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How ChatGPT will impact Search Engine Optimization Process in 2023

ChatGPT is a recently-created chatbot that uses highly advanced artificial intelligence to deliver automated responses that almost feel human. If you frequently use social media, you may have seen people talking about this impressive technology and marvelling at its ability to speak like a real person. 


Although the average person will most likely see this chatbot as a fun thing to play with, business owners and SEO professionals might wonder something else - how can this fantastic technology be used for search engine optimisation processes? 

Chatbots are commonly used in online businesses, so surely an advanced chatbot can be utilised similarly. Can this specific one make that much of a difference?

    What Is ChatGPT?

    This AI is akin to the regular chatbots you’ve probably interacted with online, but it has a few key differences that make it truly unique and astounding. 

    Most of us frequently deal with chatbots when we go online because they are often implemented into websites to give customers a better experience. These chatbots often have pre-made introductions and greetings and will analyse your words to provide you with an appropriate response. 

    For example, if you go onto a store’s website and ask their chatbot for specific help, you may receive a response based on keywords in your question. These chatbots can easily help you navigate the site and find the answers you are looking for, all without having to contact a real person. 

    Furthermore, nearly all of us interact with some kind of artificial intelligence every day, even without using ChatGPT. We use AIs like Siri and Alexa on our smart devices, we use AI-driven apps to sort through our data and we even have helpful AI services to help us when we browse through our online streaming services. 

    However, you could be surprised to learn that this chatbot is more advanced than those types of AI because it can actually learn and hold a conversation based on your interactions. With the AI listed above, you know you’re interacting with artificial intelligence when you use them due to their automated responses and services. But with this AI, it’s almost as if you’re speaking to a living, thinking creature. 

    This is what truly sets ChatGPT apart from its common AI counterparts. It can have a conversation with you, learn from how you speak and what you say, and give you responses based on the information it has gathered. Instead of formulating your thoughts into specific questions to get the right answer, you can speak to this chatbot as if it’s a friend, and it’ll respond accordingly. 

    This chatbot is so advanced that it can hold conversations, write social media content and even create code. 

    How Will This Artificial Intelligence Change Search Engine Optimization?

    So, how will this incredible technology influence the future of SEO and digital marketing?

    In general, a big part of search engine optimisation is hitting the right keywords or the proper passage length to catch the attention of the search engine that the customer is using. But, because ChatGPT is more intelligent than the vast majority of other AI processes, this could change. 

    Instead of focusing on writing the right number of keywords, business owners may now need to focus on writing interesting, informative content that really grabs a reader’s attention. Digital marketers may need to reevaluate how they formulate their SEO projects to rank higher on this chatbot’s search engine results to reach more potential customers. 

    What Does This Mean For Consumers And Business Owners?

    As search engine optimisation changes, so will the experiences of both consumers and business owners. Of course, consumers can expect to have a different experience as they search for goods and services online, and business owners will need to learn how to adapt to new technology and methods.

    ChatGPT can offer the following experiences for:


    ● Customers can expect to have a friendlier, more personalised experience. Speaking with an innovative artificial intelligence that learns from your messages will be a more engaging and interesting experience. 

    ● Customers will also enjoy quick, efficient answers to their questions and should have an easier time getting the desired results.

    Business Owners:

    ● This technology is a useful tool that will surely help any business or digital marketer who knows how to use it correctly.

    ● Companies that use smart AI can expect happier, more satisfied customers. If your clients have an easier time navigating your site and learning about you, they’ll overall be more pleased with you.

    How Can I Improve My Site’s SEO In 2023?

    Search engine optimisation isn’t easy to manage on your own. So, for the best results, we recommend you work with us at Kiwi Website Design to truly enhance your site’s SEO in 2023. 

    We pay attention to advanced technology like ChatGPT and other AI tools to achieve fantastic results. 

    Ensure that your site reaches the right people in 2023 with Kiwi Website Design. 

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