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Top 17 Inch Laptops Reviews and Buyer Guides

If you are working on spreadsheets or enjoying a show on Netflix, 17-inch laptops are the ultimate machines. They are usually criticized for being too large and heavy. But due to the recent advancements in the display department, the bezels have shrunk down so much that they have reduced the overall size of the laptop.

List of Top 17 Inch Laptops

If you are looking for something portable and easy to carry around, then 13-inch or 15-inch laptops are the best ones. If you are keen on maximizing productivity, then there is no better than a 17-inch laptop. Below are some of the best 17-inch laptops:

LG Gram 17:

The best 17-inch is probably the LG Gram. At a weight of 2.95 pounds, it weighs less than most of the 15-inch laptops. If you combine the laptop's compact design and the narrow bezels of the screen, this can become a very travel-friendly laptop. The gram has a considerable battery life of around 12 hours. It means that you don't need to carry a charger with you. Putting on a battery saver is also not necessary. The display is an integral part of a laptop, and the presentation of LG Gram 17 is bright and vivid. It is a treat to look at this display. In the end, LG Gram 17 is a beautiful laptop with a 17-inch graphic display and an all-day battery life.

Asus ROG Mothership:

This laptop has a prettiest serious name, and it is due to a reason. This laptop has all that you need in a 17-inch package. It is basically like a mini gaming PC. All of the components in this laptop are in the screen area, while the keyboard can be detached. If you put it on its kickstand, you can turn it into a gaming rig. It has incredible performance due to the latest processor and an RTX 2080. The design must not be for everyone. Overall, this laptop offers the best performance, excellent audio, and a comfortable keyboard in a hefty price tag. 

Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR:

If you ever wanted to play the latest games on the highest settings possible, then look no further than this laptop. It has a 4K display with HDR. The display is the best part of this 17-inch laptop. It is a bright and vivid display. The build quality is excellent because of the aluminum design. The battery life of 5 hours is also respectable for a gaming laptop. The only thing that lacks is the highest-end GPU, which most other laptops at this price point have.

MSI GT75 Titan:

If you don't want to spend an enormous amount of money on a gaming rig but still want the best performance, then this laptop is best for you. It contains super-fast performance with 128 GB RAM and 2 TB SSD storage. You also get a bright and vivid display with 4K resolution. The keyboard is also RGB, which is a great thing. This laptop in its price point is a beast, and you will not regret buying this for a second.

Acer Aspire 5:

This 17-inch laptop is the perfect balance for office and casual home use. It has a decent looking chassis, and MX-150 can run most titles at the lowest settings. The best thing about this laptop is going to be its 1080p display, which looks great on the 17-inch screen. It is super vivid and detailed. Under the $1000 budget, this laptop comes with an i7 processor and an excellent keyboard.
The only place where this laptop lacks is the speaker and webcam. They both are just terrible. In price, to performance, nothing can beat this laptop.

HP Envy 17:

This laptop has one of the best 4K display hands down. It can reproduce 209% of the sRGB color gamut. This is the most colorful panel on the market. With an area of 17-inch, this display is fantastic for content creation and movie watching. The speakers on this laptop are also great. Equipped with an i7 Processor and MX-150 GPU, it can run most of the things you can throw at it. 

These are some of the best 17-inch laptops out there. There should be a laptop in here that checks all the boxes for you.

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