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SRD SASSA Status Check 2024 - srdsassastatus (www.sassa


    The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) gives Social Relief of Distressed Grant (SRD) to South African families who are experiencing financial hardship. This agency is in charge of distributing and providing government funds for the Covid-19 Social Relief program.

    The relief grant program was implemented in 2005. Foster children, older citizens, widows, war veterans, people with disabilities, and others can apply for the SASSA grant. The South African government has also set up a number of grants to help its citizens who were poor or unemployed.

    srd sassa status check

    To keep track of the status of your application and make sure you get the necessary financial support, it is important that you frequently check your SRD SASSA status. To help you check the SRD SASSA status, here are the steps you follow:

    350 Status Report

    Social Relief of Distressed is a type of short-term aid aimed at those who are going through severe financial difficulties and are unable to meet their basic household needs. Therefore, those who are eligible for Social Relief of Distress benefits can submit an application for this significant grant. They can be able to get financial assistance and other important advantages.

    Eligible candidates can verify their Status in South African Social Security Agency's official web portal. It is an easy approach to verify your 350 Status. Candidates can therefore check their 350 Status using their ID number and registered phone number. 

    Status check for SRD SASSA

    You must first visit the SASSA website before moving on to this stage. 

    • Open any web browser and then look for or to access the official SASSA website. 

    • Find the portal for status checking, which will be titled as "Check Status." 

    • Specify the relevant information: Your ID number and phone number will be the important details that you must enter. Make sure the data you give is accurate.

    • Click the "Check Now" or "Submit" button once you have checked your entry twice and are confident that they are accurate.

    • Check your SRD SASSA status: The portal will show your SRD SASSA status after you submit your information. This can include details regarding your application progress, what is the payment date, or any other instructions.

    Checking SRD SASSA status through WhatsApp

    The portal may not be accessible at some times for various reasons, but there is an alternative. You can check the status of your SASSA application using WhatsApp.

    To use the SASSA WhatsApp service, text the word "SASSA" to the 082 046 8553 number.

    When you get a prompt reply, simply type "Status" in the response field. If you have a reference number, you should then answer "Yes" to the next question. Then give your mobile number, which you gave in the grant application, and follow up with the reference number.

    Final thoughts

    Have your application reference number and personal details in hand for a hassle-free status check process. To quickly assist beneficiaries, SASSA has set up a dedicated helpline number. You can email at or call the toll-free number 0800 601011 to get in touch with them.

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