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Ticker Finology - "Investing ka Search Engine" Ticker by Finology

    The huge number of companies in the stock market creates a real challenge for local and foreign investors. It will be very challenging for investors trying to find individual stocks that meet the criteria they have in mind. A team of dynamic investors put one of the best stock screening tools for those seeking to invest in the stock market

    Ticker Finology is an equity research tool specializing in the Indian stock market. This tool helps the investors to find all possible information. Here is detailed information about Ticker Finology that you wish to know.

    Ticker Finology

    What is Ticker Finology?

    Ticker Finology is India's biggest financial education and open-stop investment platform. The platform is more robust with in-depth insights. It also includes stock screening, brand search, IPO watch and market tracking. In Ticker Finology, every piece of information is available at the touch of a button. With the help of Ticker Finology, you can invest in your favourite brand by simply searching for its product. Additionally, on this platform, you can receive all the information about upcoming and ongoing IPOs.

    In Ticker Finology, you will be receiving upcoming and ongoing IPOs with gains on listings and their analysis. Even investors are allowed to screen stocks as per the given criteria. Investors can check the stocks via a stock screener. This platform has taken the investment game of Indians off to another level by introducing the most interesting information. It is also packed with various other tools to help investors with intelligent stock picking.

    The tool is also very useful to compare companies via its peer comparing tool. This facility will enable the users to match companies operating in the same industry against each other. Ticker Finology will help the users to choose the best in the lot. It offers useful information for investors, including news relevant to the stock market. You can also view the stocks that have gained and lost the most value recently, detailed market updates and a lot more.

    Ticker Finology - Investing ka Search Engine

    How does the Ticker help you? 

    The Ticker is one of the best revolutionary equity research tools most users prefer. The tool offers the users three-way assistance for intelligent stock picking.  

    → Stock analysis 

    With Ticker Finology, you can get every information you need. Analyzing stocks is an essential and serious affair in the stock market. With Ticker Finology, you can get a one-stop destination for cutting-edge stock research. This platform offers a sophisticated yet simple interface that you would be impressed with while carrying out your stock analysis. Ticker Finology provides Comprehensive data and research, Flexible and customizable to suit your requirements, Simple interface that is very easy to use.

    → Peer comparison 

    When it comes to the stock market, you have to refine your industry love to pick the best performing peer. You can compare the companies operating in the same industry in Ticker Finology. You can choose the best among the lot with peer comparison. This platform gives you an edge when it comes to peer comparison. With Ticker Finology, you three companies at a Time, Intricately detailed data, industry-wise suggested parameters.

    → Bundles 

    In Ticker Finology, you can also get some strategies to help you get started. There are some baskets of stocks shortlisted using proven investment strategies in this platform. These baskets of stocks are based on predefined criteria that help you choose stocks based on your investment strategy. Bundles will help you select the best strategy to succeed in the stock market. In Ticker Finology, you have options to suit different investing styles, daily updates based on market behaviour and robust parameters crafted by experts.

    How Ticker solves your purpose?

    Using Ticker, you can perform various activities to know details about the stock market. In Ticker, you can analyze a stock in detail compare peers, market and economy-related news. Users can also use it as a smart portfolio and watch list tool. Ticker Finology also offers bundles to find out potential opportunities.

    How does it assist in-detailed analysis of stocks?

    With Ticker, you can get much information regarding the stock market. Here is some information that you can get in Ticker Finology.

    • Details about the company essentials and the peers

    • Important charts relating to performance and essential ratios

    • Effective information about shareholding and corporate action

    • Quarterly and annual results, P&L statement and Cash Flows

    Additionally, you will get essential documents related to the company, including annual reports, rating and research reports and Company presentations. All information presented in Ticker Finology is dynamic based on the company's industry. You will also get the tuned ratios from experts to give more relevant information.

    What are bundles, and how are they useful?

    Since there are more than 5000 companies, the retail investor would get puzzled about getting started and where to start from. Finology, create bundles to help retail investors figure out an appropriate starting point based on proven investment strategies. It is quite helpful for referential purposes. Every user needs to evaluate their options wisely instead of blindly investing in a set of companies. Bundles will serve investors well for sure.

    How to use Finology screener? 

    It will help users narrow down thousands of companies to a small group of companies. All you need to do is enter your criteria based on 1200+ ratios made for you. Whatever type of stocks you want, you can think of query, and the Finology screener will show you the companies which fulfil your requirements.

    • Initially, you must type your query like required ratio names and find your desired ratio from various company financials.

    • Once you find smart suggestions, you have to choose from suggestions that are applicable at the point of your query building.

    • Once you are done with building your query, give a final revision. Just click on the run screener, you can take advantage of your smart highlights, which make the query look clear.

    • Finally, analyze the result based on various data points shown in the list.

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    Wrapping it up

    Ticker Finology is one of the best platforms that have taken the investment game to another level. If you are looking to get into the stock market or get effective results in the stock market, you can use the Ticker Finology platform.

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