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3 Marketing Tips for Niche Equipment Companies


    One of the things that any marketing campaign must always keep in mind is the target audience within a specific industry. However, when that industry is narrowed down to a niche, the audience must be narrowed down even further as well within that segment of the industry because those are the prospective buyers you are trying to reach. This is especially important when it comes to equipment because each tool or piece of machinery may not be functional across industry or niche lines. These three marketing tips should help you understand how to reach specific audiences for niche equipment companies.

    Marketing Tips

    1. Narrow Your Marketing Platforms

    When it comes to the niche equipment companies, your choice of marketing platforms is often extremely targeted and narrow. For example, if you are going to post articles on fixed or variable speed air compressors, you’d want to find sites that cater to specific industries. When it comes to variable speed air compressors, you’d be looking to target such industries as infrastructure, pulp and paper, cement, chemical and so forth. These are heavy duty pieces of equipment and if your market is highly competitive, you may want to use video presentations on YouTube. You’d link to your video from those blog or article sites with a statement that reads something like watch this to learn more about variable speed air compressors from C&B Equipment

    2. Partner with Other Companies for User-Generated Content

    When it comes to niche equipment, one of the ways in which to reach the segment of the audience you are targeting would be to partner with companies that actually use your equipment. For example, if you are looking to increase your sale of variable speed air compressors, you might want to partner with a company that builds roads and parking lots. Since cement is one of the niches that would use air compressors within their field, they might write a short comment or referral you could post on your website regarding the way in which your equipment benefitted their job. Conversely, you could also add a referral to their site to compliment the work they completed using your equipment. In this way, you add a layer of trust and that is something today’s consumer demands. They want to trust brands they deal with.

    3. Data Analysis for Targeted Niche Keywords

    The thing to remember with niche marketing is that you are targeting a narrow audience within an industry. Don’t forget that you will need to start with data analysis to find those keywords your target audience is searching for. From there, you can use those search terms within any of the marketing you utilize. Whether you are posting videos on YouTube or writing articles for industry blogs, those keywords are how you will get found on the Search Engine Results Pages, SERPs. Also, you will need to find sites to post content on that will be frequented by your audience. So then, if you are seeking buyers in road construction companies, you wouldn’t be posting articles on a fashion blog. As odd as that may sound, you will find poorly placed content that gets few, if any views.

    Your key takeaway in all of this is to start with analyzing your market. Partner with other companies within your niche, target specific keywords and then make sure your content is posted on sites within your industry, if not within your niche.

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