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Mircari - Sell or buy almost anything on Marketplace

    This article focuses on Mircari and everything you know about this E-commerce company. The number of people who are making money by reselling online is increasing with the day. People can just create accounts on certain apps and sell by sitting at home. Whilst, this sounds like an easy process, there is so much that one has to know about the selling app like Mircari first. We have curated all the information that one has to know before they get on to apps like Mircari. 


    What is Mircari? 

    Mercari, Inc. is a Japanese e-commerce company having their office in USA founded in 2013. Mircari is an app that is freely available on Playstore. It is a marketplace where people can buy and sell any kind of product provided that it can be shipped from one place to another. Listing on this app is completely free but one has to pay a 10% flat fee on the selling amount once the product is sold.

    Once a product is listed and anyone purchases it, a shipping label is generated and Mircari will handle financial transactions to ensure that none of the parties are ripped off. There are no in-person meetings and Mircari ensures that none of the personal details are exchanged between buyer and seller.

    The platform has identity verification and also has reviews of sellers. This will ensure that buyers can make an informed decision. The app has become quite popular already and more than 45 million people have it on their phones. Almost 100,000 products are added onto the platform on everyday basis. 

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    How to sell on Mircari? 

    Here is a step by step process of how you can sell on Mircari. 

    → ● Setup a Merchant Account: 

    The first thing that you need to do is set up your merchant account. Sign up with your email id or mobile number. Make sure to fill all the required details including your identity verification. If you give three pieces of identity, you will get a purple badge next to your picture. This badge is a necessity.

    → ● List your product: 

    Take the picture of your product in a well lit setup and list it on the site along with pricing, size, packing details.

    → ● Wait for customers: 

    Now, you have to wait and look for customers. If anyone loves the product, they can make an offer or purchase it directly. If it is prepaid, a shipping label will be generated. You have to print it on the box and ship it via courier. 

    → ● Get Paid:

    Once the product reaches the customer, they have to review it in three days and rate you. If they fail to do so, Mircari will give you a five star rating immediately. You will receive money in your Mircari wallet once the three days are over.

    Is Mircari Legit?

    Is Mercari legit? Yes, it is. Mircari is quite similar to every other marketplace out there. It has a customer protection policy at place and is quite reliable. You can reach a wide range of audience from the US once you list on Mircari.

    Wrapping it Up

    Mircari is a great app for online sellers. It leaves various hassles that sellers have to go through on the other apps and offers pretty great service for both buyers and sellers. As it processes all the transactions, both the parties can be assured that their money is safe. 

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