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Osmose Technology: How Does It work? Everything About This company


    Osmose technology is a private and No-government organisation incorporated on 24 December, 2019. Osmose Technology is registered at Registrar of Pune, Maharashtra with the registration number 188640 and Corporate Identification number of U72900PN2019PTC188640. Osmose technology is Unlisted and functions independently.

    “Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar” and “Prashant Ramchandra Roundale” are the directors of Osmose technology and its capital share value is authorized to be  Rs. 500000 and paid up capital to be Rs. 10000.  

    Osmose technology provides many services in information technology such as mobile application, websites, web application development, gaming etc.  They own some of the renowned gaming apps in Google Play store. There is a conspiracy on the web that Osmose Technology could potentially be fake. But after some research in and around the internet and social media, we did not find any solid evidence to prove that it is fake. Also, there are as usual mixed reviews from supporting Osmose Technology as the Best in Affiliate marketing to the worst.

    Osmose Technology

    Osmose Technology Affiliate Program

    Many budding Affiliates are highly interested in the Osmose Technologies affiliate Program. Its Popularity is because of its daily benefit Schemes. They also provide affiliate income or benefits based on the direct and indirect affiliates. Almost everyone who have registered with Osmose Technology as affiliates are getting paid till date and did not face any issue till date. Many claim that they tend to do fraudulence in India, however we do not have concrete evidence for the same. Also, they promise to pay 20 Rs for every affiliate in the Osmose group on a daily basis. Apart from this affiliate can earn income by generating leads and by Direct Marketing Technique.

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    Osmose Technology is registered at the following address

    Office No. 4D/E, S.NO. 17/1B

    P.NO. 14, Devgiri Area, Kothrud


    Pune - 411038

    Maharashtra – India


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    How does Osmose Technology generate revenue?

    Affiliates in Osmose technology earn income by generating traffic to Osmose shopping websites and Osmose Applications by their Affiliate Marketing Program.

    Osmose Technology focuses predominantly on two major application

    Shopping site

    Gaming Application

    Osmose Technology generates profit from their Platforms by majorly

    1. Showing advertisements in their Gaming Application

    2. By providing a platform to sell goods online.

    Osmose technology affiliate program focuses on generating leads and affiliates to their Shopping website.

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    How does the Osmose Technology Affiliate Program work?

    Osmose Technology Affiliate Program works on the basis of Level and Direct Marketing Techniques. Osmose Affiliate Program is not a fraud platform. Affiliates get paid on a daily basis as per the number of affiliates in the platform. There are seven levels to reach in osmose technology Affiliate Program and income generated varies for each different level. 

    Any affiliates registered on Osmose Platform get daily income irrespective of whether affiliate have been added to level or not. Any Osmose Promoter who has been registered, can earn a daily income of 20 Rs by being active(like, comment, share) in PikFlick App created by Osmose Technology.

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    What is Level Wise Marketing in Osmose Technology?

    1. After becoming a osmose promoter you will need to create 10 direct affiliates and for each direct Rs 1 is paid to your account on daily basis (i.e 300 per month)

    2. These 10 Directs form your core team and you become the team manager.

    3. whenever these 10 affiliates add directs to their team, along with the direct affiliate you will also get Rs 1 as Recurring income since you automatically become the Team Manager for the affiliate.

    4. You can manage up to 7 levels and any affiliate joined in any of the levels contributes directly or indirectly Rs 1 to your income.

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    How to join the Osmose Technology affiliate Program?

    The following explains clearly how to start Osmose Affiliate marketing in step by step manner.

    ● First you will need to register with Osmose Technology to create an account.

    ● You can join Osmose for free, but to become an affiliate of Osmose Technology you will have to buy the subscription by paying Rs.1180 every three months. 

    ● After subscribing to Osmose Technology, you are requested to add in your bank details and Documentation for effective and safe bank transfers.

    ● Along with your subscription, Osmose provides coupon worth Rs.1200 every three months for Shopping in their website and also provide income of Rs. 20 daily on using PikFlick app

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    Once the minimum of 500 Rs is credited to the Bank account, you are allowed to withdraw the money from your bank account. 

    However even if you do not add any affiliate you get Rs. 20 from their supporting applications.

    The main motive to join this company that they got an affiliate commission from that link and we don't have any proof of its reality or it is fake. So before joining please research about it and then join it on your own risk. Please check all the documentation about the company before investing.

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