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Writing Your Linked Email Campaigns

Marketing has evolved over the years. Marketers are getting better at connecting with their prospective clients. One of those ways is the use of linked emails. Occasionally you might have an active subscriber who has completed a previous automatic email series. You will, therefore, decide to add them to a new series of email campaign known as a linked email campaign. 

Linked campaigns can be a more personalized email experience, sending them ideal content, and keeping them engaged on a long-term basis.  You might be asking yourself, “How can this be done?” Writing linked email campaigns is easy besides, you would convert these subscribers into loyal consumers of your products. 

Link Contextual Campaigns to Educational Campaigns

Contextual email also, what we call personalized emails. To start such a campaign, you need to start with a welcome email campaign based on where the client signed up. If the client had visited your shop to buy something and accepted listing on your app, you need to send them a welcome email campaign. In the email, thank them for their interest and transaction. 

Once they have concluded the welcome campaign, you can follow it up with an educational campaign. An educational campaign will be a message giving more information about your services and things you think they should know about you. Be sure to tell your reader that you will continue sending them more emails. You need to nail your welcome campaign so that you have a chance to release the educational campaign. The campaigns need to:  

Welcome and thank the subscriber for signup
Tell the reader the type of content to expect
Deliver incentive
Include your contact information

Link Contest Entry Campaigns to Related Campaigns

This technique allows you to take advantage of personalized emails. If you are a digital marketer and running a context. The price could be a free full social media marketing guide. For this reason, you could request your audience to sign up for your email list. 

Now that they know that they will get the social marketing copy, you could go on to talk to them about social media significance and competencies giving them more social media marketing hacks to whet their desire to compete. 

Link Email Course to the Educational Campaign

Keeping your active email subscribers engaged could be very helpful to your business. The idea is to keep your email content coming. For example, if you offer email courses for people to subscribe to your email list, then you could even link it to your products later. This means that once you have a given course, you could offer an extra course as a bonus with details about your products. 

As you do your linked emails, you might need to work your autoresponder email campaigns. Autoresponder is an excellent follow-up marketing tool. Some autoresponder ideas you can use include: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about your enterprise
How your products and services are cost-effective
Industry interests
Talk about your team
More resources that educate subscribers

Email marketing campaigns are a cost-effective marketing tool. Work on your email marketing game. One of the ways is to learn how to write linked email campaigns correctly. You also need to be sure about to include your welcome campaigns. Moreover, work on your linked auto responder email marketing game. 

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