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Outreach 101: Its role and importance

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the future of marketing. With this, the global market shifts from physical locations to online mediums. Now, more people are active on the internet which means the need for SEO is increasing. 

    SEO 101

    Online businesses are looking for sound strategies to improve their marketing campaigns, and what better way to do that than outreach for SEO? Outreach is still new and people haven’t uncovered its true potential yet. To shed light on what it means, here is a breakdown of what SEO outreach is all about and its role in your business: 

    Outreach defined

    Outreach is a digital marketing strategy that creates high-quality links from one off-site domain to a client’s website to increase organic traffic in search engines. You can generate traffic by creating and knowing where to buy backlinks which are links from one page to another. 

    The primary role of SEO outreach is to build lead-generating links that increase a site’s online visibility. The SEO space constantly changes with Google updating how their search engine operates. With this, digital marketers need to constantly be creative in how they approach their outreach strategies. 

    The growing pains of changing trends 

    Link directories were considered to be the best way to build backlinks. But with the current Google updates that changed the landscape, these directories are now considered ineffective ways to rank your site. 

    Thus, thinking of more creative ways to generate organic traffic is still the biggest challenge when doing outreach. Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies to go around and they have proven to work effectively when doing SEO outreach. 

    How to create a successful outreach strategy?

    Remember that outreach is similar to social sharing. Its most essential concept is to reach out to other brands and provide a mutual exchange of value. If your strategy revolves around creating value, you’re going to find it a lot easier thinking of ways to make the most out of outreach. There are mainly three ways to do this: 

    ✔️ Gather quality backlinks

    Having low backlinks doesn’t mean that you are not doing a good job with your outreach strategy. It’s better to have a few quality backlinks than generate poor-quality ones. But how can you tell if a backlink is great? 

    The key to knowing if a backlink is worth the trouble is its domain authority. Generated backlinks must come from noteworthy sites that have proven online traction. However, you must also take into account the relevance of the domain to your niche. 

    ✔️ Prospecting 

    Prospecting is the first step to finding the best backlinks for your SEO outreach campaign. It’s not as simple as searching for websites on Google. You have to use specific tools like Majestic SEO or MailTag to make this process easier. Prospecting tools aid in finding websites based on their reliability, relevance, and trustworthiness which can take time if you do all the process by yourself. 

    ✔️ SEO keyword research 

    Keyword research is integral in any SEO campaign like outreach. This helps you uncover terms and phrases usually searched by people in search engines to make it easier for your links to get redirected and garner traffic. 

    The main importance of SEO outreach

    Outreach is one of many strategies to build professional long-term relationships with online brands. Aside from building organic traffic and knowing where to buy backlinks, outreach seeks to create value to the parties involved. By building trust, SEO outreach helps increase your online visibility through target keywords and a net of brands ready to back you as an authoritative domain. 

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