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Discover Four Tools For Making Infographics

Sure you've seen an infographic somewhere on the Internet. This is an increasingly important approach for any content strategy. They are not essential, but infographics prove to be very effective! In addition, as you will see, creating and distributing infographics is a creative pleasure.
This article will discuss infographics and, above all, show some creation infographic maker for you.

Tools For Making Infographics
What is an infographic? And What's the point? 
What is computer graphics?

Infographics are at the crossroads of graphics and Marketing and play on the visual and the spirit of synthesis. In Digital Marketing, an infographic is a picture, usually large, which contains lots of fun, useful, surprising information.

This image is specially created to be attractive with:

Bright colors,
Eye-catching icons,
And powerful visual effects.

The infographic should also ideally have useful content. Both form and content must be very effective. The primary purpose of graphics is to be disseminated on social networks like Facebook followers, Twitter trending, and even LinkedIn. Therefore, the subject covered in the infographic must match your target audience. So here again, think about your personas, like in any marketing content creation. On a technical level, the infographic should be easy to share.

This implies that it is in a standard format: PDF, JPG. 

You can then share the link to the infographic, rather than downloading it each time you want to share it. Indeed, an infographic is made to highlight your expertise and your business.

The usefulness of a digital marketing infographic

As we have seen, the primary use of graphics is to give visibility to your offer and your business. That is to say, reach the largest number of Internet users.

To do this, remember that today, the average attention span that Internet users give you is less than 10 seconds. So you need an ultra-worked infographic on its form and content to hope to stand out and stand out from the competition. Infographic is also intended to generate traffic to a landing page or your website. This traffic will not necessarily be ultra quantity, but if your infographic becomes viral, its volume can be substantial. The infographic format also has significant power to generate social engagement. If you make a fascinating infographic, expect to get a lot of likes, comments and shares. The network of choice for infographics is undoubtedly Pinterest.

Finally, computer graphics give a dynamic image to your business.

The simple fact of thinking of creating one can be enough to distinguish you from the competitors unless you work in Digital Marketing. And then, having the ability to create an infographic and distribute it effectively drives the point home. Your business is worth discovering!

Well, let check out these 4 tools.


DesignCap is a powerful online tool that allows you to generate a broad spectrum of graphic material, from an infographic to a presentation, through logos and images for social networks. It has an essential collection of free graphic resources and fonts, accompanied.

It also has templates that can serve as inspiration for those who do not have too much experience, being able to obtain attractive results in a reasonable time.


Infographics, reports, maps and designs for social networks are some of the elements that can be made with Infogram. It is a freemium tool, although it has a somewhat more limited free version, it offers a good number of design solutions, through templates.


Piktochart is an online platform that offers the possibility of generating visual projects in a very short time. It allows you to choose from hundreds of infographic templates, graphic materials or presentations. With a click, you can change the color, font time, move the elements or enter images or icons outside the tool. Once the infographic is created, it can be downloaded as HTML or as an image.
Intuitive and straightforward to use, this tool requires creating a free account to start using it. Although it also has a paid version with more templates and design options. is a program to make infographics that offers multiple options, either to create a job from scratch or to adapt a huge number of more than 100 graphically suggestive templates, colors, images typographies. According to their own data, more than three million people have created infographics with this tool. It also allows you to download the final result of your creative effort in the main formats, share it or, even, that another person can edit the same document.

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