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URISE Portal - How are Students getting benefits?

    Today, no one would like to seek help from other people, but everyone is seeking help from one common thing and that is technology. From education to employment, technology plays a major role and using it is said to be a modern method and traditional method is said to be non-usage of technologies. Using technology in the education sector and employment sector will save your time since more performance will finish with more convenience. The important information and other details of students and candidates will get easily within a few minutes if there is a portal. Through this post, you will see the urise portal meaning and how to register and log in.

    What is the URISE Portal?

    URISE portal, which means Unified Reimagined Innovation for Students Empowerment, was launched by the government of Uttar Pradesh to benefit students. It was under the control and supervision of technical education, and students gained more benefit for their life through this Portal. Any institutions have the accessibility for information and details about any student across the nation. Various portals are there for the students benefit regarding their academic activities, but the Urise Portal is launched for the professional career purpose by the government. It is the latest technology, and students can register on this portal online.

    URISE Portal

    How are Students getting benefits from URISE?

    Several students are completing their education yearly, but how many of them get the right career for them? If many people from a state struggle more to find a career, then the government also has a part of the responsibility for it. So, the Uttar Pradesh government launched this Urise Portal to provide e-library, e-content and placement information etc. It helps the students identify their skills, train them accordingly, and guide them to find the right career. Numerous online courses are there for the students, and the certificates, mark sheets and diplomas of students are stored carefully in the Digilocker in Urise portal. Counselling for career and employment will be given to the students who registered in the Urise Portal.

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    Things that needed to register

    When you decide to gain the Urise Portal’s benefits, it is time to register in it and follow the below-mentioned steps.

    Step1: First, you need to visit the urise’s official page

    Step2: The homepage of Urise Portal will appear in front of you, and you need to click the register option on it.

    Step3: Once you click that option, the Student or User option will show for you.

    Step4: As per your need, select either student or user.

    Step5:  Now, the registration form page will open, and you have to provide the entire necessary details asked in that form.

    Step6: In those necessary details, your mobile number is mandatory, and you will receive OTP to that number.

    Step7: Fill that OTP number in the OTP box and click submit.

    Step8: Finally, click on the register option, and that is the end-up process in registering the Urise Portal.

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    How to Login?

    When you complete your registration process successfully, you will receive a User ID and password, and you can now move to the login process. The steps involved in the login process are completely simple, and those steps are here.

    Step1: In this process, visiting the official website is the initial step.

    Step2: In front of you, the home page will be opened.

    Step3: You can see both the register and login options on that home page and click the login option.

    Step4: Now, if you are a student, then select the student option or if you are a user/admin, then select that option.

    Step5: Once you select the student option, a new page will open and ask you to provide the username and password.

    Step6: Enter the username and password you received on the registration process and click the login button.

    If you enter the right username with password, the Portal will open for you. Make sure that you enter the correct details before clicking the login button.

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    Helpline or Customer care of URISE

    The urise is an excellent portal which includes several benefits and the government launched it with full safety. Anyone can face problems at any time, so to provide a solution to the users struggling with issues in the Portal, there is a helpline number and email id. Users of the Portal can contact those helpline numbers or email at any time, and they will get a simple solution to all their problems.

    Helpline numbers - 8604356415, 8090491594 and 0522-2336851

    Email id –


    Q1: What is meant by the Urise UP portal? 

    A portal created by the Uttar Pradesh government for the welfare of the students to get career counselling and training is recognized as Urise Portal. It will consider the students’ skills and train them accordingly, and technical education and skill development play an important role.

    Q2: What are the lists of availability of the Urise portal facility? 

    Urise Portal has several facilities such as an Online course, Digilocker, dashboard, attendance, registration, performance, fee and feedback etc. Students are gaining benefits from each facility.

    Q3: Is it easy to complete the registration and login process in Urise Portal? 

    Yes, both the registration and login process is completely easy, and you need to follow some simple steps for it. Visiting the official page is the common initial step for both processes.

    Q4: Did other state students gain benefits from Urise Portal? 

    Unfortunately, the students belonging to states other than Uttar Pradesh could not attain any benefit from the Urise Portal, and only the students from Uttar Pradesh will get the full placement oriented benefits in this Portal.

    Q5: Is there any solution when you forget your password? 

    Passwords are important for the login process in the Urise Portal, and when you forget it no need to feel bad for it. There are some steps to recover or create a new password when you forget the old one.

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    Final thoughts: 

    Mostly, no one will find any difficulties using the Urise Portal because even the fee payment in this Portal also seems to be very easy. Students who use this Portal can get wide knowledge by enrolling in various courses, and they will get career counselling and guidance and various other benefits. Now, you might not have any doubts about the register and login process of Urise Portal and use the details mentioned above whenever required.

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