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Okta Identity Platform - **Products** provided by Software Company

    In this article, we are going to talk about Okta.Inc. There are so many software companies out there in the US, how Okta is different from all the already existing companies is our concept. Make sure that you read till the end to know everything about this company and the services they offer.


    What is Okta? 

    Okta.Inc is a publicly traded company and is based out of San Francisco. With everything done online, cyber security has emerged as a bigger threat lately. There are so many organisations that have already faced the wrath of these cyber attacks. Okta is striving to avoid such attacks by providing authorized access to people and organisations.

    They have multiple products that ensure the safety of data and organisations online. Okta is focused more on creating a world where everyone can use any technology without worrying about its safety. Creating a safe virtual world has been the vision of this company.

    Products by Okta

    Okta has launched multiple products catering to different sections of audiences. Let us talk about different products Okta has and how these products work.

    → ● Single Sign On: 

    Login to multiple software and applications with a secured single sign on option. This will assure that you are not making any mistakes with login attempts.

    → ● Universal Directory: 

    Now, you can just have one directory for the entire organisation. The director will stitch together multiple sources and list all the users at one place without any hassle.

     ●  Advanced server access: 

    In the new cloud era, there is a need for a new server access management solution. You can access all of your servers at one place with this Okta product.

    → ● API Access Management: 

    It is time to secure your APIs too with API access management. You will get extended authorisation and authentication with this product. Onboard and integrate APIs in an hour.

     ● Adaptive Multi Factor Authentication: 

    Reduce the security breach and ensure that your products are safe with this product. Protect all of your data, this includes the enterprise apps too. Make sure that all of your sensitive data is safe and secured at one place.

     ● Authentication: 

    You will get user authentication as a service. This will let right people in and wrong people out. A strong user authentication system in place will keep your data safe and secured.

    → ● User Management: 

    Give your customers a personalized experience with User Management. Collect and store all the profiles of user data at one place. 

    → ● B2B Integration: 

    Connect your partners and customers directly without any worries. B2B integration provides seamless interaction. 

    → ● Lifecycle Management: 

    Start managing the provisioning like a pro with automation. No more long wait times.

     ● Access Gateway: 

    Centralise the access control for your on premise and cloud based apps with this access gateway.

    Wrapping Up

    As said above, Okta is focusing on providing utmost security for multiple products related to businesses and also for the users. All of these products have a greater impact and ensure better productivity. 

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