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How to Boost Your Online Sales Using Digital Marketing!

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your business or increasing your sales empire online, one of the greatest challenges that you will face is how to boost traffic to your online store.  Having the best product to offer and great customer service are the best ways to start.  In order for you to stand out among your competitors, you have to make sure that your customers can easily find you.  Here are some of the best digital marketing tips that will get you more customers.

Sure Ways to Help You Attract More Customers

1. Get your website moving -  As you may now know, search engines are quite complicated, but they have simple goals.  One thing you can do is to add new content to your website each week.  It can be a blog or a product review.

2. Bring information about your online store to your customers -  It’s not every day that customers visit online stores, so if you have important information like good deals and special product launch then share it with them.  You may try to use MailChimp to keep them updated with your product.

3. Attract window shoppers -  Make each visitor turn into a customer.  You can do that by using pop-ups and ask visitors if they are interested to receive a newsletter and give gifts to those who will say, “YES,” using discounts and gift cards on their first buy. Be sociable by using social media platforms.  Similar to a search engine, social media platforms have this algorithm that requires you to add something new to your website regularly so that visitors will find you.  You may use two to three platforms at first, rather than committing to too many sites and realized that it is hard for you to maintain them all.  Here is a guide for your postings.  For Facebook and Instagram, you can put 1-2 posts per day.  Twitter and Pinterest need around 3-5 posts per day and with LinkedIn, you can put 1 post a day. It may seem like a lot of things to do, but you do not need to write all the posts, you may try to share some posts from your fans and partners.  Utilize the social media platform tools and play with your post schedules until you are satisfied with the conversion.

4. Advertise your posts.  The idea of paying to improve your social media posts is to introduce the algorithm feed.  This is an inexpensive and very simple way to boost your website reach.  You may need to adjust or pick your target audience properly though if you want to transform visitors to customers.  If already have a steady and solid base of visitors and fan then you can focus on them.  Usually, this solid fan base positively responds and you can get a lot of post shares.

5. Make use of social buttons - Help your visitors to interact with you using social media.  They can only respond to you if they know where to look for you.  Place social media buttons where they are easy to find.  You can make your reach widened by using social media sharing buttons which allow visitors to share your content.

6. Use meaningful images - You can attract a lot of attention by using photos in your posts.  Limit the text and use catchy titles or headlines.  You may put a link too and once you tried all of these, you will see that your posts will stand out. Utilize infographics to inspire and also for awareness check out what I did with

7. Nowadays there is too much information to absorb, so it is best to just deliver important details in easy to understand format and make sure that they are memorable too.  You can make it yourself or you can also hire an expert to do it for you.  Pick a topic that is appealing to a universal audience so your posts will be shared worldwide.

8. Use videos to your posts - Based on research about 80% of the consumers choose to watch videos about something they are interested in instead of reading.  So why not create short videos or share reviews from customers.  They don’t really need to be high-end videos, you can use your phone or do some live streaming sending your message to Twitter or Facebook.

9. Use video animation with Go Pro - Use simple, self-made videos that will help communicate your product with your customers.  However, if you want something extraordinary, something that will give you the edge over your competitors, you may need an animated video using Go Pro.  Create a short buy snappy animation.  Try to add some wit and humor and for sure it will help spread your message quickly.  Make a live webinar.  A webinar is a great way to introduce your product to customers whenever and wherever.  You may use GoToWebinar or CiscoWebEx to put up a question and answer session.  The platforms mentioned have great features like chat, screen-sharing and more to help you provide more information to customers. Just like what I did with

10. Take advantage of your affiliate network - Shoppers online are always on the lookout for discounts, best deals and the best product to buy.  You can help your customers make a comparison by referring to other online stores.  You can use comparison shopping tools like Commission Monster and ClixGalore.  By doing this you can get some commission by generating traffic and if you register as a merchant, you will also receive traffic from other sites.

These are many ways to use digital marketing for your business; you may start with two to three and start with those platforms that you know.  You don’t have to do everything right away.  Once you get used to some of the platforms then you can just move along the way.  Remember that every business is different and unique, so you really have to research and monitor yours and check which systems are working perfectly and which are not.

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