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Best Platform for Podcasts - Podcast Hosting Sites Free

    There are many alternative podcast hosting sites to choose from, and deciding which one to use might be challenging. Some companies have been around for a lengthy moment, whereas others are continually forming. The excellent thing is that we've got you covered, whether you're trying to start a podcast, save money, or switch to a better hosting platform.  

    Podcast Hosting

    Since around December 2021, top best podcast hosting platforms were indeed:







    If you want to learn more about those seven and others, continue reading below. 

    1. Buzzsprout 


    Buzzsprout was created with the intention of making podcasting accessible, but not constrained. 

    2. Captivate 

    Captivate podcast

    Captivate is a fresher hosting company than many of its competitors, but the people behind this are business titans. 

    3. Transistor 

    Transistor podcast

    Transistor is a new podcast publishing and analytics platform with a strong team behind it. You can acquire your show name, bio, and post your podcast picture. 

    4. Castos 


    Castos Podcast Hosting includes a lot of amazing features and works well with WordPress. For a set monthly fee, you can publish as much stuff as you like. 


    Since 2005, has been one of the pioneers in the podcasting industry, developing tools and resources.

    6. Podbean 


    For beginner podcasters, Podbean offers affordable prices and programmes. Podbean does have its own podcasting application for iOS and Android.

    7. Resonate Hosting

    resonate podcast hosting

    You'll have your own podcasting website, a nice-looking embed client, complete metrics, and more. 

    8. Simplecast 


    Its embeddable players, for example, are one of the greatest ever seen. Slack and Shopify, as well as a variety of big and small shows, use them to host their content. 

    9. bCast


    "For marketers, by marketers," says bCast. Audio Inserts, for example, allow you to include CTAs for signing up for email, conference, and anything else. 

    10. Spreaker 


    Spreaker has indeed been active since 2010 and offers podcasters a range of special tools and technologies.

    11. Blubrry


    Remarkable ease with which their WordPress plugin, PowerPress, may be integrated.

    12. Podcast Websites 

    Podcast Websites is a one-stop shop that includes a Wordpress blog, and limitless podcast hosting, among other things.


    PodServe fm allows you to host an unlimited number of podcasts while also providing 2,000GB of monthly bandwidth. 

    14. Podiant 

    The following are some of the features:

    Statistical analysis of podcasts

    YouTube auto-posting 

    15. PodcastGIANT 

    Website hosting is a good option if you need to host podcasts. 

    16. Backtracks


    One of the largest and most powerful podcast hosting platforms and production service in today's world. 

    17. audioBoom 


    Your podcast may be "hosted, distributed, and monetized" using audioBoom. 

    18. Libsyn 


    They're commonly advocated since long-time podcasters have been using and recommending them for years. 

    19. Megaphone

    Megaphone podcaste

    Megaphone is a podcasting system built by Panoply for bigger, corporation podcasts. 

    20. Whooshkaa 


    Text-to-speech capabilities, configurable players, sharing options, and many more are all available with Whooshkaa. 

    There Are Even More Podcasting Platforms

    Also, here are a few other websites you might want to look into: 








    Podcast Blastoff 



    Some of podcasting platforms which are free podcast hosting sites are: 

    1. Buzzsprout 

    2. Podbean 

    3. Spreaker 

    4. RedCircle 

    All the above mentioned platforms have a special feature of being free to their users and clients. 

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