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A Guide to Digital PR: Why It Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

    Digital PR

    Does your company use digital PR as part of its link-building strategy? For your business not to miss an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, apply digital public relations. A single digital PR campaign can deliver more backlinks to your website. While other tactics can earn you backlinks at a massive scale, digital PR helps a business earn relevant links, among many other benefits.

    A Guide to Digital PR Why it Should be Part of Your SEO Strategy

    In this post, we will comprehensively cover digital PR to assist you in grasping its importance and the reasons you cannot overlook it if you plan to boost the organic growth of your website. To begin with, let us define what digital PR is.

    What is Digital PR?

    IT refers to an internet-based marketing strategy that businesses use to increase their presence online. There are digital PR agencies that specialize in promoting a website online. Create link baits and partner with bloggers, journalists, and influencers for them to publish, tweet, and post about your content and link to it. They use tactics like sending online press releases to gain social media mentions, gain high-quality backlinks and improve the SEO for the contracting company or business. According to John Mueller, a google search advocate, Digital PR might be more critical than technical SEO. When paired with a strong SaaS SEO strategy, Digital PR can yield tremendous results. For digital PR to be successful, the above critical parties must cover it voluntarily. You also have to create engaging assets for them to be linked to add editorial value to various posts. To understand digital PR clearly, let us compare it with another link-building approach, guest posting.

    Guest Posting

    ● In this form of link building, the website owner writes content and places the links within it. Since these links are not editorial, we add the attribute rel=” nofollow”.

    ● In most cases, we place the links after payment is made, or products are being gifted. Because this violates Google’s webmaster guidelines, we add rel=” sponsored” attribute to the link.

    ● The links are not topically related to the site they are linked to and are typically inferior.

    ● By using a link posting analysis tool, competitors can replicate the links easily.

    Digital PR

    ● The links in digital PR are placed editorially per the link scheme guidelines from Google. It means that a journalist took an editorial decision to link to your content.

    ● Links in digital PR add an editorial value to the post or article. You earn them after creating something great but not because you used money.

    ● The inks come from eminent authority domains with topic relevance. They include things like industry resources, magazines, newspapers, and other sources that have authority.

    ● It is not easy to replicate digital PR earned links.

    Most people confuse digital PR when they draw comparisons between it and traditional PR. Below we shall consider digital PR and traditional PR.

    Digital VS traditional PR

    Traditional PR uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of increasing brand awareness as its basis. It is hard to report and measure the effects of traditional PR and is usually used to promote product releases and brand stories. The key difference is its extensive focus on offline media.

    To earn backlinks, digital PR leverages linkable assets. These backlinks are essential in improving the SEO efforts and organic visibility of a website. The impact of SEO on the performance and the quality of links earned are the Key Performance Indicators of this method. Digital PR often involves creating pieces of research, data-driven studies, data presentation as an infographic, and the development of tools to create engaging content.

    What’s great with digital PR is that the results are instantaneous. Insights are easily captured, which you can utilize to determine if the material you created is gaining traction. Because for products like SaaS, it could be quite challenging to measure since the audience can be complex and unpredictable. If you need help with link building of SaaS products, you may check out

    With instant results, trial and error can be straightforward. You can always have contingency plans prepared, and any of these can replace your current live content if you feel that it’s not successful. You don’t have to wait a long period to know if your efforts are enough.

    Digital PR as an SEO strategy

    Digital PR is a tactic that is effective that overcomes various challenges that face SEO. Through Digital PR:

    ● You earn links editorially

    ● Get links from high quality and topically relevant publications, and

    ● Without a compromise to the quality of the links you have already earned, you scale link building.

    Why Digital PR Should be Part of Your SEO Strategy?

    → It gives you a competitive advantage

    Unlike using tactics like resource link building and guest posting prone to link cloning, your competitors can not clone your digital PR’s links. Thus, you avoid a game of cat and mouse with them. In the above methods, when your competitor spots a link on a resource page, they reach out to the webmaster and suggest that they are a substantial addition, and the link is added. While there is value in these links, you can not get a competitive advantage when your competitor follows and lands your link placements.

    → Helps build brand awareness

    Through digital PR, you place your business, product, or brand in front of your target audience. We achieve this by earning links from highly ranked publications that align topically with your audience. It places your venture in a prime position. Through such a campaign, you can end up exposing your company to a multitude of readers. While the readers might not know about your company, coverage means you will get more top-of-the-funnel awareness. It might not lead to conversions immediately. However, building your brand and ensuring that it gets coverage further develops your sales funnel.

    → Digital PR drives social media engagements

    Although search and social are seen as varying marketing channels, they can work together and yield incredible results. Digital PR can be the driving factor that makes this happen. Besides creating stories and giving them to the press, you should also post them on various social media channels. Did you hear about The Cosmetify Index campaign? This was a social media campaign that caught Huda Beauty’s attention. The story ended up being shared with the 48M Huda followers on Instagram. Such efforts increase your visibility online that potentially boosts your sales. This strategy guarantees you organic traffic and has the potential to increase conversions.

    → It builds trust and positions you as an industry expert

    59% of the global population is on social media; it’s no wonder businesses are diving deep into cultivating its benefits in brand exposure and introducing a new product. When your engagements are high on social media it gives you a commanding authority. It also allows you to reach potential markets you never knew you could tap into. Digital PR drives can get you viral on social media and permanently etch your name on people’s brains. And if your landing page is prominent on this potential link, you can see your sales soar.

    For a few years now, the acronym EAT has been used by every SEO expert. It stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. However, having quality link building for your SaaS positions your venture and the employees as experts. When top-tier publications within your sector reference or cite you, people view you as an expert in a specific topic. Hence, you earn trust from the people, and your brand reputation increases. Thus, you become the voice of authority.

    → Digital PR earns interactive links

    Some SEOs do not care if Links are being clicked or not, but as a marketer, you should. Between a link that drives a ton of traffic and another that no one clicks, which one will google consider more? Link building aside, when you have more referral traffic, it means there are users on your website. These are potential customers. Referral traffic is a benefit only possible through digital PR. Leveraging Digital PR can land you links from the top-tier, relevant publications. It justifies the technique and has a more outstanding contribution to your SEO efforts.


    Although it is used for link building, digital PR can offer much more than other methods. Through this tactic, you earn authority backlinks that you cannot get from other tactics. It helps create the reputation of your brand. It is also essential as an SEO strategy, as we have seen above.

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