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Best Direct Mail Solution Ideas For 2022

Direct mail marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that always work. Whether you are a brand new corporate office in town or a beauty salon, it is essential to know how to attract customers for them to become loyal.

Direct Mail Solution

In this article, we will explore the best direct mail solution ideas for 2020 that you should use to reach new customers, leads, and target your previous audience.

Be Creative and Uncommon

Being creative is, without the shadow of the doubt, one of the best ways to get noticed and therefore attract new leads. In addition to that, it is also important to be uncommon and not to do what everyone else is doing.

Think outside the box, for instance, if you’re a sports company, include a football or golf image on your business card. On the other hand, if you’re a bar owner, share a bottle opener around with your logo, and you’ll reach new prospects for sure.
Shapes, fonts, slogan, a personalized envelope, goodies to take away, and this brings us to the following point.

Offer Goodies

Offering goodies, small accessories, or gadgets is some of the direct mail trends of 2022 that you should start doing now. Goodies are always appreciated and offering one of them will certainly make your customers remember your product, your brand, and will definitely make them want to come back.

For instance, if your business is about finance consultancy, you might want to do corporate gifting for corporate clients that could become long time prospects.

The best goodies and freebies to target a new audience are:

August Tea Mini

August Tea Mini

Everyone likes tea and your potential new leads are probably no exception. You can offer a small pack of tea for events like Thanksgiving or Valentine’s day with a small discount on more premium products. Also make sure to include an interactive note so they’ll remember your company.

Custom Passport Holder

Custom Passport Holder

Custom passport holders are a great direct mail freebie to give to business travelers, professionals that need to take it around, and much more. Personalize the product with your logo or your slogan, and that will certainly make them remember you.

Custom Sticky Notes

Custom Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are an important part of the working life at the office. Personalize them with your logo and they’ll be attracted to your business every time they’ll write things down.

Business Cards Direct Mail

Business cards have been on the market for hundreds of years. They started in the 17th century in Europe and never stopped being popular.
One of the best b2b direct mail ideas is to ask a local shop related (to your market) to display your business cards, or hand it to people at vendor events. 
For instance, if you just opened a gym, handing in your business card to a nearby spa center or sporting clothes shop is a fantastic idea.

For More Information : Visit Here

Moreover, make sure to choose the right font, a powerful message, and a professional image. Last but not least, you can add a small discount as a reward for new customers which everyone always appreciates and that takes us to the next point.

Give Discounts During Key Moments

This is a fantastic direct mail marketing method that many people don’t think about. In fact, discounts given in particular moments are way better than common ones. For instance, a gym owner can give a 10% discount on the monthly subscription after Christmas when people tend to gain weight.

Other than that, a chocolate store can send business cards with a 15% discount right before Easter. That would bring new customers to the shop, and if they like the chocolate quality, they’ll come back for other events and that’s how you reach a new audience.
Give discounts, attract new customers, and grow your business thanks to them.

Wish Your Customers a Happy Birthday

Wishing your birthday may sound obvious to many but it’s an essential marketing strategy that you need to follow. On top of offering goodies and giving your business card to the right people, you can send them a personalized birthday card with a small discount or a goodie to make them feel appreciated.

If you don’t know your customers’ date of birth, create loyalty cards asking for it with their email address or personal details to reach them when you’ll need it. This is definitely some of the direct mail marketing services that will bring new clients.

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