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    As large corporations are increasingly seeing the value of coworking spaces, and employees of IT organisations are also using shared office spaces to generate new networking opportunities; there is a constant rise in demand for office space for rent. Also, having multiple businesses operating in the same plug and play office may aid in boosting creativity and productivity. Coworking spaces promote creativity and collaboration by enabling employees to share resources such as high-speed internet, printing equipment, workstations, and surveillance and security measures as well, among others - all while maintaining their unique brand identity out of fully managed offices. Benefiting all these major aspects, organisations are already embracing coworking space as a preferred alternative to traditional office settings.


    Here are some major reasons why the demand for coworking spaces in Hyderabad is increasing:

    Value for money

    Coworking spaces are fully equipped serviced offices with world-class amenities such as 24 hours power backup, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, reception and courier management, restricted access and even community engagement. There is also tea/ coffee/ water on the house and housekeeping and maintenance supervised by coworking office spaces only. It effectively attempts to provide a comfortable office atmosphere for all freelancers, individuals and companies working from their workspace. No mean feat considering that everyone has distinct requirements. Start-ups demand low-cost office space, while MNCs are searching for luxurious office space. Multiple enterprises may operate side by side in these premium shared workspaces. This allows cost reductions and eliminates the need for upfront charges such as down payments. Thus, coworking spaces make for good value for money.

    Professional Address

    Coworking spaces give you a professional business address at premium business hubs as well as meeting and conference facilities for your business. Coworking spaces are located in the middle of a city, close to public transit and restaurants, and provide members with easy accessibility and a convenient space to work. Working as a company owner from a café or your house may not project the appropriate business image to potential clients, so a coworking space provides not only a professional area but also specialised conference rooms, cafeterias, and lounges to help you network more successfully.


    The worldwide pandemic has already changed the way we work and live. Traditional office culture has given way to hybrid office culture. Expectations for what defines an "office culture" have been reinvented. Now that companies in almost every field are thinking about flexibility and hybrid offices, coworking spaces offer the perfect solution. In shared offices, you can pay as you use and even downsize or upgrade as and when required. 

    Opportunities for Collaboration

    This advantage is strongly tied to networking. When you work in a coworking space, you are open to new experiences and opportunities. Who knows how a simple conversation could lead to shared information and more awareness? The proximity of the coworking community fosters cooperation. When a problem emerges, people just use the common areas to resolve it rather than exchanging emails. Thus, more work gets done with more efficiency.


    Networking opportunities are perhaps the biggest advantage of a coworking space. Plug and play office space allows the benefit of collaboration without alienating anyone. It is also not as impersonal as working from home where employees complained of experiencing mental and physical issues as a result of isolation. With companies from different industry verticals working alongside freelancers and individuals, networking is a natural by-product. 

    In a nutshell

    To summarise, as the future of work pushes more companies to hybrid work culture, market demand for coworking space is also increasing. Hence, it is important to choose your coworking space wisely. Go for a reliable name like iKeva, which is a workspace provider that offers community and member perks, as well as office spaces that are tailored to your company's specific business needs. iKeva is a trustworthy brand in the coworking office space industry, offering serviced and managed offices, coworking spaces, private offices, manager’s cabin, virtual offices, and meeting rooms.

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