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What are the New Types of Mobile App Development for 2023?

Mobile App Development

    Innovation is the hope on which the future of technology depends. Mobile app development is a place to grow ideas, this industry has become a hub of shorter, larger, and endless opportunities. It is hard to stand out in this digital world and get accepted, you need to master a whole lot of skills to make yourself recognized by the tech geeks. 

    Mobile App Development 2023

    We are very near to entering the new year 2023 and we need to revolutionize our mobile app development approach to deliver the best to the customer with uniqueness and to take the user experience to another level. In this article, essential facts you need to bring an effective and executable strategy to lead the industry are discussed.

    Being creative and experimenting with new ideas is the key to survival in this tech world, you need to stay up to date and follow the trends in mobile app development to gain the spot of your choice in the industry. You can consider this article as a mobile app development guide for the upcoming year 2023. 

    Trends to Follow for Mobile App Development, In the Upcoming year 2023

     We will discuss the top trends and types of mobile app development you should go for in the year 2023. Stay tuned!

    Progressive Web Apps

    A progressive web app is a blend of a website and a mobile application. It’s an adaptation to take less time to build is what makes it popular among developers and engineers. When we compare a web app to a traditional app, the web has a lot to offer in terms of functionalities and on-demand services. 

    After the pandemic, we all know there is a huge hype for online shopping, business individuals are also looking forward to switching their businesses online as its reach to potential customers is higher than a traditional business, if we talk about digital marketing only.

    Also, web apps are a lot more user-friendly than native software or applications. The web app takes up some space with essential files, but it would be much lesser than basic software or apps.

    Artificial Intelligence 

    Artificial intelligence is the reason behind the smart machines around us. Machine learning is the phenomenon of artificial intelligence which helps to develop automated task-performing applications. Machine learning can potentially reduce the time spent developing mobile apps and can help with the automation of repetitive tasks. AI and machine learning optimize mobile apps and minimize errors that human coders would otherwise miss. In short, we can say that this is the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as they are capturing every industry be it medical, engineering, or anything, you name it, and it’s there.


    Geofencing is the technology that is bringing revolution to the digital marketing industry. It is taking marketing to a whole new level. Have you ever passed by a place like a restaurant, clothing store, or any place and received a notification from them? That’s exactly the result of geofencing. It is a digital marketing technology that benefits mobile app owners with location-based marketing. This technology helps the marketer collect data about when the consumer enters or leaves a specific geographical area, which helps them to target a customer at the right time. It drives physical traffic to the stores by sending notifications when a customer passes by.

    Internet of Things (IoT) and Bots 

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of physical devices that can be accumulated and transmit data over the internet. IoT is one of the emerging technologies that is considered a status quo breaker by entrepreneurs. Imagine the idea of changing your refrigerator settings which is at your home from any part of the world with just a few clicks, it’s fascinating right? People are excited to indulge in IoT as it is possibly the future of technology.

    Chatbots or bots are also a good idea to work on, in the upcoming year. Many tech giants are using chatbots and bots as their customer service representatives and also for different tasks. They are easily accessible and can help you gather massive data.

    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    There was a time when augmented reality and virtual reality were only used for gaming purposes. However, it has become mainstream now it is being used to enhance the customer experience brands use AR and VR to let the customer virtually experience how the things they are buying would look when they buy them.  Interior designing, navigation, education, and user manuals are some major areas using AR and VR technologies to escalate user interaction with the products. Developing a mobile app using AR and VR technologies with an innovative idea can welcome millions of opportunities.

    Predictive Analysis

    This technology has been used in mobile applications for some time now. It helps businesses to grow very fast as it uses previous records and trends to predict a safer and optimized solution. Netflix uses predictive analytics to recommend new movies or web series based on their past genre selection. Amazon uses the same technology to recommend to their customers the products that are often bought together. 


    Blockchain is another of the most famous mobile app trends. It is undoubtedly a disruptive technology that will show its impact in the next few years. This decentralized banking could change the way businesses work and it is surely a more secure option as all the ledgers are immutable and stored in a decentralized way no data or information can be manipulated or changed. 

    Blockchain technology is associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. There should be no ambiguity that blockchain holds the future of business and takes it in a completely new and different direction. This technology has come a long way and is now likely to be applied in a variety of fields. It is expanding rapidly and is expected to surpass $20 billion in annual sales by 2024. Blockchain technology is also playing a significant role in mobile app development.


    Playstore and apple store are crowded with millions of apps but we know and use very few of them. There is huge competition in the world of technology, and to make your app stand out, all you need to do is to work on hot trending technology and focus on bringing innovation to it. As the number of mobile users increases, so will the need for mobile apps. Stay on top of current mobile app development trends so you can build the best mobile app for your customers.

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