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AI Augmented Software Development: Is It a Right Decision For Your Business?

    The AI industry's current value is USD 136.55 billion, and an annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to increase to 37.3% from 2023 through 2030. Notable, isn't it? The rapid development of AI potential is truly remarkable. It is transforming various industries, including software development. Companies rely on AI staff augmentation services to save their market share and remain competitive. It is the right decision to entrust this task to a staff augmentation firm to enhance efficiency, minimize risks, and improve the quality of software applications.

    Geniusee is always here to automate and streamline your business processes. Based on the deep expertise of our developers, we know how immense the AI potential is and what opportunities it can bring to your business. It is important to have a complete picture of benefits and concerns that can grow in the development stage. It will definitely help you build a correct strategy. That is why in this article, we will explore AI from different sides and familiarize you with different factors you may face during the development process.

    AI Augmented Software Development

    AI-Augmented Software Development Benefits

    Based on our experience, we can firmly claim that using Augmented Intelligence applications offers various benefits, including the development of human decision-making capabilities. It provides a means to process overwhelming amounts of data that may be too much for humans to handle alone. In this way, AI eliminates factors that can lead to misjudgments, such as bias, distractions, and weaknesses. However, it's worth noting that human biases can find their way into creating augmented intelligence algorithms.

    When utilized effectively, combining human intelligence and augmented intelligence creates a synergy that enhances decision-making abilities. Augmented intelligence is useful in science, business, and everyday life, allowing people to make decisions based on more accurate and relevant data. By establishing a harmonious relationship between men and machines, augmented intelligence empowers humans rather than replacing them.

    AI-Augmented Software Development Concerns

    When it comes to AI engines, it's crucial to remember that they don't actually "think." Rather, they rely on patterns found in their training data to generate responses based on the parameters given to them. As a result, AI engines lack the real-world context necessary to fully comprehend the issues they're discussing. It leads to potential mistakes that would be immediately apparent to humans.

    For instance, while ChatGPT is highly skilled at converting natural language descriptions into code, it has significant limitations when it comes to generating functional code on its own, particularly for more complex coding tasks.Sometimes ChatGPT produces code that seems to perform the function desired by the developer, but contains minor bugs that make it unreliable.

    Thus, we're not yet at the point where programming can be entirely handed over to an AI coding engine. However, machine learning, AI-enabled platforms, and computer systems may be used to create software that human developers can utilize as a starting point. It helps save time and reduces the number of bugs that tend to appear when starting from scratch.

    → 1. Lack of Creativity 

    One of the drawbacks of AI in web and mobile application development is its limited creativity. Human developers possess unique abilities, such as vision, imagination, and innovative thinking, that AI simply cannot replicate. Although AI is intelligent, it's limited by its processing power and can only work with pre-programmed algorithms. While AI can help development teams with certain aspects of design, it cannot match the creativity of the human mind.

    → 2. Loss of Human Employees

    Another concern related to computer-based AI machines is the potential loss of human employees. As AI systems can perform routine first-level tasks, even those performed by entry-level or new employees, they pose a significant risk to human jobs. For instance, in mobile app development companies, AI can automate the supervision system, reducing the need for assembly line positions and ultimately replacing some human workers.

    → 3. Price

    The cost of AI-based solutions can be a case-by-case issue for mobile app developers. While AI can be incredibly powerful, it also comes with a significant development cost, which may not be affordable for some smaller businesses. Furthermore, AI limited vision means that it must be updated frequently to meet desired outcomes, resulting in increased costs for management and maintenance. As a result, larger businesses with more substantial projects and budgets are more likely to benefit from their investments in AI.

    → 4. Lack of Experienced Adjustment 

    Even the most sophisticated AIs cannot replicate human-like judgment despite their advanced intelligence. Business owners often must make decisions based on their assessment rather than relying on algorithms and calculations alone. For instance, during the shooting in Sydney, Australia, in 2014, individuals called Uber to escape the danger. However, instead of assisting those in need, the app increased its prices in response to high demand.

    → 5. Naive Way of Thinking

    One of the significant limitations of AI is its naive way of thinking, which is fundamentally different from human insight. While human cognition is based on real-time observation and experience, AI machines rely on robotically programmed algorithms. Unlike humans, AI cannot access and analyze vast amounts of data they have not been trained on, and it cannot adapt its actions and responses to changing requirements. 

    → 6. Challenges in Implementation 

    Introducing artificial intelligence into web and mobile app development can be challenging, despite its many benefits. Developers face the challenge of adding and leveraging AI capabilities to the many dynamic aspects of the app, which can be overwhelming. The AI algorithm needs to be taught to process and comprehend inputs while evaluating them to ensure the final output meets the user's expectations. Nevertheless, the benefits of implementing AI augmentation are worth the effort for your business.

    Despite all the challenges we described above, AI implementation can bring you unlimited opportunities and a competitive edge. However, your success as a business owner depends on the technologies you use and the tech provider you entrust your project to. With Geniusee's AI staff augmentation services, you can count on cost-effective and bug-free code. Our vast experience and proven track record will help enhance your products and empower your team. Start your journey with Geniuses by hiring AI-assisted developers!


    1. Superb article. Specially the benefits of AI-Augmented Software Development.

    2. Great article! AI-augmented software development enhances productivity and innovation, freeing developers to focus on high-value tasks and produce better code.