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How To Change PLDT Wifi Password?

    Today, the need for the internet is essential for everyone. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor or educated or uneducated, wifi connection for internet service is ideal for everyone. 

    The pandemic situation due to the COVID-19 has changed many things, and it brings the importance of internet usage

    For various purposes like Shopping, work, the internet are the key sources since online classes for education, work from home for the profession, etc. Several telecommunication providers and router providers provide wifi connections at a reasonable cost. 

    It is time to know how to change the PLDT wifi password in this post.

    What is PLDT? 

    Everyone is looking for the best Fibr router for accessing the wifi in their home or workplace, and for those, PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company) is the best choice. 

    PLDT is one of the best telecommunication providers and the country’s largest one. In the Philippines, it is the oldest telecommunication company and provides the best broadband and services for the internet. 

    This company is reliable for providing higher secured wifi connection at a reasonable cost. Approaching PLDT is the best investment for wireless cellular services.

    How to change the PLDT wifi password? 

    PLDT Wifi Password

    The PDLT wifi password change is very simple when properly followed the below listed steps. Connect your wifi to your device using the old password and start to use it.

    Here are few step to Change PLDT Wifi Password

    Step1: There will be a command prompt on your PC, and search and go to it. Then type ‘ipconfig’ in that command line and click enter.

    Step2:  Now, you can see your internet IP address and note it down somewhere else as it is needed to change the password.

    Step3: Type that IP address in any of the search bars in an internet browser like Chrome or Firefox etc., and sometimes, it may show a warning page and nothing to worry about that page.

    Step4: Click the advance button, and you will move to the login page of the PDLT and for accessing the admin area of the PDLT dashboard, enter the login credentials.

    Step5:  If you know your admin credential, then use it or get help by calling 171. In the login area, you have to provide the login details, and you can move to the Admin panel of PLDT.

    Step6: You can see the option for an old password and enter the old password in that area.

    Step7: Now, you can enter the new password, which is easy to remember, and done with the new password confirmation.

    Step8: Click the Enter, and after that, your password will change successfully.

    Step9: Once the password is changed, you will see no internet connection on your device, and you have to save the wifi in your device with the new password you have changed.

    Now you may be clear with how to change PLDT wifi password, and it is advisable to change your password three months once to stay away from hackers from your router.

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    Tips to improve the PLDT wifi

    The usage of wifi will be there for you every day, and so you will use the PDLT wifi daily. In such cases, it is necessary to ensure a certain setting for improving your PLDT wifi.

    • As previously mentioned, change your wifi password often.

    • Restrict the wifi accessing period, and it is said to be turning on the parental control

    • In a safe location, you have to store your wifi password.

    • Always check who is using your wifi and make a limit on it.   

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    Bottom line 

    The PDLT wifi has provided you with a high-speed network, and you have to maintain it properly. Thus, the steps explained earlier are the details for changing the PLDT wifi password and using it whenever you want.  

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