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SASSA payment dates 2024 for SRD Grant R350


    The South African government has implemented a social assistance program called the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant R350. The grant provides temporary assistance to those who are going through financial difficulties. For unemployed persons without access to other forms of income or social assistance, this grant acts as an important support system. 

    SASSA payment dates

    The SRD Grant aims to reduce the immediate financial burdens by offering a monthly payment of R350. It is essential for beneficiaries to know about the payment dates associated with the program to use the SRD grand funds effectively. Payment dates are given below so that you can make financial plans by knowing when you will get grants:

    Dates for getting SASSA SRD Grant R350

    The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), the body in charge of managing social grants in South Africa, chooses the dates to give SRD Grant R350. It is important to remember that these payment dates could change from month to month. Recipients should stay informed through the necessary means to get the right dates. 

    In the past, the SRD grant R350 payments were made in batches, with various organizations getting payments on various dates. In general, SASSA publishes the payment schedule for each month, providing the dates on which the grants will be put into beneficiaries' bank accounts or made available for collection at specific pay locations.

    The SRD Grant R350 payment dates for 2023 have been made public and are as follows:

    a) Older Person's Grants:

    Commenced on 2nd August 2023

    b) Disability Grants:

    Commenced on 3rd August 2023

    c) Other SASSA Grants and Children's Grant

    Commenced on 4th August 2023

    Please keep in mind that the payment schedule may change for months after August 2023 and that these dates are only offered as an example. Beneficiaries of the grants are recommended to refer to the official SASSA site to stay informed about the correct SRD Grant R350 payment dates.

    R350 payment options 

    The SRD Grant R350 payments are made into recipients' bank accounts through electronic fund transfers. For the cash to be transferred directly to beneficiaries, they must have a South African bank account in their name. But in certain situations where people lack access to financial services, SASSA can arrange for different payment options, like cash disbursements at specified pay points.

    Will there be a rise in SASSA grants in 2023?

    Although SASSA has not yet said if there will be a hike this year, you should be aware that several social grants saw an increase in October 2022. The grant increased for War Veterans from R1,890 to R1,990.

    Care Dependency went up from R1,890 to R1,990, but the Disability Grant remained at R1,890. The Old Age Grant for older persons is now R1,990. The grant for older people over the age of 75 grew by 5.2 %, from R2,000 in April 2022 to R2,010 in October 2022. 

    Final thoughts

    People getting SASSA grants must be aware of payment deadlines and have all necessary documentation on hand to ensure a smooth payment process. During grant payment days, when many transactions are being made, you should be alert for false information, fraudsters, and scammers.

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