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Hamraaz Login 2024: Personal Dashboard & Download Hamraaz Payslip

Hamraaz app or hamraaz web page was developed by the Indian Army to cope with the activities of the Indian soldiers efficiently. 

The app was launched in 2017, and it has been importantly helping the serving soldiers to identify particulars about their schedules and more. 

Below are the discussion of what hamraaz app, how to do the Hamraaz Army app, how to download it to your mobile phone, hamraaz payslip login in Hamraaz app and other related details. 

    What is Hamraaz App?

    The Hamraaz app has been developed in-house by the Indian Army. It helps to serve Jawans to identify details about their positions and promotions. 

    The app permits Indian soldiers to know their monthly salary slips, Form 16, and download them. It has also decreased the gap in the communications between the soldiers. 

    It also provides rapid information to junior commissioned officers and other personnel. Other non-military persons cannot use this app.

    To save all the information and practice of the Hamraaz app protected, the Indian Army developers have connected the functioning of the application after proper verification of Aadhaar details. 

    The same Aadhaar details may be verified, and they should be matched with the Army database over the National Information Centre cloud. Army personnel will obtain an OTP on their registered mobile number. 

    This meant that a soldier requires giving the latest mobile number linked to their Aadhaar number to allow the services of the Indian Army Hamraaz app.

    Hamraaz App Download

    The official team of the Indian government has released an app called the Hamraaz Army app. This app has special features for serving army soldiers in India. 

    Suppose the soldiers want to know about their promotions, posting, salary hike, leaves, and other related information by login into the Hamraaz Army app. 

    You may also download your Hamraaz payslip by downloading Hamraaz Army app payslip. 

    Where to download the latest version?

    Go to the link which is the authorized Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology website. The site has the updated 6.51 version of the app. You should download this latest version. 

    1. Click on the download button, and you can download the apk file.

    2. On your handheld Android smartphone. The basic requirement for the app is Android 5.0 Lollipop & above.

    3. Once the apk file is downloaded, go to downloads, then click on it.

    4. Now everything is ready, and you can install the app to start installing on your mobile phone.

    5. You should scan a QR code to download the Hamraaz app.

    6. Presently, the Hamraaz app is not accessible for windows/PC. Hamraaz team is working for it. You can log in to your Hamraaz app account or open your account using the online Hamraaz portal, i.e.,, which will direct you to get all the information easily. Most of the Indian Army soldiers attempt to download the hamraaz app from the play store. But this Hamraaz app is not available on the play store. So you must download the latest version of the Hamraaz Army App from

    7. If you cannot download or the Hamraaz App is not working effectively, sign up on the Hamraaz army app. Then ensure you have entered the Aadhaar seeded mobile number. You want to enter OTP when you sign up, and the OTP might receive to an Aadhaar Seeded Number.

    How to Login Hamraaz App?

    Hamraaz App Login

    The Hamraaz army app/Hamraaz web page app aids the separate section to save a record of the activities and facilities of Indian soldiers. Hamraaz App allows soldiers to link with one to another. 

    It also allows timely information to be linked to junior commissioned officers and other workers. You may also download the Hamraaz army payslip using the Hamraaz Army App Payslip password. 

    The soldier should have a PAN Card number and password for the Hamraaz app personal login 2022. 

    The Hamraaz app for Windows and PC is not available so use android mobile or the Hamraaz web portal at 

    The mobile users may download the Hamraaz app or Hamraaz web page to relish all the amenities and services. 

    How to download Payslip in Hamraaz App?


    How to Open Payslip in Hamraaz app?

    For all the soldiers working in the Indian Army, an extraordinary facility has been offered for their monthly salary. You can check all the information related to their Payslip in online mode. Indian soldiers may use Payslip as a file. 

    It encompasses the needed information linked to the individual's monthly salary. So, for all the details related to the Indian Army salary slips, try to download from hamraaz web page. 

    This mobile application is prepared for greater convenience and ease to access and removes the burden of waiting in line at an office or demanding physical copies by mail. It's all that you can do online now.

    With this app, communication for army soldiers is also made easy. It can only be used by Indian personnel in Hamraaz and has many useful features that make life more convenient. Below are the steps to get your Payslip from the app.

    1. The Indian Army Salary Slip may be downloaded from Hamraaz mobile app or by visiting our website.

    2. To get started, military personnel will require to sign up with their name and special social security number.

    3. You can give the eight digit password where the first four digits or letters of your PAN card number and last four digits originate from your date of enrolment.

    4. The military personnel are then inquired to fill out the particular captcha code. And tap on submit option to complete the verification purposes.

    5. Hamraaz login 2022 permits you to download your salary slip with just a few clicks. There you need to give an employee code. Month and year of birth are all that's required to get the Payslip.

    6. Next, click on the option of getting your Payslip.

    7. The complete information related to pay slips is present on the screen.

    8. You can download the report in PDF format later. You can print this document if necessary. 

    9. Your request for the Indian Army Pay Slip has been made, and then you can get the file to be ready within 24 hours.

    Final word:

    The Hamraaz Army App is seamless to stay up-to-date information regarding salary, positions, leaves, and download the Indian army payslip. With this app, you can get your Payslip for any month or year in PDF format. 

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