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Windows 11 Price Updated [2022], New Features and Upgrade Availabe

Windows has consistently existed to be a stage for the world's development. It's been the foundation of worldwide businesses. Microsoft has come up with its latest version of the Windows NT operating system with the release of Windows 11, the successor of windows 10. Microsoft announced its release on 24 June 2021 and was made accessible for new systems from 5 October 2021. However, the organization clarified in an official blog from Microsoft that many users will not be qualified for the free update straight away.  

The release of Windows 11 has coincided with the launch of new Surface hardware. Microsoft's Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Go 3, and Surface Pro X (2021) are the initial devices compatible to run Windows 11 out of the box. 

Windows 11

Windows 11 Features 

Windows 11 is visually not quite the same as Windows 10. Windows 10, since its release, has received some subtle changes in its design, but it hasn't gotten an entirely different look.  

Windows 11 is updated with some refreshed changes like now it has soft rounded corners, a new Start Menu, which is centrally placed and is floating. They have also added new, more bright, and colorful symbols all through the operating system. 

Windows 11 Features

However, Windows 11 is not just about a new updated look. There are some technical improvements in the software as well: 

  • A refreshed Calculator application that incorporates features like programmer mode, graphing mode, and availability of more than 100 units and currencies. 
  • An updated clock feature called Focus Sessions is introduced in Windows 11. It will help the users to stay focused on specific work for a particular timeframe. Along with a timer for focus sessions, you can also link Spotify for playing music. It is also coordinated with Microsoft To Do, permitting you to sync with the engagements that you have booked. 
  • Windows 11 has been updated with a bunch of gaming improvements. One of those is Auto HDR; the PC automatically adds HDR to the older version of games. 
  • Microsoft will now accept any format of applications like Win32, .NET, Java, Election, UWP, React Native, Xamarin, a PWA, etc., in their app store by developers. It is increasing their app collection to assist you with finding more applications. A “ pop-up store " will oversee the installations when you attempt to install the applications that come directly from the web. 
  • In Photos App, a new toolbar is added for basic photo editing. However, a more remarkable feature of the update is a "filmstrip" that allows you to quickly look through different pictures in your collection or library. 

Minimum System Requirements for Windows 11 

Windows 11 is a free update for those using Windows 10, and that is not intended to be brief like the first Windows 10 update was. Sadly, the minimum system requirements are higher for Windows 11. The 32-bit support is no more available, and the support for older CPUs is also withdrawn. You additionally need 4GB RAM or higher and 64GB or higher storage capacity. The greatest obstacle for most users to upgrade to Windows 11 will be the prerequisite of TPM 2.0. Internet connection and Microsoft Account are also necessary for all Windows 11 editions to perform the latest updates and download and use the latest features.  

Microsoft has additionally changed the CPU prerequisites. Seventh-generation and previous Intel CPUs versions are all ruled out. The Redmond firm confirmed that they would reconsider the inclusion of seventh-generation Intel CPUs and AMD Zen 1 processors.  Later, they added seventh-generation X-series processors, the Core i7-7820HQ and Xeon processors, to the list. 

Microsoft has also updated a refreshed version of its 'PC Health Check' application to know if the device is compatible for the latest upgrade. This application is readily available for download on Microsoft's Windows 11 main page. 

You will be able to install Windows 11 on unsupported equipment in case you utilize an ISO. But, you probably won't get updates from that point onward, as your device will be viewed as unsupported. 

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Windows 11 Upgrade 

Microsoft is not going to force its users to upgrade their present windows to Windows 11. Since the release of Windows 10 rendition 1903, the Redmond firm stopped moving individuals to install the latest updates. This decision came after the release of Windows 10 variant 1809 that unfortunately erased a few users' records.  

To upgrade to Windows 11, check for the latest updates in the windows settings, it lets you know that a feature update is available, and you can select the updates as per your requirement and install it. 

Windows 11 is accessible as a free update to the users now. If you don't need Windows 11, Microsoft will release another Windows 10 update, called the 21H2 version. It is not confirmed that it will be the last Windows 10 update, yet it's most certainly going to support the OS until 2025, so in case that you don't need Windows 11, you're all set for some time. 

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Windows 11 Pricing 

Windows 11 is available as a free upgrade for existing Windows users. The users only have to download the update, install and activate it. A Microsoft account is compulsory for installing and upgrading the PC's OS to Windows 11. Windows 11 will also be available with the new devices where Windows 11 will come pre-installed. The new Windows 11 product keys will probably be available across various retailers worldwide and the Microsoft website from mid of 2022. 

Though, Microsoft has not released any official statement regarding the Windows 11 prices. However, we can estimate that it would be sold somewhere similar to the cost of Windows 10 licenses. Windows 10 Home costs around £119.99/$139, and Windows 10 Pro is sold for around £219.99/$199.99. 

Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 11 update for eligible devices in the next few months. Stay connected with our Wroffy Technologies page to receive notifications about Microsoft's latest updates for the supported devices. 

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