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How to check jio balance, validity in mobile 📱

    Today with its large data packs and low-cost calling services, Jio reliance has risen to the top cellular market. The advantages of Jio data bundles are very well known, but checking Jio balance is a typical question among Jio users. 

    Users of Jio smartphones can set a data limit on their phones using Settings to avoid beyond the data limit specified by their cell plan. You may also check your Jio data balance whenever you disconnect from mobile data since you will receive an SMS detailing how much data you used. 

    The following is a list of true ways to check Jio balance in 2021. For Jio balance check and validity, you can use any way that is most comfortable for you.

    Check Jio Balance

    How to know and check Jio balance?

    Method-1 through IVR:

    • Call *333# to verify your Jio main balance.

    • On the screen, your Jio balance will be revealed.

    Method-2 via SMS:

    • Sending the SMS MBAL to 55333 is also another option to verify your Jio balance.

    • You will get a Text message with your Jio balance information. It is a free option about which you will not be charged.

    Method-3 via Jio app:

    Many Jio subscribers use the My Jio software to keep track of their current 4G plan, its validity, and other information about the Jio plan. For example, a user can quickly examine his balance, data use, plan validity, and the most recent deals. Jio also generates a thorough summary of their call, message, and internet data usage randomly and also find Jio shops in their area.

    • The first step is you need to download the Jio app.

    • After checking in, you can view your Jio balance, as well as the current plan details and the rest of the data balance, immediately on the homepage.

    • You may verify your utilization by selecting the Check Usage tab.

    Method-4 via the website:

    • In your browser, search and login in with your phone number.

    • After checking in, go to the top of the page to check your Jio amount. Go to the My Plans section to test the validity of your Jio data package.

    How to verify jio postpaid and prepaid balance?

    Jio prepaid validity and balance:

    • Send BAL to 199 to find out your Jio amount on a prepaid number.

    • You will send a Text message containing your Jio prepaid balance and the duration of the pack you are using on your phone.

    Jio postpaid balance:

    • Send an SMS bill to 199 to figure out your Jio balance for a postpaid number.

    • Your mobile phone will get a Text message with the sum of your Jio postpaid balance that will be charged.

    How to verify the Jio tariff plan:

    • Send an SMS to 199 with the word MY PLAN to learn more about the Jio package you have registered for.

    • You will receive a Text message providing the information of the Jio tariff plan you are already using on your phone.

    How to verify data usage?

    You may look up your usage record on MyJio or Jio app

    Using the MyJio application:

    • Register to MyJio

    • From the homepage, go to Check usage and pick the category - Voice, Data, SMS, WiFi for which you want to check Usage.

    • You will be able to see a list of your most current usage activities.

    Register with an OTP on

    • In the Overview tab, select Usage. You can know and see a graph of your daily and weekly consumption.

    • By tapping on the Use Details, you may see specifics of your recent utilization transactions for Calls, SMS, Data, and more.

    Checking validity using USSD code:

    • Find out what my Jio number is: Use this approach or dial *1#.
    • Inspect your 4G data usage: MBAL is a text message that can be sent to the number 55333.
    • SMS BAL to 199 to check your prepaid steadiness and validity.
    • SMS BILL to 199 to find out how much your bill is.
    • Take a look at the current tariff plan: Send the phrase my plan to the number 199.
    • Turn up 4G data: To start then dial 1925 or text Begin to 1925.
    • Use the MyJio app to find your account.
    • *333*3*1*1# is the caller tune activating code.
    • *333*3*1*2# to disable Jio Caller Tune
    • Verify the call amount: SMS tariff to 191
    • Know Jio number of JioFi device: text JIO TO 199 number.

    SMS & Jio app:

    • To begin with, dial *333# to check your main balance. Your Jio amount will be shown on the screen.

    • Instead, you can type MBAL into a brief message and send it to 55333 to receive the same information via SMS.

    • MyJio App lets Jio customers can check their balance, data, and SIM number. But, you must first download and log into the MyJio app. After a successful login, the MyJio application will show all balance and validity-related services on the homepage.

    Bottom line:

    Finally, there are many ways to check the jio main balance. However, for those new people who do not know how to verify or check jio validity and balance, the above-explained guide will help you know more.

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