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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps For Android

    If you are aware of the current trends in app development technology, then you could have not missed artificial intelligence at all. It is one of the greatest breakthroughs of the modern age. Artificial intelligence has changed the way we think about machines and human beings. Altogether, we have turned out to be a great result. 

    Best Artificial Intelligence Apps For Android

    Artificial intelligence is defined as machines that can make accurate decisions using human intelligence or human alike decisions. The tech has simplified our industrial tasks as well as our daily tasks. What makes these machines better is the capability of being free from feelings, emotions or fatigue. They can complete numerous tasks with precision for faster delivery of results. 

    The Artificial Intelligence Market size is expected to reach USD 348.99 Billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 36.2% (Emergen Research) owing to drastic rise in the adoption of cloud-based solutions and the hiked demand for advanced technologies.

    Here, I have discovered 10 apps that can be used for android, to increase taking of right decisions:

    Google Allo: 

    If you are fed up of typing messages, then google Allo is what you are looking for. This app allows you to send messages using your voice. You can express your emotions and feelings using emojis and stickers. The app involves a feature like an anonymous mode that hides search histories on your smartphone
    The app is great for couch potato i.e. who is too lazy to use simple phone stuff. The AI used allows itself to learn from the user’s behavior and can give you suggestions of what photos to put next. 

    The hound:

    Artificial intelligence app for android devices functions the same way as Google voice search. The beauty of such apps is the ability to activate the app without touching the screen by merely speaking to it. Activate the app by saying “okay, hound” and it's right at your service.
    You can use the app to perform various activities such as the search for keywords on the internet, check current and forecast weather conditions. Hunger can crave anytime of the day, find the nearest restaurant or can even book a taxi with it. 


    Elsa stands for the English Language Speech Assistant is another great artificial intelligence app. It is used to assist users to expand their English knowledge. If you feel or aware that your English is not much good or fluent and you have to face embarrassment, then Elsa can be a great support for you. 
    The AI app promises to help you improve your English-speaking skills in just four weeks of thorough learning. One of the most popular apps as it also includes tests developed by experts to track their learning process. 


    It is another voice assistant powered using artificial intelligence for android devices. It composes text messages without physically typing on the keyboard. It also helps you with the GPS navigation wherever you are or heading. The app is a true companion if you are on the road for long hours and don’t want to stop using the smartphone.

    Recent News:

    If you crave to get the latest updates around the world, then you must check out this app. If you want to receive a news scoop from your mobile phone, then it is the best app by far. Recent news is an artificial intelligence news aggregation for android users. It makes itself aware of the user’s reading habits using a well-built algorithm. 
    The app will pick and learn your reading habits, past behaviour, and interests. Breaking news updates that concern what you are following will be delivered right to you. Moreover, articles could be bookmarked and exported to your device for later reading.

    Sifter magic:

    Nowadays, smartphones are primarily used to take and store numerous photos due to their large space. However, some photos only occupy your storage space and you may not need them. what this app does is give you suggestions of what photos to delete without necessarily deleting them. Due to the large capacity, these photos can eat up your storage space. 


    Well, mathematics is a challenging subject and we all know how difficult it was to learn everything. We mostly needed assistance from proper tools and Socratic is one of the same tools. This nifty app enables users to take photos of their homework. 
    Use it to solve all mathematical problems that you have crossed your mind with. This AI app gives you efficiency by providing you the right answers to your maths questions. The best thing about this app is to deliver the right results; no matter how complex the question is. 


    Looking out for the best machine buddy that helps you carry out your daily duties or share deep feelings? The replica is regarded as the best advanced artificial intelligence app that you can consider as your best friend.  Initially, this app was meant for iPhone users, but as the need forthe app increased, it now caters to Android users too. 
    The beauty of this app is communication between the user and the bot; it is alike human being. The app makes it easy to establish a mutual relationship with a machine. The app won’t start a conversation, but once you initialize and engage it, it can pick up the good points and learn the user’s preference to build a relationship based on that. The app frames a friendship based on your personality. 

    Edison assistant:

    It allows users to know traffic status before as you leave your home. This enables users to avoid routes that are congested with traffic. Besides directing you to avoid traffic jams, this amazing app also helps you to remove multiple contacts from the phone. Book tickets for hotels, movies, events, and more with Edison's assistant. The app simplifies things especially if you are operating on a very tight schedule. 

    SwiftKey keyboard:

    The best thing about this app is that it has an intuitive interface as it offers lots of options when typing using your mobile device. It is popular among iPhone and Android users as well. The app automatically corrects texts and sentences to ensure that your content is grammatical-error-free and includes no spelling mistakes. The keyboard learns your typing behaviour for better prediction. 


    The usage of this technology of artificial intelligence has increased all over the globe in recent years. Android mobile app development companies have not left any grounds for this ground-breaking technology. There are numerous apps that use AI to execute their tasks for greater delivery and efficiency. AI combined with android app development tools have shown great results and made itself well-established in the market, yet there are many wonders left that this technology can deliver to the world.

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