an answer on its Help page. That isn't to say the site hasn't accepted it before. Facebook briefly offered this functionality in the iOS app for iPhones in 2018, following the Cambridge Analytica incident, which exposed users' data in a security breach. Users could see who had visited their page in the last 30 days and who had viewed their most recent postings during the brief time while that feature was available.

For android

With the tool, you can see who has viewed your Facebook profile in the last 30 days.

• Use your iPhone to login into your Facebook account using the Facebook App.

• The primary drop-down menu will appear.

• Go to the Privacy Shortcuts section.

• Select who has viewed my profile.

You will be able to get a list of who has looked at your Facebook profile. Although it is now only open on select iOS devices, it will soon be open.

For pc

• Visit Facebook using Google Chrome on your desktop.

• Access your account by logging in.

• Click on your name in the upper right corner of your Profile Page.

• When you right-click your mouse, a pop-up menu appears.

• View Page Source should be selected. Alternatively, use Ctrl + U.

• If you are using a computer, press Ctrl + F. In a Mac, give Command () + F.

• Copy and paste the two codes below this line into the search bar.

• You will see a slew of numbers in the initial chat friends list after pasting one or both of these codes into the search bar. Pay attention to see if your Facebook profile has a lot of profile IDs, which would be written after each number.

• Duplicate and paste a 15-digit numeral into Profile ID here.

• You must be logged in to your account to accomplish this.

• When you press the enter key, the person's name who possesses the ID you copied in the previous step will appear.

• This is the name of the person that continually looks at your profile. You may do the exact thing by duplicating and pasting another profile ID into the Facebook link.

Is it feasible to see who has glanced at my Facebook page?

Users may be tempted to use a third-party tool or browser extension to know who has visited their profile because Facebook does not provide a setting to do so. Facebook does not want third-party apps to allow this, and people are encouraged to report any that do. Because this type of app can scrape that information, what else are they scraping about you, and they will almost certainly steal some of your data.


As a result, the above listed are about how to see who viewed your Facebook profile, if follow the above-given steps, it will help you consider the persons who viewed your FB profile without using the third-party apps.


Can I check who viewed my Facebook profile by iPhone?

Yes, you can check who viewed your Facebook profile from your Android phone or iPhone

Can I see the list of friends I requested on Facebook?

Yes, now you can see the friends you have requested on Facebook.

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