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How to Export Lotus Notes Contacts into Outlook?

Yes, you read this caption right, in this blog, we will discuss different methods by which you can export Lotus Notes contacts into Outlook.  So, you can perform the process easily and in a smooth manner. All you need is to read the article till the end and you will get the answer to your queries.

Lotus Notes Into Outlook

It is well known that we all use different email clients in our work or in our daily lives. So whenever one wants to move from one email client to another because of professional or personal need then he/she has to transport their data or email migration.  As the contacts of Lotus Notes are stored in individual files in NSF file format and Outlook stores its files in PST file format. So, if you want to migrate your Notes contacts into Outlook then, we must know the different methods that will help you in transporting your Lotus Notes contacts into Outlook.

The Manual Way to Migrate Lotus Notes Contacts into Outlook

The manual solution to migrate Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook is an easy process. All you need is to install applications such as the Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook applications on your system to proceed with the process. Once you install them, then you can perform this manual process. The manual method consists of two stages.

  • Migrate Notes Contacts into the CSV File
  • Transport CSV File into Outlook

1. Migrate Notes Contacts into the CSV File

If you want to migrate contacts from the Lotus Notes email client application into the CSV file then, you must follow the steps that are written below.

  • First, Launch the Lotus Notes application and then open the selected NSF file.

  • Visit and tap on the option My Contacts so that you can make the list of the contacts from the Address book.

  • On the menu bar, tap on More and from the dropdown list choose the Export Contacts option.

  • Now, open the Export Contacts page and choose the contacts to export, state the vital options, add or modify the saving location & file name, and choose the Comma Separated Value option in contrast to the Save as type option. Tap on the Export.

  • Hence, the contacts are stored in the defined site in CSV file format.

Now, the process of migrating Notes contacts into the CSV file format is completed. Then we can proceed to the next stage which is Transport the CSV file into the Outlook PST file. So, now let’s know the steps to perform the second stage easily that are written below:

2Transport the CSV File with Contacts into Outlook

Generally, this stage comprises the use of the option of the Import/Export of the Microsoft Outlook application. Now, to perform the whole process read these steps carefully. 

  • First, open your MS Outlook application on the system.

  • In Outlook visit the File menu and tap on the Open & Export > Import/Export.

  • After that, the Import and Export wizard will be opened. Now, select the option of Import from the other program or file and tap on the Next button.

  • In the opened wizard Import a File, choose the option Comma Separated Values and tap on the Next button.

  • Then, browse and add the CSV file that you generated in the earlier stage, select the options for the carbon copy items and tap on the Next button.

  • Select the Contacts and tap on the Next tab for the destination folder.

  • On the next wizard, choose the added file and tap on the Finish.

  • At last, the contacts will be transported from the CSV file to the Outlook PST Contacts folder.

Therefore by these steps, you can easily transport the Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook.

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Drawbacks of the Manual method to export Lotus Notes contacts into Outlook 

Some of the limitations of the manual methods that are faced by the users are-

  1. Unable to transport logo or any other  symbols
  2. Many times, it transport contacts that are deficient or uncompleted
  3. The manual method is a time-consuming process 
  4. For performing the manual method you require to install the Notes and Outlook applications.

These limitations bound its users to see another or alternative tool as these issues can’t be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to have a third party tool that will export Lotus Notes contacts to MS Outlook.

Alternative Tool to Migrate Lotus Notes Contacts into Outlook

You can use NSF to PST Converter that permits its users to transform the NSF database files into Outlook PST format. The software can perform the whole conversion process in a safe manner without causing any alteration or damages to the original NSF database files. The software is compatible with large-sized NSF databases, The software is designed with a high user-interface and can be operated by both technical or non-technical users.


In this blog, users will find the different methods both manual or alternative methods that will help them to export Lotus Notes contacts into Outlook. The manual solution is quite complex and time taking process whereas the alternative method is quite simple and can be operated by anyone that makes it different from the manual methods.

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